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The Na'vi are a fictional indigenous species that live on the fictional world of Pandora in the movie Avatar. They look like humans, having pairs of eyes, ears, arms, and legs, as well as a nose, a mouth, and expressions that are similar to humans. The Na'vi differ by having blue skin, pointed ears, huge eyes, and tails. They are also taller but also have more narrow proportions in body frame. The Na'vi were meant to be more alien in their looks. Director James Cameron said that when one of the main characters, "Neytiri", was first drawn, she had fins, gills, and cat-like features. The species was redesigned to look more like humans, so audiences could relate to them better. Cameron said that Avatar was more "science fantasy" than true science fiction, and said that he would explain in the novel why the Na'vi look like humans.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "The Na'vi can commune with animals on their planet by literally plugging their ponytails into the creatures' nerve systems. To become a warrior, a Na'vi must tame and ride a creature known as Ikran." The Na'vi also use this neural bonding system to mate with a "life partner" - a bond that, when made, cannot be broken in the Na'vi's lifetime.

The Na'vi language, a constructed language, was made for the movie to be spoken by the actors when they played Na'vi characters. The Na'vi language was made by linguistics professor Paul Former of the University of Southern California. Frommer designed the language so it could be spoken by human actors. It combines syntax and grammar from real languages. The professor made up over 1,000 words for the Na'vi language and taught the actors who played Na'vi characters to speak it for the movie.

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