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Nikita Mikhalkov
Никита Михалков
Председатель Союза кинематографистов России Никита Михалков.jpeg
Nikita Mikhalkov, May 2013
Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov

21 October 1945 (1945-10-21) (age 75)
Alma mater Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography
Occupation Filmmaker, actor
Years active 1959–present
Anastasiya Vertinskaya (m. 1966–1971)

Tatiana Mikhalkova (m. 1973)
Children 4
  • Sergey Mikhalkov (father)
  • Natalia Konchalovskaya (mother)
Relatives Andrei Konchalovsky (brother)
Anna Mikhalkova (daughter)
Nadezhda Mikhalkova (daughter)
  • Full cavalier of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" (Russia)
  • Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Knight Grand Cross,2004)
  • Legion of Honour (France, Commandeur,1994)
  • Legion of Honour (Officier,1992)
  • Dostlug Order (Azerbaijan,2015)
  • State Prize of the Russian Federation (1993,1995,1999)
  • Academy Awards (1995)
  • Golden Lion (1991)
  • Grand Prix of Cannes Film Festival (1994)

Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov (Russian: Ники́та Серге́евич Михалко́в; born 21 October 1945) is a Russian filmmaker, actor, and head of the Russian Cinematographers' Union. Three times Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1993,1995,1999). Full Cavalier of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"

Nikita Mikhalkov won the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival (1991) and nominated for the Academy Award (1993) in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" for the film "Close to Eden". Winner of the Academy Award (1995) in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" and the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival (1994) for the film "Burnt by the Sun". Mikhalkov received the "Special Lion" of the Venice Film Festival (2007) for his contribution to the cinematography and nominated for the Academy Award (2008) in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" for the film "12".


Mikhalkov was born in Moscow into the distinguished, artistic Mikhalkov family. His great grandfather was the imperial governor of Yaroslavl, whose mother was a princess of the House of Golitsyn. Nikita's father, Sergei Mikhalkov, was best known as writer of children's literature, although he also wrote lyrics to his country's national anthem on three different occasions spanning nearly 60 years – two different sets of lyrics used for the Soviet national anthem, and the current lyrics of the Russian national anthem. Mikhalkov's mother, poet Natalia Konchalovskaya, was the daughter of the avant-garde artist Pyotr Konchalovsky and granddaughter of another outstanding painter, Vasily Surikov. Nikita's older brother is the filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky, primarily known for his collaboration with Andrei Tarkovsky and his own Hollywood action films, such as Runaway Train and Tango & Cash.

Personal life

Mikhalkov's first wife was renowned Russian actress Anastasiya Vertinskaya, whom he married on 6 March 1967. They had a son, Stepan, born in September 1966.

With his second wife, former model Tatyana, he had a son Artyom (born 8 December 1975), and daughters Anna (born 1974) and Nadya (born 27 September 1986).

Political views

2008-05-13 Владимир Путин, Никита Михалков (2)
Mikhalkov with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the set of the movie Burnt by the Sun 2 in Leningrad Oblast on 13 May 2008

Mikhalkov is actively involved in Russian politics. He is known for his at times Russian nationalist and Slavophile views.

In October 2006, Mikhalkov visited Serbia, giving moral support to Serbia's sovereignty over Kosovo.

In 2008, he visited Serbia to support Tomislav Nikolić who was running as the ultra-nationalist candidate for the Serb presidency at the time. Mikhalkov took part in a meeting of "Nomocanon", a Serb youth organization which denies war crimes committed by Serbs in the 1992–99 Yugoslav wars. In a speech given to the organization, Mikhalkov spoke about a "war against Orthodoxy" wherein he cited Orthodox Christianity as "the main force which opposes cultural and intellectual McDonald's". In response to his statement, a journalist asked Mikhalkov: "Which is better, McDonald's or Stalinism?" Mikhalkov answered: "That depends on the person". Mikhalkov has described himself as a monarchist.

Mikhalkov has been a strong supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In October 2007, Mikhalkov, who produced a television program for Putin's 55th birthday, co-signed an open letter asking Putin not to step down after the expiry of his term in office.

Mikhalkov's vertical of power-style leadership of the Cinematographers' Union has been criticized by many prominent Russian filmmakers and critics as autocratic, and encouraged many members to leave and form a rival union in April 2010.

Since 2015 Mikhalkov is banned from entering Ukraine because of his support for the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea. Despite his support for the annexation of Crimea he also called for the release of imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.

Honours and awards

Vladimir Putin at award ceremonies (2015-12-10) 12
President Vladimir Putin awards the 1st Degree Order of Merit for the Fatherland to Mikhalkov, 10 December 2015.
  • People's Artist of RSFSR (1984)
  • Order of Merit for the Fatherland;
    • 1st class (29 June 2015)
    • 2nd class (21 October 2005) – for outstanding contribution to the development of national culture and art, and many years of creative activity
    • 3rd class (17 October 1995) – for services to the state, a great contribution to the development of motion picture arts and culture
    • 4th class (21 October 2010) – for outstanding contribution to the development of the domestic art of film, many years of creative and social activities
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (2004)
  • Commander of the Legion of Honour (1994), previously Officer (1992)
  • Order of St. Sergius, 1st class (Russian Orthodox Church)
  • Honorary Member of Russian Academy of Arts
  • Lenin Komsomol Prize (1978)
  • State Prize of the Russian Federation (1993, 1995 and 1999)
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