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Maasai people dancing

The Maasai are an ethnic group of people that live in Kenya and in the north of Tanzania. They are well known for the way that they dress and because they live near some national parks in Africa that a lot of tourists go to. They speak a language called Maa.

The Masaai are an old nomad African  tribe who have always lived in Africa principally in the north of Tanzania and southern Kenya. They were discovered by settlers around the 19th century. 

They live in the african savannah in animal reserves, for example the Masaai Mara reserve or the Serengeti.

The women build houses called Manyatta; the men build a fence around the village to protect them from lions.

The Masaai people live with animals because they are farmers. The more cattle a Maasai man has, the richer he is. They can’t live without animals because their wealth comes from them . The Masaai drink cow’s blood because they believe they will be stronger.

The Maasai speak Maai, a little English, Swahili and local dialects.

They are Christians, animists (their own religion) and some Maasai are muslim.

Physically, they are very tall and slim. Everybody wears bandannas and beaded jewellry, even the men.

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