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The following is a list of the monastic houses in Leicestershire, England.

Breedon Priory, built on the site of Holy Hill Monastery: the oldest Monastic site in Leicestershire. Founded 675AD

Alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitaller). Monastic hospitals are included where they had the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptor/commandery.

Abbreviations and key
Status of remains
Symbol Status
None Ruins
* Current monastic function
+ Current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ Current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ Remains limited to earthworks etc.
# No identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ Exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate possible duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented) or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic name but lacking actual monastic connection.

EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Aldermanshaw Priory ^ Cluniac monks
founded before/c.1220-35;
alien house: cell dependent on Bermondsey, Surrey (London);
dissolved/ruinous before 1450;
17th century cottage built on site
Aldermans Haw

52°43′34″N 1°15′29″W / 52.7260054°N 1.2579614°W / 52.7260054; -1.2579614 (Aldermanshaw Priory)
Belvoir Priory Benedictine monks
priory cell, dependent on St Albans, Hertfordshire;
founded 1076-88 begun by Robert de Todeni, lord of Belvoir 1076; completed by Abbot Paul of St Albans;
dissolved 1539

52°53′55″N 0°46′54″W / 52.898541°N 0.781701°W / 52.898541; -0.781701 (Belvoir Priory)
Bradley Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
founded after 1220 by Robert Bundy;
dissolved 1536; granted to Thomas Newell, Esq. 1537/8
Braddley Priory

52°33′01″N 0°47′14″W / 52.5502754°N 0.7872391°W / 52.5502754; -0.7872391 (Bradley Priory)
Holy Hill monastery, Breedon # Breedonchurch.jpg Saxon Benedictine? monks — from Medeshamstede (Peterborough), (Cambridgeshire)
founded late-7th century;
abandoned 874 during Danish raids;
Augustinian Priory built on site (see immediately below)

52°48′22″N 1°23′59″W / 52.8061601°N 1.3997376°W / 52.8061601; -1.3997376 (Holy Hill Monastery)
Breedon Priory + Augustinian Canons Regular
priory cell, dependent on Nostell, Yorkshire;
refounded between 1109 and 1122, on site of earlier Saxon monastery (see immediately above): church of SS Mary and Hardulph granted to Nostel by Robert de Ferrers;
dissolved November 1539; granted to John, Lord Grey 1553
Bredon Priory

52°48′22″N 1°24′00″W / 52.8060271°N 1.3999146°W / 52.8060271; -1.3999146 (Breedon Priory)
Buckminster ~ possible Saxon minster
Charley Priory $ dependent on Luffield, Buckinghamshire;
confirmed to Luffield by the Pope 1173–4;
founded before 1190, granted to Evroul by Countess Parnel of Leicester (Blanchmain's, Earl of Leicester);
confirmed to Ware, chief dependency of St Evroul in England 1203–6;
described as hermitage c.1220;
Augustinian Canons Regular
alien house: grange dependent on St Evroul;
founded after 1220;
ruinous 1455;
dissolved 1465; granted to Frideswide, widow;
united with Ulverscroft c.1465
Chorley and Ulverscroft Priory
Locum de S. Mariae de Charleia

52°43′41″N 1°17′29″W / 52.7281837°N 1.2914085°W / 52.7281837; -1.2914085 (Charley Priory)
Croxton Abbey Croxton Kerrial.JPG Premonstratensian Canons — from Newhouse, Lincolnshire;
founded before 1160 (1163, 1162) by William Porcarius;
dissolved 1538 (1539); granted to Thomas, Earl of Rutland 1538/9
Croxton Kerrial Abbey

52°50′23″N 0°46′47″W / 52.8396735°N 0.7796618°W / 52.8396735; -0.7796618 (Croxton Abbey)
Dalby and Heather Preceptory # Knights Hospitallers
founded before 1206, granted purportedly by Robert Bossu, Earl of Leicester;
dissolved 1538 (1540);
granted to Sir Andrew Nowell
Old Dalby Preceptory;
Dalby Preceptory

52°48′12″N 0°59′57″W / 52.8033273°N 0.9991068°W / 52.8033273; -0.9991068 (Dalby and Heather Preceptory)
Garendon Abbey Cistercian monks
probable daughter house of Waverley, Surrey;
founded 28 October 1133 by Roboert Bossu, Earl of Leicester;
dissolved 1536; granted to Thomas, Earl of Rutland 1540/1;
house named 'Garendon Hall' built on site, demolished 1964
Gerondon Abbey

52°46′27″N 1°15′31″W / 52.7742816°N 1.2584791°W / 52.7742816; -1.2584791 (Garendon Abbey)
Grace Dieu Priory ^ GraceDieuPriory.JPG Augustinian Canonesses
founded c.1239/40 by Rose (Rorsia) de Verdon;
'White Nuns of St Augustine'
dissolved 1538; granted to Humphrey Foster 1538/9;
remains incorporated into a cottage; largely demolished 1696;
in care of Grace Dieu Priory Trust;
open to public from late 2004
The Priory Church of Holy Trinity and St Mary, Belton
Gracedieu Priory;
Belton Priory

52°45′40″N 1°21′23″W / 52.7610349°N 1.3564146°W / 52.7610349; -1.3564146 (Grace Dieu Priory)
Heather Preceptory Knights Hospitallers
founded before 1199 (during the reign of King John);
reduced to camera before 1338;
dissolution unknown — administered from Dalby (itself dissolved 1540)
Hether Hospital

52°41′36″N 1°25′29″W / 52.6932985°N 1.4245856°W / 52.6932985; -1.4245856 (Heather Preceptory)
Hinckley Priory The Priory House, Hinckley.jpg Benedictine monks
alien house: priory cell dependent on Lyre;
founded before 1173(?): church and land granted to Lyre by Robert [Blanchmaines], Earl of Leicester (confirmed by Henry II);
dissolved 1409; granted to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster;
site later occupied by a mansion then smaller private houses
Hinkley Priory

52°32′25″N 1°22′18″W / 52.540210°N 1.3717014°W / 52.540210; -1.3717014 (Hinckley Priory)
Hinckley Dominican Priory Dominican monks

Kirby Bellars Priory + Church of St Peter, Kirby Bellars - - 337081.jpg Secular college or chantry founded 1316 by Roger de Bellars;
Augustinian Canons Regular
took on St Augustine's Rule in 1359; domestic buildings rebuilt before the reformation after a fire c. 1511;
dissolved 1536: granted to Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy 1543/4;
earthworks work mark the remains of the site in the field north of the current parish church
Kirkby Bellers Priory;
Kirkby Bellairs Priory;
Kerkbey on the Wrethek Priory

52°45′30″N 0°56′17″W / 52.7582447°N 0.9380704°W / 52.7582447; -0.9380704 (Kirby Bellars Priory)
Langley Priory ^ Benedictine nuns — from Farewell, Staffordshire
founded c.1150(?) by William Pantulf (Pontulf) and his wife burgia;
Cistercian nuns? (claimed during time of Pope Alexander III, claim apparently abandoned 13th century);
dissolved 1536 (before1537);
granted to Thomas Grey 1543/4;
incorporated into a 16th/17th century house; present house incorporates medieval fabric
The Priory Church of God and the Blessed Virgin

52°48′28″N 1°21′30″W / 52.8077758°N 1.3581969°W / 52.8077758; -1.3581969 (Langley Priory)
Launde Priory # The Chapel at Launde Abbey, part of the original priory buildings Augustinian Canons Regular
founded 1119-25 by Richard Basset and his wife Maud;
dissolved 1539; granted to Thomas, Lord Cromwell 1539/40;
site occupied by manor house named 'Launde Abbey'
now a retreat/conference centre
St John the Baptist
Landa Priory

52°37′51″N 0°49′25″W / 52.6309714°N 0.8237097°W / 52.6309714; -0.8237097 (Launde Priory)
Leicester Abbey Leicester Abbey nave and cloister.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
founded 1143 (1139?) by Robert Bossu, Earl of Leicester;
dissolved 1538; granted to William, Marquis of Northampton 1550/1
The Abbey Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Leicester
St Mary de Pre;
St Mary de Pratis
(St Mary of the Meadows)

52°38′52″N 1°08′18″W / 52.6477073°N 1.1384046°W / 52.6477073; -1.1384046 (Leicester Abbey)
Leicester Austin Friary Augustinian hermits
founded 1254;
dissolved November 1538; granted to John Bellew and John Broxholm
St Catherine?

52°38′00″N 1°08′40″W / 52.6333616°N 1.1444282°W / 52.6333616; -1.1444282 (Leicester Austin Friars)
Leicester Blackfriars # Dominican Friars (under the Visitation of Oxford)
founded before 1284;
dissolved 1538; granted to Henry, Marquis of Dorset 1546/7

52°38′13″N 1°08′40″W / 52.6369501°N 1.1443859°W / 52.6369501; -1.1443859 (Leicester Blackfriars)
Leicester Friars of the Sack ~ Friars of the Sack
founded before 1274;
apparently abandoned by 1295

52°37′50″N 1°08′40″W / 52.6306682°N 1.1444852°W / 52.6306682; -1.1444852 (Leicester Friars of the Sack (actual site unknown)) (actual site unknown)
Leicester Greyfriars Greyfriars funeral procession, John Nichols.jpg Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of Oxford)
founded before 1230 (1265) by Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester;
Burial place of King Richard III after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth 1485 (confirmed by the recovery of his body 2013);
dissolved 1538; granted to John Bellew and John Broxholm 1545/6

52°38′00″N 1°08′13″W / 52.6333128°N 1.137042°W / 52.6333128; -1.137042 (Leicester Greyfriars)
Leicester — Holy Cross Priory |Holy Cross Priory, Leicester.jpg Dominican Friars
founded 1882; church consecrated 14 May 1958; extant
The Priory of the Holy Cross, Leicester

52°37′50″N 1°07′49″W / 52.6305168°N 1.1301541°W / 52.6305168; -1.1301541 (Holy Cross Priory, Leicester)
Minsterton Monastery possible Saxon minster
Mount St Bernard Abbey, earlier site # Cistercian monks (Cistercian order of the Strict Observance (Trappists)
founded 1835;
became a guest house when new monastery (see immediately below) opened 1844;
reformatory 1856;
closed 1885, demolished

52°44′08″N 1°19′23″W / 52.735655°N 1.3231122°W / 52.735655; -1.3231122 (Mount St Bernard Abbey, earlier site)
Mount St Bernard Abbey |MountStBernardAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks (Cistercian order of the Strict Observance (Trappists)
founded 1844;
replaced earlier monastery (see immediately above); extant

52°44′29″N 1°19′23″W / 52.7413519°N 1.323072°W / 52.7413519; -1.323072 (Mount St Bernard Abbey)
Owston Abbey + St Andrew's Church, Owston.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular — Arroaisan
founded before 1161 by Sir Robert Grimbald, confirmed by Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury;
Augustinian Canons Regular
independent from before 1260–80;
dissolved 1536; granted to Sir John Harrington 1538/9;
site now in private ownership as Manor Farm;
church restored and now in parochial use
The Abbey Church of Saint Andrew, Owston
Osulveston Priory

52°39′50″N 0°51′23″W / 52.6638418°N 0.8565259°W / 52.6638418; -0.8565259 (Owston Abbey)
Rothley Temple Knights Templar
founded 1231: manor granted by Henry III;
chapel built c.1240;
Knights Hospitaller
transferred 1312 (1313);
dissolved before 1489 (1540); transferred to the Crown;
granted to Babington family;
manor house built on site
Rothley Preceptory

52°42′19″N 1°08′56″W / 52.7053135°N 1.1489457°W / 52.7053135; -1.1489457 (Rothley Preceptory)
Swinford Preceptory Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1199: (granted before the reign of King John);
under Dalby before 1220;
separate camera under a seneschal 1338;
dissolved 1538

52°24′22″N 1°10′42″W / 52.4061433°N 1.1782274°W / 52.4061433; -1.1782274 (Swinford Preceptory)
Ulverscroft Priory Ulverscroft Priory - - 172533.jpg Augustinian Eremites
founded 1134: land granted by Ranulph de Gernon, Earl of Chester;
Augustinian Canons Regular
founded before c.1174(?) by Robert, Earl of Leicester;
still referred to as a hermitage c.1220;
suppression avoided 1536;
dissolved 15 September 1539;
now in private ownership without public access
St Mary

52°42′36″N 1°15′35″W / 52.709889°N 1.259861°W / 52.709889; -1.259861 (Ulverscroft Priory)
Ulverscroft Monastery uncertain order and foundation
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