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Unionville Main st
Several historic buildings in the Unionville Heritage District, one of four heritage conservation districts in Markham.

This is a list of historic building in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The earliest structures that were built in Markham, Ontario originated from indigenous settlements in the region, including the Iroquois, the Huron Wendat, the Petun and the Neutral Nation. However, Markham's oldest standing structures dates back to its earliest European settlers, who settled the area in 1794.

Historic buildings and structures are spread throughout Markham, although a number of historic buildings are clustered in four "heritage conservation districts," Buttonville, Markham Village, Thornhill, and Unionville. Development in the heritage conservation districts is required to follow municipal guidelines laid out in the heritage district's conservation plan. These conservation plans were created to protect historic buildings, and to ensure that new developments within these districts complement the "character of the neighbourhood".

List of historic buildings

Most historic structures and properties are presently registered with the Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest. A number of buildings and properties listed on the registry are protected under the Ontario Heritage Act. Buildings and structures in the registry are either listed as individual properties, or as a part of a larger heritage conservation district. The oldest structure listed on the registry is Philip Eckardt Log House, built in 1800. In addition to buildings that are listed on the registry, several of Markham's oldest buildings are situated at the Markham Museum, an open-air museum located next to the Markham Village heritage conservation district.

The majority of Markham's oldest standing structures were built as private residences, many of which are still used for that purpose. However, some residences have been re-purposed for commercial use.

1800 to 1849

The following is a list of historic buildings from 1800 to 1849:

Building Image Year completed Architectural style Address Heritage district Ward Ref.
Philip Eckardt Log House Philip Eckardt Log House.jpg 1800 N/A - Basic Log cabin 128 Harbord Street N/A 6
Christian Reesor Homestead 1806 Georgian 9035 Reesor Road N/A 5
20 Ruggles Avenue 1809 Georgian 20 Ruggles Avenue N/A 1
Heintzman House Heintzman House.jpg 1816 Regency 135 Bay Thorn Drive N/A 1
David Whaley House 1820 Vernacular 7218 Reesor Road N/A 7
Joshua Miller House 1820 Georgian 10 Heritage Corners Lane N/A 4
Christian K. Hoover House Hoover house.jpg 1824 N/A - Basic Log cabin 9350 Markham Road N/A 4
4130 19th Avenue 1826 Regency 4130 19th Avenue N/A 6
Gapper-Duncan House 1828 Georgian & Regency 6 Wismer Place N/A 4
Johnston-Barker House 1828 Georgian & Vernacular 53 Main Street Markham South Markham Village 4
Byer Family Home 1829 Georgian 10235 Highway 48 N/A 5
Eckardt-Stiver House TheStiverHouse,ON.JPG 1829 Ontario Cottage & Regency 206 Main Street Unionville Unionville 3
Thomas and Sarah Hasty House 1829 Neoclassical 11482 McCowan Road N/A 6
Peter Reesor Homestead 1830 Georgian 7273 14th Avenue N/A 7
Reverend William Jenkins House 1830 Neoclassical 11022 Kennedy Road N/A 6
Nathan Chapman Jr. House Chapman house.jpg 1832 Ontario Cottage & Regency 9350 Markham Road N/A 4
Cashel Road House 1835 Georgian 4510 Elgin Mills Road East N/A 6
John Wurtz House 1835 Regency 8847 Reesor Road N/A 5
Joseph & Sarah Henderson House Joseph & Sarah Henderson House.jpg 1835 Georgian 53 Main Street Markham North Markham Village 4
Unionville Wheelwright and Blacksmith Snop Unionville Wheelwright and Blacksmith Snop.jpg 1835 166 Main Street Unionville Unionville 3
William and Ann Workman House 1835 Neoclassical 15 George Street Markham Village 4
Thomas McMackon House 1840 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 8328 14th Avenue N/A 7
David Badgerow House 1840 Georgian 8331 14th Avenue N/A 7
Samuel Kendrick Farmhouse 1840 Georgian 4822 19th Avenue N/A 6
Chauncy Crosby House 1840 Georgian 10451 Highway 48 N/A 5
William Reynolds House 1840 Ontario Cottage & Regency 7482 Highway 7 East N/A 5
Adam Hagler House 1840 Georgian & Vernacular N/A N/A N/A
William Grant House William Grant House.jpg 1840 Georgian & Vernacular 2665 Bur Oak Avenue N/A 5
15 Colborne Street 15 Colborne Street.jpg 1840 Georgian & Vernacular 15 Colborne Street Thornhill 1
John Jacob Lunau House 1840 Gothic Revival 12 David Gohn Circle N/A 4
William Macklin House William Macklin House.jpg 1840 Neoclassical 2501 Denison Street N/A 7
4478 Elgin Mills Road East 1840 Neoclassical 4478 Elgin Mills Road East N/A 6
Adam Clendenen House Adam Clendenen House.jpg 1840 Georgian 8 Green Hollow Court N/A 5
John Reesor House 1840 Georgian, Gothic Revival, and Vernacular 1 Kalvinster Drive N/A 5
St. Philip's Anglican Church Manse 1840 Georgian 9418 Kennedy Road N/A 6
Sommerfeldt Homestead 1840 Georgian 10379 Kennedy Road N/A 6
39 Langstaff Road East 1840 39 Langstaff Road East N/A 1
James and Sarah Osborn Double House James and Sarah Osborn Double House.jpg 1840 Georgian 61 Main Street Markham North Markham Village 4
Old Presbyterian Manse 1840 Neoclassical 89 Main Street Markham South Markham Village 4
Jacob Pingle Sr. House 1840 Vernacular 4638 Major Mackenzie Drive East N/A 6
5480 Major Mackenzie Drive East 1840 Georgian 5480 Major Mackenzie Drive East N/A 6
William Read House 1840 Georgian 9899 Markham Road N/A 4
11137 McCowan Road 1840 Neoclassical 11137 McCowan Road N/A 6
Abraham Koch House 1840 Georgian 16 Moore's Court N/A 7
Samuel Reesor Homestead 1840 Georgian 7450 Reesor Road N/A 7
White Hill Mills House 1840 Georgian 7939 Reesor Road N/A 7
Noble Tenant Farmer House 1840 Georgian 11122 Reesor Road N/A 5
Peterson-Jarvis House 1840 Gothic Revival 99 Thoroughbred Way N/A 6
46 Timbermill Crescent 1840 Neoclassical 46 Timbermill Crescent N/A 4
Alexander McPherson House Alexander McPherson House.jpg 1840 Georgian 31 Victory Lane N/A 8
Schell House 1840 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 11242 Warden Avenue N/A 2
Buttonville Mill House 1840 9064 Woodbine Avenue Buttonville 2
William Cornelius Home 1840 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 8346 York Durham Line N/A 7
Tomlinson-Smith House 1841 Georgian 7662 Ninth Line N/A 7
Briarwood Farm 1842 Georgian 4031 16th Avenue N/A 3
George Pingle Jr. House George Pingle Jr. House.jpg 1842 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 4022 Major Mackenzie Drive East N/A 6
John Lane House

John Lane House-111 John- Markham-Ontario-HPC15248-20201017 (1).jpg

1842 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 111 John Street Thornhill 1
Almira Mill Workers Cottage 1845 Georgian & Vernacular 4176 14th Avenue N/A 6
Crinklewood Mansion An history building of United Empire - panoramio.jpg 1845 Georgian & Neoclassical 54 Crinklewood Crescent Thornhill 1
Archibald Fenwick House 1845 Ontario Cottage & Regency 7 Heritage Corners Lane N/A 4
Lane House 1845 Georgian 26 John Street Thornhill 1
170 John Street 1845 Neoclassical 170 John Street Thornhill 1
Thomas Lownsborough House Thomas Lownsborough House.jpg 1845 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 9392 Kennedy Road N/A 6
Samuel Eakin House 1845 Ontario Cottage & Regency 10725 Kennedy Road N/A 6
John Edey House

Edey House-4 Leahill- Markham-Ontario-HPC15238-20201017 (1) 01.jpg

1845 Neoclassical 4 Leahill Drive Thornhill 1
Workers' Cottage 1845 Ontario Cottage & Regency 260 Main Street Unionville Unionville 3
Richard and Margaret Sylvester Houes 1845 Georgian 88 Main Street Markham South Markham Village 4
Thomas Peach House 1845 Georgian 10387 McCowan Road N/A 6
Phillip Eckardt Jr. House 1845 Georgian 60 Meadowbrook Lane N/A 3
11303 Warden Avenue 1845 Georgian 11303 Warden Avenue N/A 6
Robert A. West General Store 1845 Neoclassical 7771 Yonge Street Thornhill 1
William Lane House William Lane House.jpg 1846 Georgian 14 Colborne Street Thornhill 1
Goodfellow/Arthur Lismer House 1846 Georgian 22 John Street Thornhill 1
Union Mills House Union Mills House.jpg 1846 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 209 Main Street Unionville Unionville 3
7699 Yonge Street 1846 Georgian 7699 Yonge Street Thornhill 1
St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church and Manse St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church and Manse.jpg 1847 Gothic Revival 15 Church Lane Thornhill 1
First Unionville Congregational Church First Unionville Congregational Church.jpg 1847 Vernacular 149 Main Street Unionville Unionville 3
Warren Bishop House 1847 Georgian 26 David Gohn Circle N/A 4
Ninth Line Baptist Church Ninth line baptist church.jpg 1848 Gothic Revival 9350 Markham Road N/A 4
William Morrison House 1848 Georgian 12 Buttonville Crescent West Buttonville 2
Joseph Marr House 1848 Georgian 3 Heritage Corners Lane N/A 4
Ambrose Noble House 1848 Georgian & Neoclassical 11 Heritage Corners Lane N/A 4
Frizzell House 1848 Gothic Revival & Vernacular 18 John Street Thornhill 1
Holy Anne's Cottage 1848 Georgian 32 John Street Thornhill 1
Abraham B. Ramer House 1848 Georgian 304 Main Street Markham North Markham Village 4
Henry Pingle House 1849 Arts and Crafts 11 Tannis Street N/A 6

1850 to 1890

The following is a list of structures built in Markham since 1850.

Building Image Year completed Architectural style Address Heritage district Ward Notes Ref
Munshaw Homestead 1854 Georgian 10 Ruggles Avenue N/A 1
Tremont Hotel 1873 Provincial (19th Century) Vernacular / Colonial Georgian 123-131 Main Street Markham Markham Village 4 Built on the site of Anglo-American Hotel (destroyed in fire in 1872) and remained in use until 1960, still in situ (boarded up unrestored). One of three 19th Century hotels in Markham Village and only one to survive (Wellington and Franklin House demolished in 1964).

List of lost buildings and structures

Various historic structures have been burned down or demolished over time.

Building Location Year Completed Comment Image
Lutheran School House Located north side of Lutheran Cemetery at Berczy Historical Settlement in Berczy Village early 1800s Little details available but school offered schooling in German only lead by Rev. George Sigmund Liebich
School Section # 9 SE corner of Main Street Unionville and Highway 7 1832 Was main school for Unionville until #10 built 1858; location likely in vacant lot once occupied by service station.
School Section #10 Main Street Unionville, now north parking lot at Unionville Public School 1830s Replaced by new schoolhouse in 1892, additions added in 1949 and 1955; demolished and replaced 1977
Union Mills Along Rouge River in Unionville 1841 Burned down 1934; located on west side of Main Street South and Rouge River

(near site of Bill Crothers Secondary School)

Franklin House Hotel north of Robinson Street and Main Street, Markham Village c. 1880 Rebuilt after fire destroyed 1840s building (first as North Star Inn then as Pilkey Hotel in 1850s) and demolished 1964 to make way for strip plaza on Robinson Street, now parking lot behind 96 Main Street North.
Ratcliff Sawmill Lot 35, Concession 6 (Stouffville Road and Kennedy Road), Stouffville 1840s-1850s Built by William Ratcliff and remained operational until 1970s, but destroyed by fire 1982, but mill equipment saved and used in Ashmore Reesor's mill at Markham Museum. Family owned Century Mill Lumber continues to operate on site
Thomas Speight Wagon Works Factory approximately 20 Main Street North (west) and 25 Main Street North (east), Markham Village ~1840s Originally on west side and later moved to east side of Main Street; operations ceased in 1917 and burned down with garage in 1922; both sites now occupied by commercial buildings
James Campbell House Markham Village 1865 Cottage built next to another home by shoemaker; demolished
St. Patrick's Church Vinegar Hill 1855 Torn down 1977 after new church moved to Highway 7 in 1971
Agricultural Hall (Rink) SE corner of Highway 7 and Main Street Markham, Markham Village 1916 Burned down same year it was completed. Now parking lot of Markham Village Community Centre
Grace Anglican Church 8th Line (Markham Main Street South) and Old Wellington Street 1848 Demolished 1963 and now site of Esso gas station. Grace Church moved to Parkway Avenue.
Wellington Hotel Main Street South and Highway 7 SE corner 1860? Located in where the Cenotaph is the hotel was owned by proprietor J.S. Rocbotham but originally by William Armstrong.
Grace Anglican Church Rectory 8th Line (Markham Main Street South) and Old Wellington Street 1889 Demolished 1963 and now site of Esso gas station
Presbyterian Church Washington Street 1873 Demolished after 1963
Main Street Markham bridge / old Iron Bridge 1946 Concrete bridge replaced an earlier steel truss bridge in 1909. Demolished and replaced with current bridge. Smaller truss bridge now being built for pedestrian trail near site of old bridge. It was one three bridges that crossed the Rouge: Princess Street-Fisher Court and Mill Street bridges were later removed with latter street re-routed as Main Street bridge became main routing north.
Agricultural Hall, Ice rink and ticket office Highways (Wellington Street) and Highway 48 - old Markham Fairgrounds, Markham Village 1894 Burned down 1916 and replaced with new structure at site of original. Fairgrounds buildings all demolished in 1963.
Main Street Post Office Joseph Street and Main Street 1910 Demolished in 1978 and replaced by current Bank Of Nova Scotia branch. Post Office moved to purpose built building on Main Street north of Highway 7 (since closed and now private business).
Anthony Forester House 28 Milroy Lane c 1860-1876 Demolished and replica home built in 2001.

List of other historic places

  • Old 16th Avenue Bailey Bridge
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