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This is a list of public art in South Australia organized by town. This list is focused only on outdoor public art, and thus does not encompass works contained within private collections, art galleries or museums.


Title Artist Year Location Material Image
A Day Out Marguerite Derricourt 1999 Rundle Mall Bronze Oliver, one of the five bronze pigs in the mall
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A Day Out consists of four bronze pigs, each depicted as if they were exploring the city. Located in Rundle Mall and commissioned by the Adelaide City Council, the pigs are named Truffles, Horatio, Oliver and Augusta. A Day Out was unveiled on 3 July 1999. 
34°55′22.66″S 138°36′1.02″E / 34.9229611°S 138.6002833°E / -34.9229611; 138.6002833 
Paving Art Rundle St Michelle Nikou 2006 Rundle Street, Adelaide Gold and Silver Coins embedded in Concrete
Located on both sides of Rundle Street, this work consists of thousands of random coins from around the world and Australia, embedded in concrete pavers. 
The Fones Jonathon Dady 1992 University of Adelaide Glass reinforced cement Two sculptures, red in colour, with trumpet-like top portions.
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Originally located on the Barr Smith lawns at the University of Adelaide, Jonathon Dady's The Fones are based on the shape of the inner ear and musical notation. Originally there were three on the site, but only two remained. They were regularly vandalized and were finally removed from this location several years ago (discussion with Manager of Art and Heritage Collections , Adelaide Uni , 2013) 
Girl on a Slide John Dowie 1977 Rundle Mall Bronze
Old Dog Craige Andrae 2010 Franklin Street Old Dog, a pink sculpture resembling a balloon animal, lifting its rear leg to urinate on a street sign reading "my way"
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"'Old Dog'" was first installed on Union Street in the city, but was subsequently moved to its current location on the corner of Franklin and Bowen streets, just outside the Adelaide Central Bus Station. 
34°55′39.27″S 138°35′42.85″E / 34.9275750°S 138.5952361°E / -34.9275750; 138.5952361 
Spheres Bert Flugelman 1977 Rundle Mall Stainless steel The twin spheres, one atop the over, in Rundle Mall
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Originally dubbed On Further Reflection, and affectionately referred to as the "Mall's Balls", Spheres was commissioned by the Hindmarsh Building Society, who donated the work to the Adelaide City Council in 1977. It has become one of Adelaide's most recognisable artworks. 
34°55′22.12″S 138°36′11.64″E / 34.9228111°S 138.6032333°E / -34.9228111; 138.6032333 
Progress Lyndon Dadswell 1959 Rundle Mall Copper View of the spirit of Progress on the marble wall of the old David Jones building
Progress was designed by Lyndon Dadswell, who was regarded as one of Australia's most accomplished sculptors. The work represents the "spirit of progress", and is situated on what was for many years the David Jones building in Rundle Mall, having been installed in 1963 – four years after the work was completed. Dadswell studied for a time under Rayner Hoff, noted in Adelaide as the sculptor for the South Australian National War Memorial
34°55′22.12″S 138°36′6.31″E / 34.9228111°S 138.6017528°E / -34.9228111; 138.6017528 
Robert Burns William J. Maxwell 1894 North Terrace Angaston white marble Close-up shot of the Robert Burns statue
Robert Burns was commissioned by the Adelaide Caledonian Society and represents the poet reading his poem Winter's Night before a literary gathering at the Duchess of Gordon's in 1787, taken from a painting by Charles Martin Hardie (1858–1916) in the possession of Mrs. R. Barr Smith. Sir Thomas Elder contributed significantly towards its £1,000 cost. The unveiling was held on 5 May 1894. 
Roy "Mo" Rene Robert Hannaford 2010 Hindley Street Bronze Detail shot of the Roy Rene statue, showing a close up of his head and shoulders facing the camera.
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Roy "Mo" Rene was commissioned by Adelaide City Council to remember the vaudeville and radio star, Roy Rene, who was born not far from where the statue is now located. Created by Robert Hannaford and cast in bronze, the work is posed and positioned in order to encourage passers-by to be photographed with "Mo". 
34°55′23.37″S 138°35′52.07″E / 34.9231583°S 138.5977972°E / -34.9231583; 138.5977972 
South African War Memorial Adrian Jones 1904 Corner of King William Street and North Terrace Bronze Detail shot of the South African War Memorial, from below and to the front.
The South African War Memorial was the second public equestrian statue to be unveiled in Australia. Designed by Adrian Jones and commissioned to commemorate the South Australians who served in the Second Boer War, it was unveiled in 1904. The granite pedestal upon which it stands was designed by Garlick, Sibley and Wooldridge. 
34°55′17.45″S 138°35′58.06″E / 34.9215139°S 138.5994611°E / -34.9215139; 138.5994611 
Untitled Paul Trappe 1979 Hindmarsh Square Granite Granite sculpture consisting of a rough-hewn rectangular pillar enclosing a more polished rectangular internal structure
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Untitled granite sculpture by Paul Trappe, located in Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide. 
34°55′25.66″S 138°36′21.38″E / 34.9237944°S 138.6059389°E / -34.9237944; 138.6059389 
Untitled Ulrich Ruckriem 1986 Art Gallery of South Australia Granite Granite sculpture consisting of a rough-hewn rectangular pillar enclosing a more polished rectangular internal structure
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Untitled granite sculpture by Ulrich Ruckriem, located near the northern wall of the Art Gallery of South Australia. Carved on site. 
34°55′11.42″S 138°36′14.65″E / 34.9198389°S 138.6040694°E / -34.9198389; 138.6040694 
Venere Di Canova Copied from work by Antonio Canova 1892 North Terrace Marble Venere Di Canova, the first public statue in Adelaide
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Adelaide's first public statue, the Venere Di Canova was donated to the city by W A Horn in 1892. 
34°55.277′S 138°35.032′E / 34.921283°S 138.583867°E / -34.921283; 138.583867 


Title Artist Year Location Material Image
Map the Miner Ben van Zetten 1988 Gawler Road Fibreglass over steel frame Map the Miner at Kapunda

Port Noarlunga

Title Artist Year Location Material Image
Core Values Terry Beaston 2013 Port Noarlunga Cast cement, glass, ceramic, coloured oxides
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