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National Register of Historic Places listings in Clay County, Minnesota facts for kids

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Map of Minnesota highlighting Clay County
Location of Clay County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Clay County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Clay County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 18 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.


Clay County's National Register properties reflect its significance as a transportation corridor and major agricultural region. The Red River of the North and the Red River Trails were important early routes, but Euro-American settlement was light. The Randolph M. Probstfield House, John Bergquist House, and Bernard Bernhardson House are the preserved homes of some of Clay County's earliest settlers. The construction of two major rail lines in the early 1870s fuelled a great increase in population and agriculture, and cemented the importance of Moorhead as a commercial hub. From the 1870s to the 1920s, large bonanza farms carved from railroad land grants gave way to diversified family outfits like the Wulf C. Krabbenhoft Farmstead. The John Olness House, Solomon Gilman Comstock House, and Burnham Building are associated with individuals who prospered in land speculation and other commercial activities.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Barnesville City Hall and Jail
Barnesville City Hall and Jail
May 7, 1980
Front and Main Sts.
46°39′12″N 96°25′14″W / 46.653196°N 96.420441°W / 46.653196; -96.420441 (Barnesville City Hall and Jail)
Barnesville Well preserved example of a small-town municipal complex, an 1899 city hall/fire station/opera house with a c.-1910 jail.
2 John Bergquist House
John Bergquist House
May 7, 1980
719 10th Ave., N.
46°53′09″N 96°46′08″W / 46.885851°N 96.768769°W / 46.885851; -96.768769 (John Bergquist House)
Moorhead 1870 log cabin of John G. Bergquist, an early settler arriving in 1869 and notable figure in Moorhead's development.
3 Bernard Bernhardson House
Bernard Bernhardson House
May 7, 1980
County Road 59
46°41′35″N 96°47′07″W / 46.692991°N 96.785273°W / 46.692991; -96.785273 (Bernard Bernhardson House)
Comstock vicinity 1870 log cabin built by an early homesteader as a temporary dwelling; Clay County's best preserved example of subsistence log architecture.
4 Buffalo River State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
Buffalo River State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
October 25, 1989
Off U.S. Route 10 east of Glyndon
46°51′53″N 96°28′04″W / 46.864825°N 96.46773°W / 46.864825; -96.46773 (Buffalo River State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources)
Glyndon vicinity Six park facilities built 1937–1940, significant as examples of New Deal federal work relief, the early development of Minnesota's state parks, and split stone architecture.
5 Burnham Building
Burnham Building
May 7, 1980
420 Main Ave.
46°52′26″N 96°46′23″W / 46.873981°N 96.772924°W / 46.873981; -96.772924 (Burnham Building)
Moorhead Only remaining example of the false-front buildings once common to downtown Moorhead, a commercial/residential property built c. 1880 for early businessman and land speculator Frank Burnham.
6 Comstock Public School
Comstock Public School
May 7, 1980
Main St.
46°39′38″N 96°45′03″W / 46.660552°N 96.750855°W / 46.660552; -96.750855 (Comstock Public School)
Comstock School building constructed 1909–1911, noted for its architecture.
7 Solomon Gilman Comstock House
Solomon Gilman Comstock House
December 30, 1974
5th Ave. and 8th St., S.
46°52′08″N 96°46′03″W / 46.869027°N 96.767504°W / 46.869027; -96.767504 (Solomon Gilman Comstock House)
Moorhead 1883 house of Solomon Comstock, a founder and leading citizen of Moorhead from his arrival in 1871 to his death in 1933. Also noted as the city's top example of late Victorian architecture. Now a Minnesota Historical Society museum.
8 Fairmont Creamery Company
Fairmont Creamery Company
February 10, 1983
801 2nd Ave., N.
46°52′35″N 96°46′02″W / 46.876358°N 96.76735°W / 46.876358; -96.76735 (Fairmont Creamery Company)
Moorhead 1923 creamery instrumental in moving the Red River Valley away from monocultural cash crop farming into diversified agriculture. Also noted as an example of 1920s industrial architecture.
9 Federal Courthouse and Post Office
Federal Courthouse and Post Office
May 7, 1980
521 Main Ave.
46°52′25″N 96°46′16″W / 46.873599°N 96.771239°W / 46.873599; -96.771239 (Federal Courthouse and Post Office)
Moorhead 1915 Neoclassical landmark in downtown Moorhead, also noted as a local example of a federal government building and for its adaptive reuse. Now the Rourke Art Museum.
10 Lew A. Huntoon House
Lew A. Huntoon House
May 7, 1980
709 8th St., S.
46°52′01″N 96°46′06″W / 46.86692°N 96.76843°W / 46.86692; -96.76843 (Lew A. Huntoon House)
Moorhead Moorhead's only English cottage-style house, built in 1910 for the director of the Moorhead State Normal School and now the official residence of the Concordia College president.
11 Wulf C. Krabbenhoft Farmstead
May 7, 1980
County Road 69
46°47′26″N 96°37′34″W / 46.7905°N 96.626113°W / 46.7905; -96.626113 (Wulf C. Krabbenhoft Farmstead)
Sabin vicinity Leading example of a Red River Valley family farm, with five contributing properties built 1890–1905.
12 Main Building, Concordia College
Main Building, Concordia College
May 7, 1980
S. 8th St.
46°51′56″N 96°46′08″W / 46.865511°N 96.76879°W / 46.865511; -96.76879 (Main Building, Concordia College)
Moorhead Most notable building at Concordia College and Moorhead's leading example of Neoclassical architecture, built in 1906.
13 John Olness House
May 7, 1980
U.S. Route 75
46°59′31″N 96°45′10″W / 46.992006°N 96.752715°W / 46.992006; -96.752715 (John Olness House)
Georgetown vicinity 1902 house of a prosperous local merchant and land speculator; also noted for its Neoclassical façade and Queen Anne details. Now an event venue called A Friend's House.
14 Park Elementary School
Park Elementary School
December 22, 1988
121 6th Ave. S.
46°52′05″N 96°46′37″W / 46.86798°N 96.7769°W / 46.86798; -96.7769 (Park Elementary School)
Moorhead Moorhead's oldest school building—constructed in 1900—and only surviving example of its small neighborhood schools in use before the Post–World War II baby boom.
15 Patterson-Hernandez House
Patterson-Hernandez House
May 7, 1980
404 Main Ave. W
46°39′11″N 96°25′33″W / 46.653025°N 96.425765°W / 46.653025; -96.425765 (Patterson-Hernandez House)
Barnesville Unusual and architecturally sophisticated Queen Anne house built 1898–1900 of fieldstone with some frame sections.
16 Randolph M. Probstfield House
May 7, 1980
4555 Oakport St. N
46°55′20″N 96°45′09″W / 46.922148°N 96.752371°W / 46.922148; -96.752371 (Randolph M. Probstfield House)
Moorhead vicinity 1869 house of one of Clay County's first settlers and a local leader in politics, education, and agricultural development from his arrival in 1859 to his death in 1911.
17 St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
May 7, 1980
120 S. 8th St.
46°52′23″N 96°46′02″W / 46.872987°N 96.767302°W / 46.872987; -96.767302 (St. John the Divine Episcopal Church)
Moorhead Shingle Style church built 1898–99, considered Moorhead's leading architectural landmark and one of Cass Gilbert's most interesting churches.
18 Hannah C. and Peter E. Thompson House
Hannah C. and Peter E. Thompson House
February 23, 1996
361 2nd St., NE.
46°39′23″N 96°25′05″W / 46.65632°N 96.418051°W / 46.65632; -96.418051 (Hannah C. and Peter E. Thompson House)
Barnesville 1903 Neoclassical house designed by the Hancock Brothers for Barnesville founders and leading citizens Peter (1852–1905) and Hannah Thompson (1857–1920).
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