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Ficus Carica 2
Common fig fruit
Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) 1 Luc Viatour
A still life photograph of some kiwifruit against a white background
Mandarin Oranges in the Snow
Mandarin oranges covered with snow
Fuyu Persimmon (Diospyros Kaki)
A whole Jiro persimmon fruit and a cross-section of one.
Pear cut open
Pineapple and cross section
Pineapple, whole and in longitudinal section
Himbeere (Rubus idaeus) IMG 7756
Purple-fruited raspberry
Strawberry gariguette DSC03063
Eugenia uniflora fruits
Surinam cherry

The word "fruit" is used in several different ways. The definition of fruit for these lists is a culinary fruit, i.e. "Any sweet, edible part of a plant that resembles fruit, even if it does not develop from a floral ovary; also used in a technically imprecise sense for some sweet or sweetish vegetables, some of which may resemble a true fruit or are used in cookery as if they were a fruit, for example rhubarb."

Many edible plant parts that are true fruits botanically speaking, are not considered culinary fruits. They are classified as vegetables in the culinary sense (for example: the tomato, zucchini, and so on), and hence they do not appear in this list. Similarly, some botanical fruits are classified as nuts (e.g. Brazil nut and various almonds), or staples (e.g. breadfruit), and likewise do not appear here. There are also many fruits which are edible but for various reasons have not become popular.

Hala Fruit

The following items are fruits, according to the scientific definition, but are sometimes considered to be vegetables:

Slicing cucumbers
Farmer's Market I
Tomatoes are considered a fruit or vegetable depending on context. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, tomatoes are a fruit labeled in grocery stores as a vegetable due to (the taste) and nutritional purposes.

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