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Hog badger
Arctonyx collaris - Sterndale.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Arctonyx collaris
Hog Badger area.png
Where the Hog badger is found

The hog badger (Arctonyx collaris) is a species of badger. They are found in central and southeast Asia. It is listed as near threatened.


It has medium-length brown hair, stocky body, white throat, two black stripes on face and a pink, pig-like snout. The head-and-body length is 55–70 cm (22–28 in) and it`s body weight is 7–14 kg (15–31 lb).

Its tail has long white hairs. Its front feet have white claws.

Distribution and habitat

Hog badgers are common in Thailand and in tropical evergreen forests and grasslands of the Terai in north-eastern India. They appear in Indochina and in southern China.


  • Greater hog badger A. c. collaris (Cuvier, 1825) – lives in the eastern Himalayas;
  • Northern hog badger A. c. albogularis – appears in southern China
  • Chinese hog badger A. c. leucolaemus – appears in northern China;
  • Sumatran hog badger A. c. hoevenii – lives in Sumatra;
  • Indochinese hog badger A. c. dictator – lives in southern Thailand and Indochina;
  • Burmese hog badger A. c. consul – appears from Assam to Myanmar.


Ecology and behavior

The hog badger is active by day and not very wary of humans. Analysis of numerous camera trap pictures from Myanmar show no peak activity at either day or night.

The hog badger is omnivorous, its diet consists of fruits, roots and small animals.

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