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2020 (MMXX) will be a leap year starting on Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar. It will also be the first year of the 2020s.

Predicted and scheduled events

Unknown dates

  • NASA starts moon colonization for future human exploration to Mars
  • The main segment of track extending from San Francisco to Anaheim of the California High Speed Rail system is completed.
  • JAXA plans to send robotic astronauts to the Moon, followed by human astronauts
  • 2020 Summer Olympics
  • This is the year that the Hong Kong MTR South Island Line east section is expected to be completed.
  • Last nuclear power plant in Germany scheduled to shut down
  • British newspaper The Guardian published a series of magazines in September 2004 predicting life in 2020. These predictions include widespread use of artificially intelligent cars, "smart" clothing incorporating computer chips, and green energy sources.
  • In Australia, Queensland is expected to overtake Victoria as the second most populous state of the nation.
  • Mayans Predict Age of Transition.
  • Global oil production is expected to peak.
  • According to current plans and workings for Project Constellation, NASA should be returning Humans to the Moon by 2020.
  • The Russian Federal Space Agency says that they plan to be mining helium-3 from the moon by this year.
  • Earliest year that power aboard the space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 is expected to terminate (though either probe may function past this date).
  • NASA Venus Surface Explorer mission to Venus (part of the New Frontiers program)
  • Several underdeveloped countries have plans to become developed countries by 2020:
  • Shanghai is set to become an "international financial centre and global shipping hub."
  • If current trends continue, according to the United Nations, the Aral Sea could disappear completely by this year.
  • Volvo hopes to use radar, sonar and other advanced technologies to create a crash-proof car by 2020.
  • The IBM Institute for Business Value concluded from their study "Automotive 2020: Clarity Beyond the Chaos" that all automobiles will have some level of hybridization by 2020. Toyota's vice president in charge of powertrain development also believes that all Toyota cars produced will be hybrid vehicles by the year 2020.

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