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List of monastic houses in the East Riding of Yorkshire facts for kids

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The following is a list of the monastic houses in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitaller). Monastic hospitals are included where they had the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptor/commandery.

Abbreviations and key
Status of remains
Symbol Status
None Ruins
* Current monastic function
+ Current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ Current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ Remains limited to earthworks etc.
# No identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ Exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate possible duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented) or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic name but lacking actual monastic connection.

EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Foundation Image Communities and provenance Formal name or dedication and alternative names References and location
Beverley Minster + Beverley minster.jpg Benedictine? monks and nuns, secular collegiate
founded c.700 by John, Archbishop of York;
destroyed in raids by the Danes c.867
secular (collegiate)
refounded c.934;
dissolved 1547; granted to Michael Stanhope and John Bellew 1548/9
The Parish Church of Saint John and Saint Martin, Beverley

53°50′21″N 0°25′29″W / 53.839167°N 0.424722°W / 53.839167; -0.424722 (Beverley Minster)
Beverley Blackfriars Dominican Friars (under the Visitation of York)
founded 1267 (or before 1240), purportedly by Stephen Goldsmith, but claimed by the town and the Crown;
dissolved 1539; granted to John Pope and Antony Foster 1544/5

53°50′24″N 0°25′23″W / 53.8401144°N 0.4230273°W / 53.8401144; -0.4230273 (Beverley Blackfriars)
Beverley Greyfriars, earlier site Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of York)
initially founded before 1267 possibly by John de Hightmede;
transferred to new site (see immediately below) 1297
Beverley Greyfriars Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of York)
(community founded at earlier site (see immediately above) before 1267);
transferred here 1297 by William Liketon and Henry Weighton;
dissolved 1539; granted to Thomas Culpeper 1541/2

53°50′26″N 0°26′11″W / 53.8406747°N 0.436264°W / 53.8406747; -0.436264 (Beverley Greyfriars)
Beverley Preceptory Knights Hospitaller
founded c.1201, manor of the Holy Trinity and other endowments granted by Sybilla de Valoniis;
dissolved 1540; granted to William Berkeley 1544/5

53°50′33″N 0°25′22″W / 53.8426117°N 0.4227966°W / 53.8426117; -0.4227966 (Beverley Preceptory)
Bridlington Priory + BridlingtonPriory.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
founded before 1113–4 by Walter de Gant;
dissolved 1537;
conventual church now in parochial use
The Priory Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Bridlington
Burlington Priory

54°05′40″N 0°12′06″W / 54.0943418°N 0.2017772°W / 54.0943418; -0.2017772 (Bridlington Priory)
Birstall Priory Benedictine monks
alien house: dependent on Aumale
founded after 1115, endowments granted by Stephen, Count of Albermarle;
dissolved 1395, sold to Kirkstall;
submerged under the Humber Estuary after 1540
Birstall Priory

53°38′28″N 0°02′28″E / 53.6411524°N 0.0410271°E / 53.6411524; 0.0410271 (Burstall Priory (approx)) (approx)
Cottingham Priory Augustinian Canons Regular — (?)Arroasian
founded 1322 by Thomas Wake, Lord of Liddell, licensed 1320;
transferred to Haltemprice 1325–6

53°47′04″N 0°24′29″W / 53.7843742°N 0.4079774°W / 53.7843742; -0.4079774 (Cottingham Priory)
Ellerton Priory (Spalding Moor) $ Gilbertine Canons
priory and hospital
founded before c.1209 (1212) by William Fitz Peter;
dissolved 18 December 1538; granted to John Aske 1541/2
St Mary
Elreton on the Derwent Priory;
Ellerton Priory

53°51′02″N 0°56′09″W / 53.8506177°N 0.935867°W / 53.8506177; -0.935867 (Ellerton (on Spalding Moor) Priory)
Faxfleet Preceptory Knights Templar
founded 1185 (before 1220(?));
dissolved 1308–12;
site now occupied by a fortified manor house

53°42′43″N 0°41′53″W / 53.7119742°N 0.698179°W / 53.7119742; -0.698179 (Faxfleet Preceptory)
Haltemprice Priory Haltpriside.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular — (?)Arroasian
(community founded at Cottingham 1322)
transferred here 1325–6 (1327);
church and buildings built and occupied by Arroasian canons from Bourne, Lincolnshire by January 1326;
Augustinian Canons Regular
independent from before 1355
transferred here 1327;
dissolved 12 August 1536 (1536–7); granted to Thomas Culpeper 1540/1
St Mary and the Holy Cross

53°45′53″N 0°25′15″W / 53.7646128°N 0.4208171°W / 53.7646128; -0.4208171 (Haltemprice Priory)
Hemingbrough Minster church held by Benedictine monks of Durham Cathedral; licence obtained 1426 to found a secular college;
dissolved 1547
St Mary
Hemingburgh Minster

Howden Minster Howden Minster.jpg secular canons
founded 1267 by Robert, Bishop of Durham;
dissolved 1550, collegiate
The Collegiate and Minster Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Howden

53°44′43″N 0°52′02″W / 53.7453149°N 0.8672923°W / 53.7453149; -0.8672923 (Howden Minster)
Kingston upon Hull Austin Friars Augustinian Friars (under the Limit of York)
founded before 1303 (1304);
dissolved 1539;
extant remains demolished c.1796; remains incorporated into the Tiger Inn;
some remains incorporated into Guildhall, demolished 1806

53°44′25″N 0°19′57″W / 53.740192°N 0.3326288°W / 53.740192; -0.3326288 (Kingston upon Hull Austin Friars)
Kingston-upon-Hull Blackfriars(?) Dominican Friars
granted to John Broxholme 1544/5
possible error — confusion for Lincoln Blackfriars? (see entry under List of monastic houses in Lincolnshire)
Kingston-upon-Hull Greyfriars secular college founded by Edward I;
Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of York(?))
founded after 1307(?);
dissolved before 1365; friars removed to found a Franciscan nunnery, which never transpired;
Carthusian Priory established 1377

53°44′55″N 0°20′02″W / 53.7486997°N 0.3337902°W / 53.7486997; -0.3337902 (Kingston upon Hull Greyfriars)
Kingston-upon-Hull Whitefriars, earlier site Carmelite Friars
founded 1290–3
transferred to new site (see immediately below) 1307
Kingston upon Hull Whitefriars Carmelite Friars
(community founded at earlier site (see immediately above) 1290–3);
transferred here 1307 when the King granted a new site in exchange for the old;
dissolved 1539; granted to John Henneage 1540/1
Kingston Whitefriars

53°44′34″N 0°20′11″W / 53.7426897°N 0.3364778°W / 53.7426897; -0.3364778 (Kingston upon Hull Whitefriars)
Kingston-upon-Hull Priory previously Fransciscan Friary
licence granted to Sir William de la Pole to found a hospital, and later an abbey for Franciscan nuns — (never established);
Carthusian monks
founded 1377;
dissolved 1539
St Mary Virgin, St Michael and All Angels, and St Thomas Martyr

53°44′55″N 0°20′02″W / 53.7486696°N 0.3338626°W / 53.7486696; -0.3338626 (Kingston upon Hull Priory)
Kirkham Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in North Yorkshire
Meaux Abbey Meaux Abbey.jpg Cistercian monks
daughter house of Fountains, Yorkshire;
founded 1150 by William of Blois, 'le Gros', Count of Albermarle and Lord of Holderness, site chosen by Adam, monk of Fountains;
community arrived 1 January 1151;
dissolved 11 December 1539; granted to John, Earl of Warwick 1549/50;
site now occupied by Crown Farm, in private ownership
Melsa Abbey

53°50′23″N 0°20′30″W / 53.8397283°N 0.341531°W / 53.8397283; -0.341531 (Meaux Abbey)
North Ferriby Priory # purported Knights Templar preceptory
appears not to have existed
Augustinian Canons Regular — Order of the Temple of St John of Jerusalem
founded c.1140(?) by Eustace fitz John;
dissolved 1536–7; granted to Thomas Culpeper c.1540
The Priory Church of St Marie, North Ferriby
North Ferriby Preceptory (dubious);
North Ferry Priory

53°43′06″N 0°30′21″W / 53.7183362°N 0.50587°W / 53.7183362; -0.50587 (North Ferriby Priory)
Nunburnholme Priory Benedictine nuns
founded possibly before 1170 or before 1188 (during the reign of Henry II) by the ancestors of Roger de Merlay, Lord of the Barony of Morpeth, probably William de Merlay or Roger I de Merlay;
with regular priests or brethren 12th century until sometime after 1318;
dissolved 1536; granted to Robert Tyrwhit
The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Nunburnholme
Brunnum Priory

53°55′29″N 0°42′14″W / 53.924727°N 0.7039565°W / 53.924727; -0.7039565 (Nunburnholme Priory (site))
Nunkeeling Priory Benedictine nuns
founded 1152 by Agnes de Arches (Agnes de Catfoss);
with regular priests or brethren 12th century until sometime after 1318;
sometimes given as Cistercian nuns
dissolved 1539; granted to Richard Gresham 1540/1;
remains incorporated into church of St Mary Magdalene and St Helena built 1810, now ruined
The Priory Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Keeling
Nonnekelyng Priory;
Nun Kelynge Priory

53°56′05″N 0°15′24″W / 53.9348372°N 0.2567089°W / 53.9348372; -0.2567089 (Nunkeeling Priory)
Ottringham Priory Cistercian
residential chantry dependent on Meaux Abbey;
monks from Meaux resided at Ottringham church 1293 to 1323;
possibly St Wilfrid's Church

53°42′03″N 0°04′52″W / 53.7008733°N 0.0811046°W / 53.7008733; -0.0811046 (Ottringham Priory)
Snaith Priory + SnaithPriory.JPG Benedictine monks
founded after 1101;
chapel of St Lawrence granted to Selby by Gerard, Archbishop of York;
resident monks from 1310;
dissolved 1539
St Lawrence

53°41′31″N 1°01′51″W / 53.6920755°N 1.0307622°W / 53.6920755; -1.0307622 (Snaith Priory)
Swine Priory + Priory Church of St Mary the Virgin, Swine.jpg Cistercian nuns and Premonstratensian(?) canons double house
founded before 1153 by Robert de Verli, built c.1180, confirmed by Hugh de Puiset (Pudsey);
Premonstratensian(?) replaced by Trinitarian(?) between 1287 and 1290;
Cistercian nuns
became ordinary nunnery after 1335;
dissolved 9 September 1539; granted to Sir Richard Gresham c.1540;
conventual church now in parochial use
St Mary
Swinhey Priory

53°48′23″N 0°16′45″W / 53.806268°N 0.279070°W / 53.806268; -0.279070 (Swine Priory)
Thicket Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in North Yorkshire
Warter Priory Warter StJamesChurch.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular — Arroasian
alien house: daughter house of Arrouaise;
abbey founded 1132 by Jeffery (Geoffrey) Fitz Pain Trusbut;
became denizen: independent from 1162;
priory before 1181–92 to dissolution;
dissolved 1536; granted to Thomas, Earl of Rutland c.1540
conventual church remained in parochial use until demolished 1864;
parochial church of St James built on site
St James

53°56′34″N 0°40′34″W / 53.9428563°N 0.6761903°W / 53.9428563; -0.6761903 (Warter Priory)
Watton Priory WattonPriory.JPG Benedictine? nuns
founded c.686;
probably destroyed in raids by the Danes 9th century;
Gilbertine Canons and nuns double monastery
founded 1150;
dissolved 1539; granted to John, Earl of Warwick;
house named 'Watton Abbey' built on site, in private ownership
Walton Priory

53°56′05″N 0°26′34″W / 53.9348214°N 0.4427683°W / 53.9348214; -0.4427683 (Watton Priory)
Wilberfoss Priory Benedictine nuns
founded c.1154 (before 1153) by Alan de Cotton, who granted land and property, and Jordan fitz Gilbert, who granted church etc. (which was confirmed by Henry, Archbishop of York);
dissolved 1539; granted to George Gale c.1543;
current parish church possibly the nave of the conventual church
The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wilberfoss
Wilburfosse Priory

53°57′00″N 0°53′06″W / 53.9498763°N 0.8850056°W / 53.9498763; -0.8850056 (Wilberfoss Priory)
Withernsea Priory Benedictine monks
alien house: cell dependent on Aumale;
founded c.1115, church, etc. granted by Stephen, Count of Albermarle;
destroyed by the sea

53°43′20″N 0°01′46″E / 53.7221628°N 0.029389°E / 53.7221628; 0.029389 (Withernsea Priory)
Yedingham Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in North Yorkshire
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