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Map of Michigan highlighting Genesee County
Location of Genesee County in Michigan

The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites in Genesee County, Michigan. Sites marked with a dagger (†) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Genesee County, Michigan.


Current listings

Name Image Location City Listing date
Robert P. Aitken Farm House† Robert Aitken Farmhouse Flint.jpg 1110 North Linden Road Flint October 27, 1983
Applewood 1400 East Kearsley Street Flint January 29, 1979
Argentine Cemetery 8000 Block of Silver Lake Road Argentine Township April 25, 1988
Argentine Mill 8572 Silver Lake Road Argentine Township April 25, 1988
Atlas Mill G-6140 Bray Road Crossroads Village October 17, 1974
Berston Field House 3300 Saginaw Street Flint May 3, 1994
Brent Creek Methodist Protestant Church 10412 West Mount Morris Road Brent Creek vicinity March 16, 1981
Buick Motor Company Commemorative Designation Buick Motor Division Headquarters, 902 East Hamilton Flint October 21, 1993
Capitol Theatre Building Capitol Theatre Flint.jpg 140 Second Street Flint August 24, 1984
City Ice and Fuel Company Office (Demolished) 2061 South Saginaw Street Flint June 15, 1979
Civic Park Historic District Civic Park Historic District Flint.jpg Generally bounded by Dartmouth, Lawndale, Rankin, Dupont, Welch, Brownell, Dayton, Trumbull Flint May 13, 1981
Clio Depot† Clio Depot - Clio Michigan.jpg 300-308 West Vienna Road Clio April 4, 1978
Community Presbyterian Church Community Presbyterian Church Flint.jpg 2505 North Chevrolet Avenue Flint May 13, 1981
Congregational Church of Grand Blanc Congregational Church Grand Blanc.jpg 203 East Grand Blanc Road Grand Blanc July 17, 1981
Crapo Farm Off of Hill Road, just west of the Swartz Creek city limits Swartz Creek November 15, 1973
Henry Howland Crapo / Willson Park Informational Designation Willson Park sign Flint.jpg Willson Park, northeast corner of East First Street and Wallenberg Street Flint May 8, 1986
John West Davison Farmstead 3305 East Hill Road, .5 mile East of South Saginaw Road (M-54) Grand Blanc January 20, 1984
Dibbleville Dibbleville Historical Marker Fenton Michigan.JPG Northwest corner of South Leroy Street and West Shiawassee Avenue Fenton 1977
Durant Garage 116 West Fourth Street Flint August 15, 1975
Durant-Dort Carriage Factory No. 4 / The Flint Soap Works (Building burned down) 212 North Grand Traverse Street Flint March 19, 1987
William C. Durant / Durant-Dort Carriage Company DurantDortCarriageCoOfficeFlintMI.JPG 316 West Water Street Flint 1978
Sarah Emma Edmonds Informational Designation Sarah Edmonds lg sepia.jpg Genesee County Courthouse Grounds Flint June 15, 1992
Elks Lodge Building Elks Lodge Flint.jpg 142 Second Street Flint November 3, 1976
Fenton Downtown Historic District (Demolished; NR delisted, 1975) Bounded by West Silver Lake Road, East Ellen Street, South Walnut Street, and River Street Fenton January 21, 1974
Fenton Grain Elevator Fenton Grain Elevator.jpg 234 North Leroy Street Fenton April 24, 1979
Fenton House† (also called the Fenton Hotel; now a restaurant) Vermont House Fenton.jpg 302 North Leroy Street Fenton December 10, 1971
Fenton Old Town Historic District Downtown Fenton Michigan Leroy Street.JPG Roughly bounded by Mill Street, South Leroy Street, East Elizabeth Steet, West Shiawassee Avenue, and South Adelaide Street Fenton January 16, 1976
Fenton United Methodist Church Fenton Michigan United Methodist Church.JPG 119 South Leroy Street Fenton March 19, 1987
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church Grand Blanc.jpg 6106 South Saginaw Road Grand Blanc July 26, 1975
First Methodist Episcopal Church First Methodist Episcopal Church Flint.jpg 225 West Court Street Flint September 10, 1979
First Methodist Episcopal Church Informational Site 413 E Main Street Flushing September 24, 1992
First National Bank and Trust Company† First National Bank and Trust Company Building - Flint Michigan.jpg 460 South Saginaw Street Flint October 2, 1980
First United Methodist Church 808 Genesee Street, SE corner of Church Street Mount Morris August 21, 1987
Flint Masonic Temple Masonic Temple Flint.jpg 755 South Saginaw Street Flint April 24, 1981
Flint Road Cart Factory - Durant-Dort Carriage Factory No. 1 DurantDortCarriageCoFactoryFlintMI.JPG 301-311 Water Street Flint March 19, 1987
Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37 Informational Site Flint Sit-Down Strike window.jpg Three markers erected:
  • 4300 South Saginaw
  • South Chevrolet Avenue
  • 300 block of South Chevrolet Avenue
Flint February 7, 1977
Flushing Community Center 390 East Main Street Flushing July 17, 1975
Fourth Ward Evangelical Church Fourth Ward Evangelical Church Flint.jpg 1213 West Second Street Flint June 10, 1980
Genesee County Courthouse and Jail† Genesee County MI Courthouse.JPG 920 South Saginaw Street Flint September 7, 1989
Horace Gilbert/Morgan and Enos Miller House† Horace Gilbert House Swartz Creek.jpg 5023 Holland Drive Swartz Creek February 26, 1985
Glenwood Cemetery† Glenwood Cemetery Flint.jpg 2500 West Court Street, between Barlett Place and Forest Avenue Flint January 21, 1988
Harrison Homestead 1570 Main Street Flushing May 17, 1973
Industrial Mutual Association Auditorium (NR delisted 1997) 815 Second Avenue Flint March 20, 1984
Morris A. Knight House Morris Knight House Flint.jpg 1105 Church Street Flint November 16, 1982
Linden Downtown Historic District Vicinity of intersection of Broad and Bridge streets Linden August 12, 1977
Linden Grist Mill Tickner Street Linden October 29, 1971
Linden Presbyterian Church Informational Site 119 West Broad Street Linden August 22, 1985
Mason's Tavern 7500 Fenton Road, near SE corner of Grand Blanc Road Mundy Township November 30, 1983
McLean House 2113 Vienna Road Clio November 7, 1977
Methodist Episcopal Church of Montrose Informational Site 158 East State Street Montrose October 15, 1992
Miller Opera House Crossroads Village July 26, 1974
Fredrick Miner House 1000 East Seventh Street Flint March 19, 1980
James H. Murray House 7232 Silver Lake Road Linden September 17, 1981
Charles W. Nash House Charles Nash House Flint.jpg 307 Mason Flint March 19, 1987
Oak Park Methodist Episcopal Church 2125 North Saginaw Street Flint August 20, 1992
Old Calvary Cemetery G-1124 Ballenger Hwy Flint August 29, 1996
Old Prospect Hill Cemetery End of South Davis Street Fenton July 15, 1999
Daniel O'Sullivan House/Halfway House† G-5035 Flushing Road Flushing December 14, 1976
William A. Paterson Factory Complex 118 Third Flint February 23, 1981
William S. Paterson/Dr. James K. Sutherland House Paterson-Sutherland House Flint.jpg 402 East Third Street Flint November 20, 1987
William Ray Perry House William Ray Perry House Grand Blanc.jpg 6025 Perry Road Grand Blanc September 7, 1989
Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Commemorative Designation 2101 Lippincott Blvd at the intersection of McPhail Flint September 28, 2000
Saint Jude's Episcopal Church 106 Elizabeth Street Fenton June 5, 1997
Saint Michael Roman Catholic Church St Michael Church Flint.jpg 609 East Fifth Avenue Flint January 21, 1988
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church 711 South Saginaw Street Flint December 18, 1974
Smith Hill Cemetery 10082 N. State St, between M-15 and Cemetery Rd, north of Dodge Rd Forest Township June 21, 1990
Jacob Smith/Fred A. Aldrich Informational Site Smith-Aldrich House Flint.jpg 221 West First Avenue Flint March 19, 1987
Superintendent's Cottage† MI School for the Deaf Cottage Flint.jpg 1301 Court Street Flint November 15, 1973
Swartz Creek Cemetery Swartz Creek Cemetery.jpg 4464 Morrish Road Swartz Creek January 17, 1986
E. S. Swayze Drugstore Mason Lodge Otisville.jpg 107 East Main Street Otisville 2010
Thetford Township Hall 11499 North Center Road Clio October 27, 1984
Toledo, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railroad Flushing Depot 431 Main Street Flushing June 15, 1979
Charles A. Uptegraff House 311 N. State Street Davison January 17, 1991
Christopher B. Uptegraff House 317-319 N. State Street Davison January 17, 1991
Vehicle City Informational Designation Flint City Hall, 1101 South Saginaw Flint February 19, 1958
Voiture 1116 - 40 et 8 G-3255 East Mount Morris Road Mount Morris May 8, 1984
West Forest United Methodist Church Northeast corner of Farrand and Taylor roads Otisville vicinity March 19, 1980
Robert J. Whaley House Robert Whaley House Flint.jpg 624 Kearsley Street Flint February 7, 1977
George W. Wilmot House 501 South East Street Fenton October 27, 1983
Amos M. Woodruff House 311 East River Road Flushing January 17, 1991
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