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Live can be a verb. It rhymes with "give". "To live" means "to be alive" (and not dead). If you live, then you have life.

It can be used in a general way:

  • "I live in London".
  • "I live in a house".
  • "A person can always live in fear".

Live can be an adjective. It rhymes with "five".

  • In television, a "live" program is one where what is happening can be seen at the same time as it is happening. Sports program are usually "live".
  • In music, If a CD is a "live recording" it means a recording which was made at a concert with an audience present. If it is not a live recording it may be a recording made in a studio.
  • "Live" can also mean "full of energy" or simply "happening now". Something that is being talked about in the newspapers at the moment can be a "live issue".

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