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List of Michigan State Historic Sites in Allegan County facts for kids

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Map of Michigan highlighting Allegan County
Location of Allegan County in Michigan

The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites in Allegan County, Michigan. Sites marked with a dagger (†) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Allegan County, Michigan.


Current listings

Name Image Location City Listing date
All Saints Episcopal Church All Saints Episcopal Church-Saugatuck.jpg 252 Grand Street, southwest corner of Hoffman Street Saugatuck April 24, 1981
Allegan County Informational Designation Allegan County Courthouse grounds Allegan November 14, 1961
Allegan Road Commemorative Designation Allegan Road.jpg River Bluff Park Old Allegan Road Saugatuck February 17, 1994
Castle Park Lodge Castle Park Lodge.jpg 6700 Bryant Avenue, Castle Park Holland September 10, 1979
Christian Reformed Church of Doornspijk Informational Designation Doornspijk Church.jpg 4452 38th Street Hamilton June 13, 1986
Church of the Good Shepherd Church of the Good Shepherd-Allegan.jpg 101 Walnut Street Allegan July 26, 1973
Clipson Brewery Ice House (Twin Gables Hotel) Clipson Brewery Ice House.jpg 900 Lake Street Saugatuck April 28, 1987
John Crispe House John Crispe House.jpg 404 East Bridge Street Plainwell April 25, 1988
Delano House Delano House.jpg 302 Cutler Street Allegan July 26, 1973
Douglas Union School† Douglas Union School-Douglas.jpg 130 Center Street Douglas December 20, 1990
Dutcher Lodge Dutcher Lodge.jpg 86 Center Street Douglas 1985
Ebenezer Reformed Church Informational Designation 11048 Ottagan Fillmore Township February 27, 1970
Fifty-Seventh Street Bridge New Richmond Swing Bridge - Manlius Township Michigan.jpg 57th Street over the Kalamazoo River New Richmond April 4, 1978
First Congregational Church First Congregational Church-Saugatuck.jpg 296 Hoffman Saugatuck March 21, 1991
Ganges Fractional District No. 1 School House Ganges Fractional District No.1 School House.jpg 6292 124th Avenue Fennville July 26, 1978
Dr. Asa Goodrich House Dr.Asa Goodrich House.jpg 112 Center Street Douglas December 5, 1986
Graafschap Christian Reformed Church Graafschap Christian Reformed Church.jpg A-621 (48th Avenue) between Graafschap Road and Washington Avenue Holland December 14, 1976
Hacklander Site (20AE78)† Address restricted, Section 23 Saugatuck Township April 14, 1972
Henika Ladies' Library Henrica Ladies' Library.jpg 149 South Main Street Wayland November 26, 1985
John Butler Johnson House 2207 70th Street Fennville February 25, 1988
Harvey Judson Kingsley House Harvey Judson Kingsley House.jpg 626 West Main Street Fennville May 21, 1992
Sarah M. Kirby House Sarah M. Kirby House.jpg 294 West Center Street Douglas November 20, 1987
Laketown Township Hall Laketon Township Hall.jpg A-6280 142nd Avenue Holland January 19, 1989
Hollister F. Marsh, Jr. House Hollister Marsh Jr. House.jpg 107 Delano Street Allegan June 23, 1983
Horace D. Moore House Horace D. Moore House.jpg 888 Holland Street Saugatuck June 15, 1984
Old Wing Mission Old Wing Mission.jpg 5298 40th Ave. Holland December 8, 1967
Overisel Reformed Church A-4706 142nd Avenue; building demolished in 1999 Overisel Township June 30, 1988
Village of Pier Cove Informational Designation Ganges Township Park, Lake Shore Drive Fennville February 16, 1989
General Benjamin Pritchard House General Benjamin Pritchard House.jpg 330 Davis Street Allegan February 11, 1972
Saugatuck Engine House and Council Room Saugatuck Engine House.jpg 102 Butler Street Saugatuck July 19, 1990
Schriver's Inn (currently used as the Ox-Bow School of Art) Ox Bow School of Art.jpg 3435 Rupprecht Way Saugatuck August 3, 1979
Second Street Bridge 2nd street bridge sign.jpg Second Street, over the Kalamazoo River Allegan September 8, 1982
Seventh Day Adventist Church Seventh Day Adventist Church.jpg 229 Cutler Street Allegan July 26, 1973
Singapore Informational Designation Singapore Michigan.jpg Saugatuck Village Hall, Butler Street Saugatuck April 16, 1958
Warner P. Sutton House† Warner P. Sutton House-Saugatuck.jpg 736 Pleasant Street between State and Allegan Saugatuck May 15, 1987
Fred Thompson House (William Springer House) Fred Thompson House.jpg 633 Pleasant Saugatuck June 30, 1988
Orson G. Vahue House Orson G. Vahue House.jpg 203 Cutler Street Allegan August 12, 1983
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