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List of Indiana state historical markers in Clark County facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Clark County
Location of Clark County in Indiana

This is a list of the Indiana state historical markers in Clark County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Clark County, Indiana, United States by the Indiana Historical Bureau. The locations of the historical markers and their latitude and longitude coordinates are included below when available, along with their names, years of placement, and topics as recorded by the Historical Bureau. There are 12 historical markers located in Clark County.

Historical markers

Marker title Image Year placed Location Topics
Clarksville Clarksville IN Town Hall.jpg 1940s Junction of Clark Boulevard and Harrison Avenue on a landscaped median in Clarksville
38°17′12″N 85°45′47.4″W / 38.28667°N 85.763167°W / 38.28667; -85.763167 (Clarksville)
Early Settlement and Exploration, Historic District, Neighborhoods, and Towns
Civil War Hospital Clark 40 Temple.jpg 1962 Northeastern lawn of 301 Park Place at Crestview, at the Holt Masonic Orphan's Home in the Port Fulton neighborhood of Jeffersonville
38°16′56″N 85°43′16″W / 38.28222°N 85.72111°W / 38.28222; -85.72111 (Civil War Hospital)
Science, Medicine, and Inventions, Military
General Jefferson C. Davis 1828-1879 Jefferson C. Davis.jpg 1963 Junction of U.S. Route 31 and Court Street in Memphis
38°29′0″N 85°45′46.6″W / 38.48333°N 85.762944°W / 38.48333; -85.762944 (General Jefferson C. Davis 1828-1879)
Grave of Jonathan Jennings 1784-1834 (two blocks east) Jonathan Jennings gravestone 002.JPG 1966 Market Street/State Road 3 at Pleasant Street in Charlestown
38°26′46″N 85°39′53″W / 38.44611°N 85.66472°W / 38.44611; -85.66472 (Grave of Jonathan Jennings 1784-1834 (two blocks east))
Birthplace and Childhood Home of Col. Harland Sanders 1987 Southern side of State Road 160 at Exit 16 from northbound Interstate 65 at Henryville
38°32′24″N 85°46′34″W / 38.54000°N 85.77611°W / 38.54000; -85.77611 (Birthplace and Childhood Home of Col. Harland Sanders)
Business, Industry, and Labor
Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803-1806 George Rogers Clark cabin reproduction at Clarksville, distant.jpg 1991 Falls of the Ohio State Park near the George Rogers Clark Homesite at 1200 S. Harrison Street in Clarksville
38°17′13″N 85°46′34″W / 38.28694°N 85.77611°W / 38.28694; -85.77611 (Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803-1806)
Early Settlement and Exploration
Clark State Forest Clark SF Sign.jpg 1992 U.S. Route 31 within Clark State Forest, 100 yards past the entrance on the southern side of a forest road north of Henryville
38°33′11″N 85°46′0″W / 38.55306°N 85.76667°W / 38.55306; -85.76667 (Clark State Forest)
Nature and Natural Disasters, Science, Medicine, and Inventions
Borden Institute Site 1995 301 West Street at a school drive, near Borden and New Providence
38°28′10″N 85°56′48″W / 38.46944°N 85.94667°W / 38.46944; -85.94667 (Borden Institute Site)
Education, Agriculture
Fern Grove and Rose Island Resorts Rose Island Fountain - Clarksville, IN.jpg 1998 State Road 62 at the entrance to Charlestown State Park near Charlestown
38°26′58″N 85°38′45″W / 38.44944°N 85.64583°W / 38.44944; -85.64583 (Fern Grove and Rose Island Resorts)
Arts and Culture, Nature and Natural Disasters, Military
Tunnel Mill Tunnel Mill 2011 John Work House.JPG 2001 3709 Tunnel Mill Road near Charlestown
38°28′54″N 85°37′34″W / 38.48167°N 85.62611°W / 38.48167; -85.62611 (Tunnel Mill)
Business, Industry, and Labor, Nature and Natural Disasters
Indiana State Prison Indiana State Prison marker in Clarksville.jpg 2006 1400 block of S. Clark Boulevard in Clarksville
38°16′28.2″N 85°45′8″W / 38.274500°N 85.75222°W / 38.274500; -85.75222 (Indiana State Prison)
Government Institutions, Buildings and Architecture, Women
Hannah Toliver Hannah Toliver historical marker.jpg 2008 Junction of Pearl Street and Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville
38°16′8″N 85°44′23″W / 38.26889°N 85.73972°W / 38.26889; -85.73972 (Hannah Toliver)
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