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Map of Minnesota highlighting Washington County
Location of Washington County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Washington County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 44 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including one National Historic Landmark. A supplementary list includes two additional sites that were formerly on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.


Many of the historic properties are associated with the timber industry, which began just after treaties with the Dakota and Ojibwe Indians were signed in 1837. The first sawmill in the state was established in Marine Mills (now Marine on St. Croix) in 1839. Other towns along the St. Croix River were associated with the lumber trade: Stillwater, Lakeland, and Point Douglas. Many of the houses in Stillwater are associated with wealthy lumbermen. Railroads and other industries also played a part in the development of the county.

Several of these properties are listed in the "Washington County Multiple Resource Area".

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Moritz Bergstein Shoddy Mill and Warehouse
Moritz Bergstein Shoddy Mill and Warehouse
March 5, 2008
805 S. Main St.
45°03′05″N 92°48′05″W / 45.051338°N 92.801304°W / 45.051338; -92.801304 (Moritz Bergstein Shoddy Mill and Warehouse)
Stillwater Fabric recycling and mattress manufacturing facility active ca.-1890–1910, an embodiment of Minnesota's early Jewish immigrants and their frequent participation in the waste materials trade. Moved to current site in November 2012.
2 Erastus Bolles House
Erastus Bolles House
April 20, 1982
1741 Stagecoach Trail
44°55′25″N 92°48′05″W / 44.923553°N 92.801339°W / 44.923553; -92.801339 (Erastus Bolles House)
Afton 1856 Greek Revival house of a small New Englander settlement on Valley Creek.
3 Bridge No. 5721
Bridge No. 5721
July 13, 1998
Gateway State Trail over Manning Ave.
45°06′16″N 92°51′54″W / 45.104505°N 92.864902°W / 45.104505; -92.864902 (Bridge No. 5721)
Stillwater Township Truss bridge rare for its wrought iron construction and ornamental detailing, built in 1877 before the transition to steel, refurbished and erected in Koochiching County in 1937, and relocated to present site in 2011.
4 Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Freight House
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Freight House
July 13, 1977
233–335 Water St.
45°03′18″N 92°48′16″W / 45.055097°N 92.80455°W / 45.055097; -92.80455 (Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Freight House)
Stillwater 1883 passenger and freight depot with a telegraph and Railway Express Agency office, significant in local transportation, commerce, communication, and engineering. Also a contributing property to the Stillwater Commercial Historic District. Now a restaurant.
5 John Copas House
John Copas House
July 21, 1980
19489 St. Croix Tr. N.
45°13′52″N 92°45′48″W / 45.23099°N 92.7632°W / 45.23099; -92.7632 (John Copas House)
Copas c. 1880 house of an early settler and leading figure in a community platted in 1857 and ultimately named in his honor.
6 Cushing Hotel
Cushing Hotel
January 17, 1985
3291 St. Croix Trail Ave. S.
44°54′03″N 92°46′58″W / 44.900893°N 92.78276°W / 44.900893; -92.78276 (Cushing Hotel)
Afton 1867 hotel exemplifying the commercial lodging common to mid-19th-century river towns. Now the Afton House Inn.
7 John T. Cyphers House
John T. Cyphers House
September 10, 1971
661 Quinnell Ave. N.
44°57′30″N 92°45′59″W / 44.958208°N 92.766406°W / 44.958208; -92.766406 (John T. Cyphers House)
Lakeland Unusual 1858 house with Northern European-style masonry of mortared unsplit boulders, particularly rare in a logging region with plentiful lumber.
8 District No. 34 School
District No. 34 School
May 19, 2014
13728 St. Croix Trail S.
44°45′05″N 92°49′01″W / 44.751494°N 92.817044°W / 44.751494; -92.817044 (District No. 34 School)
Denmark Township Representative example of a rural one-room schoolhouse of the mid-19th-century, active c. 1852–1946.
9 Johannes Erickson House
Johannes Erickson House
June 17, 1976
14020 195th St.
45°13′54″N 92°49′16″W / 45.231711°N 92.820981°W / 45.231711; -92.820981 (Johannes Erickson House)
Scandia 1868 gambrel-roofed log cabin, a rare surviving example of a style brought to Minnesota by Swedish immigrants from Dalsland and Småland. Now part of a museum alongside the Hay Lake School.
10 John P. Furber House
John P. Furber House
April 20, 1982
7310 Lamar Ave.
44°50′36″N 92°52′55″W / 44.843356°N 92.88195°W / 44.843356; -92.88195 (John P. Furber House)
Cottage Grove 1871 house built the same year Furber formally platted the twenty-year-old settlement of Cottage Grove, representing a phenomenon in early Washington County towns of platting well after communities had already been established.
11 Newington Gilbert House
Newington Gilbert House
April 20, 1982
1678 Stagecoach Trail
44°55′29″N 92°48′11″W / 44.924599°N 92.802963°W / 44.924599; -92.802963 (Newington Gilbert House)
Afton 1864 Greek Revival house of a small New Englander settlement on Valley Creek.
12 Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
Grey Cloud Lime Kiln
December 18, 1978
10398 Grey Cloud Island Trail
44°47′54″N 92°58′41″W / 44.798406°N 92.978055°W / 44.798406; -92.978055 (Grey Cloud Lime Kiln)
Cottage Grove Well preserved example of an early lime kiln, an important industry among Minnesota pioneers, which produced lime for construction and fertilizer ca. 1850–1900. Collapsed on June 20, 2014; NRHP status to be reviewed.
13 Hay Lake School
Hay Lake School
July 1, 1970
14020 195th St.
45°13′54″N 92°49′13″W / 45.231684°N 92.820289°W / 45.231684; -92.820289 (Hay Lake School)
Scandia Scandia's first school building, in use 1895–1962. Now part of a Washington County Historical Society museum alongside the Johannes Erickson House.
14 Roscoe Hersey House
Roscoe Hersey House
February 19, 1982
416 S. 4th St.
45°03′09″N 92°48′33″W / 45.052458°N 92.809159°W / 45.052458; -92.809159 (Roscoe Hersey House)
Stillwater 1880 Eastlake/Queen Anne house of a key figure in Stillwater's lumber and mercantile development, the son and local representative of Isaac Staples' Maine-based business partner Samuel F. Hersey.
15 Mitchell Jackson Farmhouse
Mitchell Jackson Farmhouse
February 19, 1982
16376 7th St. Lane S.
44°56′14″N 92°46′34″W / 44.937211°N 92.776143°W / 44.937211; -92.776143 (Mitchell Jackson Farmhouse)
Lakeland Farmhouse of early settler Mitchell Y. Jackson (1816–1900), remembered for an informative and wide-ranging diary kept 1852–1863.
16 Capt. Austin Jenks House
Capt. Austin Jenks House
April 20, 1982
504 S. 5th St.
45°03′05″N 92°48′36″W / 45.051364°N 92.810011°W / 45.051364; -92.810011 (Capt. Austin Jenks House)
Stillwater 1871 house of a prominent river pilot involved with timber rafting on the St. Croix and Mississippi.
17 Albert Lammers House
Albert Lammers House
April 20, 1982
1306 S. 3rd St.
45°02′40″N 92°48′24″W / 45.044368°N 92.806591°W / 45.044368; -92.806591 (Albert Lammers House)
Stillwater c. 1893 house associated with brothers Albert and George Lammers, who expanded the state's lumber industry into northwest Minnesota. Also noted for the most elaborate Queen Anne architecture in Stillwater.
18 Log Cabin
Log Cabin
December 27, 2007
15021 60th St. N.
45°02′07″N 92°48′07″W / 45.03527°N 92.801811°W / 45.03527; -92.801811 (Log Cabin)
Oak Park Heights 1932 restaurant noted for its quaint log cabin motif designed to attract the first generation of motorists and its associations with the St. Croix Valley's Prohibition-era roadhouse network. Now Phil's Tara Hideaway.
19 Marine Mill Site
Marine Mill Site
January 26, 1970
Mill Reservation, Block 47
45°11′54″N 92°46′06″W / 45.198244°N 92.768195°W / 45.198244; -92.768195 (Marine Mill Site)
Marine on St. Croix Site of Minnesota's first commercial sawmill, active 1839–1888, nucleus of the region's lumber industry and a major landing on its crucial transportation route. Also a contributing property to the Marine on St. Croix Historic District. Now a Minnesota Historical Society site.
20 Marine on St. Croix Historic District
Marine on St. Croix Historic District
June 28, 1974
Roughly bounded by the St. Croix River, railroad tracks, and Kennedy and Spruce Sts.
45°11′55″N 92°46′11″W / 45.198628°N 92.769721°W / 45.198628; -92.769721 (Marine on St. Croix Historic District)
Marine on St. Croix Mid-19th-century river town, birthplace of the Minnesota lumber industry, with a well-preserved business district and residential areas of its Yankee upper class and Swedish working class.
21 Ivory McKusick House
Ivory McKusick House
April 20, 1982
504 N. 2nd St.
45°03′37″N 92°48′34″W / 45.060201°N 92.80933°W / 45.060201; -92.80933 (Ivory McKusick House)
Stillwater Distinctive 1868 Second Empire house associated with an influential local family. Ivory McCusick was a notable lumberman, surveyor, and businessman while his brother John platted Stillwater and founded its first sawmill.
22 Minnesota Territorial/State Prison Warden's House
Minnesota Territorial/State Prison Warden's House
December 17, 1974
602 N. Main St.
45°03′42″N 92°48′27″W / 45.061632°N 92.8075°W / 45.061632; -92.8075 (Minnesota Territorial/State Prison Warden's House)
Stillwater Prison warden's residence used 1853–1914, only surviving structure of the prison's Minnesota Territory period and chief remnant of its statehood years. Now the Warden's House Museum.
23 John and Martin Mower House and Arcola Mill Site
John and Martin Mower House and Arcola Mill Site
June 17, 1980
12905 Arcola Trail N.
45°08′17″N 92°45′06″W / 45.138094°N 92.751689°W / 45.138094; -92.751689 (John and Martin Mower House and Arcola Mill Site)
Arcola Exemplary 1847 Greek Revival house and remnants of one of the first St. Croix Valley sawmills, nucleus of an early lumber town. Now an education and event venue.
24 Nelson School
Nelson School
October 25, 1979
1018 S. 1st St.
45°02′48″N 92°48′14″W / 45.046722°N 92.803956°W / 45.046722; -92.803956 (Nelson School)
Stillwater Oldest standing school building in Stillwater, built in 1897 and also noted for its Neoclassical/Georgian Revival architecture by Orff & Guilbert.
25 Capt. John Oliver House
Capt. John Oliver House
December 16, 1977
1544 Rivercrest Rd.
44°58′16″N 92°46′20″W / 44.971195°N 92.772146°W / 44.971195; -92.772146 (Capt. John Oliver House)
Lakeland 1849 house of one of Lakeland's founding families, an early settler whose sons helped organize the town and its school system. Also one of Minnesota's few surviving Greek Revival houses of its era.
26 Pest House
Pest House
June 17, 1980
North of Stillwater at 9033 Fairy Falls Rd.
45°04′48″N 92°48′20″W / 45.07989°N 92.805636°W / 45.07989; -92.805636 (Pest House)
Stillwater vicinity Community quarantine facility used c. 1872–1910, an example of a common public health measure of the late-19th/early-20th centuries. Now a private home.
27 Point Douglas-St. Louis River Road Bridge
Point Douglas-St. Louis River Road Bridge
February 24, 1975
Off County Highway 5
45°04′32″N 92°49′44″W / 45.075556°N 92.828889°W / 45.075556; -92.828889 (Point Douglas-St. Louis River Road Bridge)
Stillwater vicinity 1863 arch bridge built on the Point Douglas to Superior Military Road, noted for its stone engineering and as a remnant of Minnesota's early government roads.
28 St. Croix Boom Company House and Barn
St. Croix Boom Company House and Barn
June 3, 1980
Northeast of Stillwater at 9666 N. St. Croix Trail
45°05′11″N 92°47′06″W / 45.086468°N 92.784972°W / 45.086468; -92.784972 (St. Croix Boom Company House and Barn)
Stillwater vicinity Only surviving buildings associated with the St. Croix Boom Site, built c. 1885 for a superintendent serving 1871–1905.
29 St. Croix Boom Site
St. Croix Boom Site
November 13, 1966
3 miles north of Stillwater on the St. Croix River
45°05′04″N 92°47′11″W / 45.084398°N 92.786346°W / 45.084398; -92.786346 (St. Croix Boom Site)
Stillwater vicinity Site of Minnesota's earliest, longest-serving, and most important log boom, where lumber was stored and sorted 1856–1914 at the terminus of the St. Croix River's great log drives. Now a highway wayside.
30 St. Croix Lumber Mills-Stillwater Manufacturing Company
St. Croix Lumber Mills-Stillwater Manufacturing Company
April 20, 1982
318 N. Main
45°03′36″N 92°48′27″W / 45.059927°N 92.807535°W / 45.059927; -92.807535 (St. Croix Lumber Mills-Stillwater Manufacturing Company)
Stillwater 1850 stone powerhouse—the only surviving industrial structure associated with major Stillwater-based businessman Isaac Staples (1816–1898)—and adjacent 1900 factory.
31 St. Croix River Access Site
St. Croix River Access Site
August 23, 1984
Address restricted
Stillwater vicinity c. 800–1700 habitation site with a large quantity of stone tool artifacts, potentially illuminating Late Woodland period cultural relationships, lithic technology, and resource use.
32 William Sauntry House and Recreation Hall
William Sauntry House and Recreation Hall
April 20, 1982
626 N. 4th St. and 625 N. 5th St.
45°03′40″N 92°48′46″W / 45.061159°N 92.812822°W / 45.061159; -92.812822 (William Sauntry House and Recreation Hall)
Stillwater 1891 Queen Anne house of a prosperous lumberman, with a unique Moorish Revival recreation hall added in 1902. Now a bed & breakfast.
33 Schilling Archeological District
Schilling Archeological District
December 22, 1978
Address restricted
Cottage Grove Habitation site and mound group spanning 1000 BCE to 1700 CE, noted for a rare Early Woodland Period component, Middle Mississippian cultural influences, and potential to show climatic adaptations over time.
34 Cordenio Severance House
Cordenio Severance House
June 3, 1976
6940 Keats Ave. S.
44°50′56″N 92°54′17″W / 44.848989°N 92.904755°W / 44.848989; -92.904755 (Cordenio Severance House)
Cottage Grove vicinity Opulent country home of attorney Cordenio Severance (1862–1925), remodeled in 1917 by architect Cass Gilbert and also known as Cedarhurst. Now an event venue.
35 Benjamin B. Sheffield House
Benjamin B. Sheffield House
June 3, 1980
North of Stillwater at 4 Croixside Rd.
45°09′18″N 92°45′32″W / 45.1549°N 92.75881°W / 45.1549; -92.75881 (Benjamin B. Sheffield House)
Stillwater vicinity 1922 log house significant as one of the earliest summer homes on the St. Croix River and for its rustic architecture.
36 Soo Line High Bridge
Soo Line High Bridge
August 22, 1977
Over the St. Croix River, 5 miles north of Stillwater
45°07′23″N 92°44′39″W / 45.1231°N 92.7442°W / 45.1231; -92.7442 (Soo Line High Bridge)
Stillwater vicinity Dramatic 2,600-foot-long (790 m), 184-foot-high (56 m) multi-span steel arch bridge built 1910–11, noted for its exceptional dimensions, beauty, innovative engineering techniques, and importance. Extends into St. Croix County, Wisconsin.
37 Charles Spangenberg Farmstead
Charles Spangenberg Farmstead
December 5, 1978
9431 Dale Rd.
44°52′33″N 92°54′52″W / 44.875833°N 92.914444°W / 44.875833; -92.914444 (Charles Spangenberg Farmstead)
Woodbury One of Washington County's few remaining 19th-century farmsteads, with an 1871 farmhouse, c. 1875 granary, and c. 1887 barn.
38 State Prison Historic District
State Prison Historic District
July 10, 1986
5500 Pickett Ave.
45°01′40″N 92°47′15″W / 45.027771°N 92.78755°W / 45.027771; -92.78755 (State Prison Historic District)
Bayport Maximum-security prison complex with 22 contributing properties built 1910–14, the influential American debut of a central-spine-and-crosstree design originated at Fresnes Prison in France.
39 Stillwater Bridge
Stillwater Bridge
May 25, 1989
Minnesota Highway 36/Wisconsin Highway 64 over the St. Croix River
45°03′23″N 92°48′12″W / 45.056389°N 92.803333°W / 45.056389; -92.803333 (Stillwater Bridge)
Stillwater Rare example of a vertical-lift highway bridge based on a Waddell & Harrington design, built in 1931. Extends into St. Croix County, Wisconsin.
40 Stillwater Commercial Historic District
Stillwater Commercial Historic District
March 26, 1992
Vicinity of Main, 2nd, and Chestnut Sts.
45°03′21″N 92°48′21″W / 45.055802°N 92.805827°W / 45.055802; -92.805827 (Stillwater Commercial Historic District)
Stillwater 11-block central business district reflecting the economic and architectural diversity of a prosperous lumbering and manufacturing center, with 63 contributing properties built 1860–1940.
41 Stillwater Overlook
Stillwater Overlook
December 27, 2007
Lookout Trail near 63rd St. N.
45°02′26″N 92°47′45″W / 45.040524°N 92.795795°W / 45.040524; -92.795795 (Stillwater Overlook)
Oak Park Heights Exemplary early wayside rest developed 1938–39 by the Minnesota Department of Highways. Also noted for its National Park Service rustic design by landscape architect Arthur R. Nichols.
42 Henry Stussi House
Henry Stussi House
April 20, 1982
9097 Mendel Rd.
45°04′50″N 92°50′45″W / 45.080598°N 92.845898°W / 45.080598; -92.845898 (Henry Stussi House)
Stillwater vicinity One of Washington County's finest rural houses, built in the late 1870s from a Palliser, Palliser & Company pattern book for a notable figure in the local milling and ice industries.
43 Washington County Courthouse
Washington County Courthouse
August 26, 1971
W. Pine St. at S. 3rd St.
45°03′06″N 92°48′27″W / 45.051646°N 92.80738°W / 45.051646; -92.80738 (Washington County Courthouse)
Stillwater Built in 1870, nominated as Minnesota's oldest functioning courthouse and one of its few surviving examples of monumental public architecture from the mid-19th century. Now an exhibition hall.
44 Mortimer Webster House
Mortimer Webster House
April 20, 1982
435 S. Broadway
45°03′11″N 92°48′16″W / 45.053071°N 92.804306°W / 45.053071; -92.804306 (Mortimer Webster House)
Stillwater Stillwater's leading example of Italianate architecture, built 1865–66 for a notable local entrepreneur.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Heath Summer Residence
February 12, 1980
January 14, 1987
Arcola Tr.
Stillwater Township 1911 summer home, one of the earliest on the St. Croix River. Destroyed by arson on July 20, 1986, during a period of vacancy.
2 Territorial/State Prison
Territorial/State Prison
April 20, 1982
January 7, 2005
Main and Laurel Sts.
Stillwater Prison's manual labor complex, built 1884–1898. Destroyed by arson in 2002.
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