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List of navigation authorities in the United Kingdom facts for kids

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This List of navigation authorities in the United Kingdom is a list of links to any navigation authority in the United Kingdom, relating to any navigable waterway, aqueduct, canal, navigation, river or port.

These include:

  • narrow canals, broad canals, or ship canals
  • rivers which have been made navigable
  • the Broads
  • the navigable drains of The Fens.

Examples of navigation authorities

The "Big Three"

  • Canal and River Trust – charity replacing British Waterways in managing the majority of the canals and many navigable rivers
  • Environment Agency – environmental regulatory body, manages its waterways as part of its water management obligations.
  • Broads Authority – manages its waterspace as part of the National Park Family. This is because no other national park has a navigation running through it and the "Sandford Principle" of conservation only would not be feasible.

Other authorities

Dredging the Union Canal, Edinburgh
Hickling Broad, Norfolk Broads
Prebends Bridge, River Wear, Durham
Punting on the Cam, Cambridge
"Lore Prahm" entering Silloth Port, Solway Firth
River Conwy estuary, North Wales
River Lagan, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Commercial Port, Whitehaven, Solway Firth

Navigation authorities in the UK

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