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Lassie and Tommy Rettig 1956.JPG
Tommy Rettig with Lassie Junior, son of Pal, the first Lassie, in the Lassie television series
First appearance Lassie Come-Home
Last appearance The New Adventures of Lassie
Created by Eric Knight
Portrayed by Pal
Species Rough Collie
Gender Female

Lassie is a fictional female Rough Collie dog, and is featured in a short story by Eric Knight that was later expanded to a full-length novel called Lassie Come-Home. Knight's portrayal of Lassie bears some features in common with another fictional female collie of the same name, featured in the British writer Elizabeth Gaskell's 1859 short story "The Half Brothers". In "The Half Brothers", Lassie is loved only by her young master and guides the adults back to where two boys are lost in a snowstorm.

Published in 1940, Knight's novel was filmed by MGM in 1943, as Lassie Come Home with a dog named Pal playing Lassie. Pal then appeared with the stage name "Lassie" in six other MGM feature films through 1951. Pal's owner and trainer Rudd Weatherwax then acquired the Lassie name and trademark from MGM and appeared with Pal (as "Lassie") at rodeos, fairs, and similar events across America in the early 1950s. In 1954, the long-running, Emmy winning television series Lassie debuted, and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's descendants appeared on the series. The "Lassie" character has appeared in radio, television, film, toys, comic books, animated series, juvenile novels, and other media. Pal's descendants continue to play Lassie today.



List of films

Year Title Role Notes
1943 Lassie Come Home Lassie Principal role played by Pal
1945 Son of Lassie
1946 Courage of Lassie Bill (as credited; also called "Duke")
1948 Hills of Home Lassie
1949 The Sun Comes Up
1949 Challenge to Lassie
1951 The Painted Hills Shep
1963 Lassie's Great Adventure (TV film) Lassie Principal role; a compilation of television episodes
1978 The Magic of Lassie Principal role played by Boy
1994 Lassie Principal role played by Howard
2005 Lassie Principal role played by Mason, a USA farm Bred Collie

Action role played by DR Dakota, a USA farm Bred Collie

2020 Lassie Comes Home Principal role played by Lukas

Box office performance

Title Year Worldwide Gross Rotten Tomatoes
Lassie Come Home 1943 $4,517,000 94%
Son of Lassie 1945 TBA TBA
Courage of Lassie 1946 $4,100,000
Hills of Home 1948 $2,312,000
The Sun Comes Up 1949 $2,044,000
Challenge to Lassie 1949 $1,155,000
The Magic of Lassie 1978 TBA
Lassie (1994) 1994 $9,979,683 87%
Lassie (2005) 2005 $6,442,854 93%
Lassie comes home (2020) 2020 $3,521,943 N/A
Total gross/average rating $34,072,480 91.3%


Year Title Role Notes
1947–1948 Lassie Show Lassie Principal role; ABC series
1948–1950 Lassie Show Lassie Principal role; NBC series


Year Title Role Notes
1954–1973 Lassie Lassie Principal role
1968 The Adventures of Neeka Principal role; TV film; a compilation of television episodes
1970 Peace is Our Profession Principal role; TV film; a compilation of TV episodes
1970 Well of Love Principal role; TV film, a compilation of TV episodes
1972 Sound of Joy Principal role; TV film; a compilation of TV episodes
1972 Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain Principal role; animated TV film
1972 Lassie's Rescue Rangers Principal role; animated series
1980 Taxi Cameo Appearance
1989–1991 The New Lassie Principal role; first-run syndication
1995 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Guest appearance (1 episode)
1997–1999 Lassie Principal role
2001 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cameo appearance
1996 Famous Dog Lassie Principal role; anime series
2007 Lassie's Pet Vet
1997 The Simpsons Laddie Cameo appearance; animated series; 1 episode; "The Canine Mutiny"
2014-present The New Adventures of Lassie Lassie Parker Principal role; animated series

Video game

Game Title Console Year Ref
#1 Lassie PlayStation 2 2005


  • Lassie Come-Home
  • Lassie: The Prize
  • Forest Ranger Handbook
  • Lassie: A Boy's Best Friend & Buried Treasure
  • Lassie: Party Nightmare & Water Watchdog
  • Lassie: Skateboard Stunt & Danger Zone

Seafarer Books

  • Lassie and the Lost Little Sheep
  • Lassie's Forest Adventure

Whitman Cozy-Corner

  • Lassie: Rescue in the Storm

Whitman Novels

  • Lassie and the Mystery of Blackberry Bog
  • Lassie and the Secret of the Summer
  • Lassie: Forbidden Valley
  • Lassie: Treasure Hunter by Charles S. Strong
  • Lassie: the Wild Mountain Trail
  • Lassie and the Mystery of Bristlecone Pine
  • Lassie and the Secret of the Smelter's Cave
  • Lassie: Lost in the Snow
  • Lassie: Trouble at Panter's Lake

Big Little Books

  • Lassie: Adventure in Alaska
  • Lassie and the Shabby Sheik
  • Lassie: Old One Eye

Golden Books

  • The Adventures of Lassie
  • Lassie and Her Day in the Sun
  • Lassie and Her Friends
  • Lassie and the Big Clean-Up Day
  • Lassie and the Daring Rescue
  • Lassie and the Lost Explorer
  • Lassie Shows the Way
  • Lassie: The Great Escape

Tell-a-Tale Books

  • Hooray for Lassie!
  • Lassie and the Cub Scout
  • Lassie and the Deer Mystery
  • Lassie and the Firefighters
  • Lassie and the Kittens
  • Lassie Finds a Friend
  • Lassie's Brave Adventure
  • Lassie: The Busy Morning

Tip-Top Books

  • Lassie: The Sandbar Rescue

Wonder Books

  • Lassie's Long Trip

Marian Bray

  • Lassie to the Rescue
  • Lassie: Hayloft Hideout
  • Lassie Under the Big Top
  • Lassie: Treasure at Eagle Mountain
  • Lassie: Danger at Echo Cliffs

The New Lassie

  • The Puppy Problem
  • Digging Up Danger
  • The Big Blowup
  • Water Watchdog
  • Skateboard Dare
  • Dangerous Party

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