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National Register of Historic Places listings in Jackson County, Indiana facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Jackson County
Location of Jackson County in Indiana

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Jackson County, Indiana.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County, Indiana, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.

There are 20 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

Properties and districts located in incorporated areas display the name of the municipality, while properties and districts in unincorporated areas display the name of their civil township. Properties and districts split between multiple jurisdictions display the names of all jurisdictions.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Beatty-Trimpe Farm
Beatty-Trimpe Farm
March 26, 2003
4475 E. State Road 258, west of Seymour
38°58′24″N 85°57′00″W / 38.973333°N 85.95°W / 38.973333; -85.95 (Beatty-Trimpe Farm)
Hamilton Township
2 Carr High School
Carr High School
December 15, 2011
10059 W. County Road 250 S., west of Medora
38°50′18″N 86°13′25″W / 38.838217°N 86.223708°W / 38.838217; -86.223708 (Carr High School)
Carr Township
3 Cavanaugh Bridge
Cavanaugh Bridge
December 19, 2007
0.6 miles south of County Road 700S on County Road 550W over the Muscatatuck River, southwest of Brownstown
38°45′48″N 86°08′12″W / 38.763333°N 86.136667°W / 38.763333; -86.136667 (Cavanaugh Bridge)
Driftwood Township Extends into Washington County
4 Farmers Club
Farmers Club
August 11, 1983
105 S. Chestnut St.
38°57′28″N 85°53′22″W / 38.957778°N 85.889444°W / 38.957778; -85.889444 (Farmers Club)
5 First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
December 19, 1991
301 N. Walnut St.
38°57′35″N 85°53′32″W / 38.959722°N 85.892222°W / 38.959722; -85.892222 (First Presbyterian Church)
6 Jackson County Courthouse
Jackson County Courthouse
December 15, 2011
111 S. Main St.
38°52′42″N 86°02′29″W / 38.878467°N 86.041422°W / 38.878467; -86.041422 (Jackson County Courthouse)
7 Joseph Jackson Hotel
Joseph Jackson Hotel
June 17, 2005
2420 S. Main St. in Vallonia
38°50′39″N 86°05′52″W / 38.844167°N 86.097778°W / 38.844167; -86.097778 (Joseph Jackson Hotel)
Driftwood Township
8 Low Spur Archeological Site (12J87)
Low Spur Archeological Site (12J87)
May 1, 1987
Address Restricted
Jackson Township
9 Medora Covered Bridge
Medora Covered Bridge
September 19, 2007
Off State Road 235, ½ mile southeast of Medora over the east fork of the White River
38°49′06″N 86°08′49″W / 38.818333°N 86.146944°W / 38.818333; -86.146944 (Medora Covered Bridge)
Carr and Driftwood Townships
10 T. Harlan and Helen Montgomery House
T. Harlan and Helen Montgomery House
December 27, 2010
628 N. Poplar St.
38°57′49″N 85°53′39″W / 38.963611°N 85.894167°W / 38.963611; -85.894167 (T. Harlan and Helen Montgomery House)
11 Picnic Area-Jackson State Forest
Picnic Area-Jackson State Forest
January 2, 1997
Approximately 1 mile north of State Road 250 in the Jackson-Washington State Forest, southeast of Brownstown
38°52′00″N 85°59′58″W / 38.866667°N 85.999444°W / 38.866667; -85.999444 (Picnic Area-Jackson State Forest)
Driftwood Township
12 Sand Hill Archeological Site 12J62
Sand Hill Archeological Site 12J62
September 7, 1982
Address Restricted
Jackson Township
13 Seymour Commercial Historic District
Seymour Commercial Historic District
June 9, 1995
Roughly bounded by Walnut, 3rd, Ewing, and Bruce Sts.
38°57′28″N 85°53′21″W / 38.957778°N 85.889167°W / 38.957778; -85.889167 (Seymour Commercial Historic District)
14 Shields' Mill Covered Bridge
Shields' Mill Covered Bridge
June 7, 2016
Shields Rd. across the East Fork of the White River
38°54′55″N 86°00′11″W / 38.915385°N 86.003136°W / 38.915385; -86.003136 (Shields' Mill Covered Bridge)
Brownstown and Hamilton Townships
15 Southern Indiana Railroad Freighthouse
Southern Indiana Railroad Freighthouse
June 22, 2003
105 N. Broadway
38°57′34″N 85°53′08″W / 38.959444°N 85.885556°W / 38.959444; -85.885556 (Southern Indiana Railroad Freighthouse)
16 George H. Vehslage House
George H. Vehslage House
September 23, 2010
515 N. Chestnut St.
38°57′45″N 85°53′32″W / 38.9625°N 85.892222°W / 38.9625; -85.892222 (George H. Vehslage House)
17 Frank Wheeler Hotel
Frank Wheeler Hotel
August 9, 1991
Junction of 2nd and Main Sts. at Freetown
38°58′24″N 86°08′02″W / 38.973333°N 86.133889°W / 38.973333; -86.133889 (Frank Wheeler Hotel)
Pershing Township

Former listing

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Bell Ford Post Patented Diagonal "Combination Bridge"
Bell Ford Post Patented Diagonal "Combination Bridge"
March 25, 2005
September 12, 2016
State Road 258, 1.5 miles west of its junction with Community Dr., and northwest of Seymour
38°58′24″N 85°55′46″W / 38.973333°N 85.929444°W / 38.973333; -85.929444 (Bell Ford Post Patented Diagonal "Combination Bridge")
Hamilton and Jackson Townships Collapsed
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