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Ix Shen
Nationality Singaporean
Occupation Actor
Years active 1995
Awards Star Search 1995 : Male Champion
Ix Shen
Traditional Chinese 瀋傾
Simplified Chinese 沈倾
Musical career
Also known as Shen Qing

Ix Shen (沈倾, formerly 沈倾掞; born 11 March 1972), also known as Shen Qing, is a Singaporean former television actor, now working in film production.


Shen began his acting career in TCS (now MediaCorp) in 1995 after emerging the male winner of star search. In 2000, he joined SPH MediaWorks not long after the latter was established. In late 2004 SPH MediaWorks was merged into MediaCorp and Shen was one of the 20 artistes who were transferred back to MediaCorp.

The 2007 television series Honour and Passion, produced by MediaCorp Channel 8 and sponsored by Singapore's Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), featured Shen in the role of a terrorist named Wu Chengyi, who holds the lives of Singaporeans to ransom. Metamorphosis, another MediaCorp Channel 8 television series aired in 2007, also featured Shen as being involved in terrorism activities.

In 2009, he starred in 2 ntv7 shows: Lion Hearts and My Destiny which was shown in Malaysia. Shen has a small role in the 2010 film Old Cow Vs Tender Grass.

In 2011, Shen returned to local screens where he starred in the series The Oath (TV series) alongside Christopher Lee, Jesseca Liu and Ann Kok. As of 2017, The Oath is Shen's last television role, but he has not ruled out a return to television.

It was reported by Shin Min Daily News in 2017 that Shen has removed the "" (shàn) from his Chinese name, after he relocated to China. He served as an executive director for the Chinese film Wolf Warrior 2.



  • 2010
    • 老牛与嫩草 Old Cow vs Tender Grass
  • 2009
    • 大囍事 The Wedding Game

Television series

  • 1995
    • 第三类剧场 Tales of the Third Kind as Cai Jie Fu 蔡杰夫
  • 1996
    • 妙警点三八 Ace Cops
    • 豆腐街 Tofu Street
    • 5C老公 Marriage, Dollars and Sense
    • 第三类剧场2 之"墙里幽魂" Tales of the Third Kind 2 as Guan Ming Hui 关明辉
    • Three Rooms
  • 1997
    • 流氓英雄 The Accidental Hero
    • 医生档案 From the Medical File
  • 1998
    • 七个梦 之《豆芽梦》 Dreams - First Love as Liu Xue Hui 刘学辉
    • 神雕侠侣 The Return of the Condor Heroes
    • 乌丫传说 Legend of the Crow as Zong Jia 宗加
    • 我家楼下口多多
  • 1999
    • 医生档案II From the Medical Files 2 as Marc Low
    • 新方世玉 Hero of the Times
    • 步步为赢 Out to Win
  • 2000
    • 随心所遇 As You Like It
  • 2001
    • 星锁 Looking For Stars
    • 独家头条 Making Headlines
  • 2002
    • 胜券在握 Cash is King
    • 百分白感觉 Feel 100% (Hong Kong)
  • 2003
    • 重进森林 Back to basics
  • 2004
    • 恭喜发财 Money No Enough
    • 天伦 Together Whenever
    • 水母计划 Project J
    • 零楼 Zero
  • 2005
    • 梦在手里 Destiny
    • 拥抱明天 A Promise for Tomorrow
  • 2006
    • 天使情人 Angel Lover
  • 2007
    • 宝家卫国 Honour and Passion
    • 破茧而出 Metamorphosis
  • 2009
    • 谈谈情舞舞狮 Lion Hearts (ntv7)
    • 幸福满贯 My Destiny (ntv7)
  • 2011
    • 行医 The Oath


Star Awards – Acting Awards
Year Ceremony Award Works Result
1996 3rd Star Awards Ceremony Best Newcomer N/A Nominated
3rd Star Awards Ceremony Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes N/A Top 20
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