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Population: 297
Postcode: 2025
LGA: City of Brisbane
State District: Redcliffe
Federal Division: Bonner
Suburbs around Kooringal:
Moreton Bay Moreton Bay Moreton Island
Moreton Bay Kooringal Moreton Island
Moreton Bay Moreton Bay Moreton Island

Kooringal is a town and locality on the south-west coast of Moreton Island within the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In the 2011 census, Kooringal had a population of 297 people.


Kooringal consists of a few streets of housing along the south-western tip of Moreton Island. It is connected to the other settlements on the island by two routes:

  • the Toulkerrie-Kooringal Bypass Road which travels north through the mangroves along the west coast until the sandy western beach commences. At this point the road becomes known as the Tangalooma-Kooringal Road and travels along the western beach until it reaches Tangalooma.
  • the Mirapool Lagoon Bypass Road which crosses the island to the east coast beach, where it becames the Mirapool - Middle Track Road and follows the eastern beach to the north

Located just to the north-east of the locality is the Kooringal Airstrip which is 500 metres (1,600 ft) long. A vehicular barge service operates from Amity Point to Kooringal at some times of year. Otherwise, vehicles must use the barge to Tangalooma and drive south to Kooringal.

A small island (informally known as Crab Island) is to the north-west of Kooringal and the channel between them is called Days Gutter.


The waters in the Kooringal area are noted for their fishing. Consequently, many of the buildings in Kooringal are holiday homes and fishing clubhouses.

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