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Noddy Shop Title Card.png
Genre Comedy
Created by Rick Siggelkow
Based on Classic Noddy in Toyland series by Enid Blyton
Written by Brian McConnachie
Sean Kelly
Lawrence S. Mirkin
Kate Barris
Jill Golick
Ellis Weiner
Rick Siggelkow
Directed by Wayne Moss
Steve Wright
Starring Sean McCann
Katie Boland
Max Morrow
Kyle Kassardjian
Jayne Eastwood
Jim Calder
Nikki Pascetta
Gil Filar
Theme music composer Dennis Scott
Opening theme "The Noddy Shop"
Ending theme "The Noddy Shop (Instrumental)"
Composer(s) Stacey Hersh (score)
Dennis Scott (songs)
Paul K. Joyce (original score)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 66
Executive producer(s) Rick Siggelkow
Producer(s) Jim Corston
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) BBC Worldwide Americas
Catalyst Entertainment Inc.
Enid Blyton Ltd.
Distributor BBC Worldwide
Original network TVOntario
Picture format 4:3
Audio format Dolby Surround
Original release September 7, 1998 (1998-09-07) – February 16, 2000 (2000-02-16)
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Noddy, also known as Noddy in Toyland, and The Noddy Shop colloquially, is a Canadian-British children's television series based on Enid Blyton's children's book series of the same name featuring the animated episodes from Noddy's Toyland Adventures that aired from September 7, 1998 to February 16, 2000 on TVOntario and CBC Television in Canada. Following its cancellation, reruns were aired until September 13, 2002. The series was produced by BBC Worldwide, Catalyst Entertainment and Enid Blyton Ltd.

The show starred Sean McCann as Noah Tomten, a former old salt, who now runs an antique shop in Littleton Falls, the NODDY Shop (this stood for "Notions, Oddities, Doodads & Delights of Yesterday"). His catchphrases included "What in tarnation?!" and "Great Neptune's Ghost!", usually whenever he was excited about something. It also starred Jayne Eastwood as his scatterbrained sister, Agatha Flugelschmidt, who runs a hat shop next door to the Noddy Shop. Her catchphrases include "Oh, pish posh!", usually after she disagreeing with something that someone else said.

The stories in The Noddy Shop mainly centered on three children, Noah's grandchildren, Kate and Truman, and a friend of Kate's named Daniel Johnson, shortened to D.J., who came to play at the shop, and were collected by their (unseen) parents at the end of the day, implying the episodes were set after school, during school holidays or at weekends.

In the second season, Truman gained the ability to talk to the toys in the shop, and Noddy gained a more prominent role in the live action segments, often interacting with the toys and Truman. Most of the stories were repeated from the first season with some minor additions, as well as also introducing new stories coming from the fourth season of Noddy's Toyland Adventures.

Most episodes had a moral message, which was conveyed with a Noddy story, usually told by Kate using the Noddy dolls in the shop, which the viewer saw as re-dubbed and re-scored Noddy animations. The moral message was also a theme in a song sung by the shop's population of anthropomorphic toys. There was sometimes a second song, usually a re enactment of a popular folk tale. These songs were written by Nashville-based composer Dennis Scott.

It was shown in many countries around the world including the United Kingdom (the BBC), United Arab Emirates (Dubai 33), Guam (KGTF), Malaysia (TV3), France (Europe 2 TV) and Australia (ABC).



  • Noah Tomten - A former old salt and owner of the Noddy Shop. (played by Sean McCann)
  • Kate Tomten - Noah's granddaughter and Truman's older sister. (played by Katie Boland)
  • Daniel "D.J." Johnson - Kate and Truman's friend. (played by Kyle Kass)
  • Truman Tomten - Noah's grandson and Kate's younger brother. (played by Max Morrow)
  • Agatha Flugelschmidt (née Tomten) - Noah's younger scatterbrained sister and Kate and Truman's great aunt. She is the owner of the hat shop, which is next door to the Noddy Shop. (played by Jayne Eastwood)
  • Officer Carl Spiffy - Littleton Falls' senior crossing guard. He is often confident in some suspicious activities. He then retired at the end of the first season. (played by Dan Redican)
  • Bud Topper - Littleton Falls' new crossing guard. He is a young crossing guard who often gets into practical jokes and hilarious chases around town. He replaced Carl Spiffy, starting with the second-season episode "Little Swap of Horrors". (played by Neil Crone)
  • Davy Gladhand - A quirky, wisecracking salesman. He often tells jokes and is good friends with Noah. In the regular episodes, he wears a straw boater hat, while in the Christmas episode "Anything Can Happen at Christmas", he wears a red bowler hat. (played by Gerry Quigley)
  • Hilda Sweetly - An ice cream saleswoman dressed in an ice cream costume. (played by Taborah Johnson)
  • April May McJune - A cautious animal wrangler. She can take care of animals such as a rabbit, a parrot, or even a skunk. (played by Gina Sorell)
  • Charlene von Pickings - A posh and snobby rich woman who speaks with a British accent and is very difficult to impress. (played by Fiona Reid)
  • Jake - A teenager who visits the Noddy Shop. In "Following Directions", he was sent to give Agatha and the kids directions while Noah takes off when he has the flu. (played by Albert Rosos)
  • Itchy - Aunt Agatha's grandson. (played by Stephen Joffe)
  • Rox - A girl who, along with Grit, challenged Kate and D.J. to a race in Sports Day. (played by Lauren Collins)
  • Grit - A boy who, along with Rox, challenged Kate and D.J. to a race in Sports Day. (played by Jake Goldsbie)
  • Sam - Truman's new friend. In "Ask Permission", he takes the mermaid without asking Noah, so Truman decides to tell Sam the Noddy story about Noddy setting a trap for Sammy Sailor, like the one Kate told him. (played by Daniel Magder)
  • Robbie MacRhino - A mascot dressed as a green rhino in a traditional Scottish kilt. (played by Burke Lawrence)
  • Ed Caruso - Robbie MacRhino's singing presenter who introduces Robbie MacRhino in song. (played by Greg Cross)

Toys and Antiques

  • Noddy – The central character of the animated segments. During the live action segments in Season 2, he is mostly still, but occasionally wanders around and talks to Truman and often the shop toys. (voiced by Catherine Disher)
  • Warloworth Q. Weasel (usually known simply as Warlow) - A malicious weasel in a bowler hat who resides in a Jack-in-the-box and always plays tricks on the other toys, but usually gets his comeuppance. When he pops out of the box, he sings and tap dances in his tap shoes of his feet. (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit)
  • Bonita Flamingo – A bright orange plush flamingo dressed like Carmen Miranda. She spoke in an exaggerated Spanish accent, often saying things in Spanish and English.
  • Johnny Crawfish – A lobster who tells a lot of jokes and resides in a fish tank, and sometimes plays rock and roll songs on the piano. He is inspired by Johnny Carson. (voiced by James Rankin)
  • Big Ears – A friendly gnome who is Noddy's helper and father figure in the animated segments. Unlike Noddy, he never moves or talks at all during the live action segments. (voiced by Benedict Campbell)
  • Sherman – A clockwork turtle with wheels like a tank, who wears an army helmet. (voiced by James Rankin)
  • Rusty – A toy clown who is good friends with Sherman, and always rides on his back. (voiced by Matt Ficner)
  • Planet Pup – A small robotic dog, supposedly from outer space. He was the first toy to interact with Truman and gets along with him. (voiced by James Rankin)
  • Lichtenstein – A beer tankard shaped like a Viking's head, usually referred to simply as "Stein". He doesn't speak much, but could usually be seen singing along with the songs. When he does speak, he has a noticeable German accent, and ends many of his sentences with "Ja". (voiced by Matt Ficner)
  • Island Princess – A wooden carving, rather like a ship's figurehead, in a traditional Hawaiian costume. She sees everything that goes on in the shop, and sometimes alerts the toys to the pranks of the Goblins. (voiced by Alyson Court)
  • Gertie Gator – A plastic alligator who stands on two legs, wears red glasses, a purple dress and carries a matching umbrella. In the song from the episode "Growing Lies", Gertie Gator wears a yellow choir gown, indicating that the song is gospel and pop. (voiced by Taborah Johnson)
  • Granny Duck – A wise plastic duck on wheels who wears a red hat, glasses and who usually speaks in rhyme. (voiced by Noreen Young)
  • The Do-Wop Penguins – Four penguins who never speak and only sing in every episode, sometimes as Gertie Gator's backing group. Along with the Ruby Reds, they often provide short interludes introducing the Noddy story, or a turning point in the action of the episode.
  • Ruby Reds – A box of five fake lips who also have no spoken dialogue, but sing in every episode, sometimes as Johnny Crawfish's backing group.
  • Fred and Gingersnap – A couple of porcelain pig figuirines in matching outfits- one blue, one pink- and berets. They speak in an exaggerated French accent.
  • Whiny and Whimper the Crybabies – Two babies, one male, one female – one is dressed in pink, the other in blue – in a cradle. They often cry at any tense situation like lost rattles. They are usually found singing with the other characters. In one episode, a miscast spell by Boobull causes them to speak like teenagers. (voiced by Matt Ficner and James Rankin)
  • Shorty Salt Shaker and Slim Pepper Shaker – Salt and pepper shakers shaped like saguaro, with cowboy hats and bandannas- one red, one blue. They speak with a Southern accent. (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit and James Rankin)
  • Gaylord Gumball – A wise gumball machine, who's handles and slot resemble a moustache and mouth. (voiced by Frank Meschkuleit)
  • Wind-up Teeth – A pair of wind up chattery teeth that chatters when excited or scared.

Minor Toy Characters

  • The Tooth Fairy: Appears in "The Tooth Fairy". She is a fairy who comes to see Truman in the shop who gets a loose tooth. (played by Carol Kane)
  • Jack Frost: Appears in "Jack Frost is Coming to Town". He lives inside a snow globe. (played by Gilbert Gottfried)
  • Disrupto: A robot who appears in "Big Bullies" and "The Human Touch". In the latter episode, it is revealed that he is capable of interacting with a computer. He then appeared in the series finale "Closing Up Shop", where he informs Seymour Polutski that smoking is not permitted in the shop before confiscating the cigar with his left claw and using the new toy Goopy Gary as a trap, prompting Polutski to escape and withdrawing from his proposal.
  • Angelina: Appears in "Part of the Family". She was forgotten in Noah's stockroom, but was brought to life upon the presence of a visitor named Julie.
  • Annabelle: Appears in "Anything Can Happen at Christmas". She is Santa Claus's wife who comes to check on her favourite toys in the shop. (played by Betty White)
  • The Sandman: Appears in "The Sandman Cometh". He casts a spell that puts everyone in the shop to sleep. (played by Colin Fox)


Live Action Cast

  • Sean McCann as Noah Tomten, a former sailor who now runs an antique shop called the Noddy Shop.
  • Katie Boland as Kate Tomten, Noah's granddaughter.
  • Max Morrow as Truman Tomten, Noah's grandson.
  • Kyle Kassardjian as Daniel "D.J." Johnson, Kate and Truman's friend.
  • Jayne Eastwood as Agatha Flugelschmidt, Noah's scatterbrained sister, who owns the hat shop next door. She is good friends with the children, who call her Aunt Agatha. She is married, but her husband is unseen.
  • Dan Redican as Officer Carl Spiffy (Season 1 only)
  • Neil Crone as Officer Bud Topper (Season 2 only)
  • Taborah Johnson as Miss Hilda Sweetly, an ice-cream vendor who pushes a cart dressed as a giant strawberry ice-cream cone (vanilla in an early episode). There is implication that she and Noah are romantically attracted to each other.
  • Gerry Quigley as Davy Gladhand, a salesman.
  • Gina Sorell as April May McJune, a Brownie leader and friend of Aunt Agatha's.
  • Albert Rosos as Jake, a teenager who visits the Noddy Shop.
  • Stephen Joffe as Itchy, Aunt Agatha's nephew.
  • Jake Goldsbie as Grit, a boy in Sports Day.
  • Lauren Collins as Rox, a girl in Sports Day.
  • Daniel Magder as Sam, Truman's new friend.
  • Burke Lawrence as Robbie MacRhino, a mascot dressed as a green rhino in a traditional Scottish kilt.
  • Greg Cross as Ed Caruso, Robbie MacRhino's singing presenter.
  • Jim Calder as Lurk Goblin, the father in a family of goblins who live in a small doll's house and create much of the drama in the series. He mainly talks gibberish, with a few recognisable words.
  • Nikki Pascetta as Snipe Goblin, the mother of the Goblin Family. Like her husband Lurk, she mainly speaks in gibberish.
  • Gil Filar as Boobull Goblin, the son of Lurk and Snipe. Despite being the youngest, he is intelligent, speaks proper English, and appears to be in charge of his Mom and Dad.

Guest Stars

  • Carol Kane as the Tooth Fairy (in "The Tooth Fairy")
  • Fiona Reid as Charlene von Pickings (in "To the Rescue", "Telling the Whole Truth", "How Rude" and "Be Patient")
  • Harry Anderson as Jack Fable (in "The Magic Show")
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Jack Frost (in "Jack Frost is Coming to Town")
  • Gerard Parkes as Wally the Wanderer (in "Noah's Leaving")
  • Betty White as Annabelle (in "Anything Can Happen at Christmas")
  • Colin Fox as the Sandman (in "The Sandman Cometh")
  • Michael Cera as Butch (in "Big Bullies")
  • Jeff Pustil as Seymour Polutski (in "Closing Up Shop")
  • Graham Harley as Rodney Styx (in "The Big Showdown")
  • George Buza as Gus the Garbage Truck Driver (in "Going Bananas")
  • Shadia Simmons

Puppet Voices

  • Frank Meschkuleit
  • Matt Ficner
  • James Rankin

Noddy Animation Voices

  • Catherine Disher - Noddy, Master Tubby Bear, Sly
  • Karen Bernstein - Tessie Bear
  • Benedict Campbell - Big Ears, Mr. Plod, Mr. Tubby Bear, Clockwork Clown and Bunky
  • Lynne Griffin - Miss Pink Cat, Martha Monkey
  • James Rankin - Gobbo
  • Fiona Reid - Mrs. Tubby Bear, Mrs. Noah
  • Michael Stark - Sammy Sailor, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Straw, Mr. Wobbly Man, Mr. Milko, Clockwork Mouse, Mr. Noah, Mr. Train Driver, Mr. Jumbo
  • Sharon Lee Williams - Dinah Doll
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Original British Voices, Noddy's Car, Bumpy Dog, Lord Giraffe
  • Susan Sheridan - Original British Voices, Lady Giraffe


  • Matt Ficner
  • Frank Meschkuleit
  • James Rankin
  • Gord Robertson
  • Anthony Asbury
  • John Pattison
  • Noreen Young
  • Stephen Brathwaite


Season 1 (1998)

No. Title Noddy Episode Puppet Song Fairytale Song Writer Director Airdate Prod. Code Plot
1 The Magic Key Noddy and the Special Key (Series 1) The Day the Goblins Got Away
A What-If World
  Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss September 7, 1998 #101K Kate, D.J. and Truman enter the Noddy Shop for the first time. They find a magic key that unlocks two boxes. That act releases the Goblins from one box. The other box contains all the toys that make up the Noddy stories.
2 Monkey Business Noddy's New Friend (Series 1) Too Much Monkey Business   Sean Kelly Steve Wright September 8, 1998 #102K The kids learn that not everything is what it seems when a clown visits the shop.
3 Mixed Up Magic Noddy and Martha Monkey (Series 1) A Whole Lot of Helping One Good Turn (The Elephant and the Mouse) Kate Barris Steve Wright September 9, 1998 #103K When the shop has a sale and the toys worry that they will be sold, they plan to sabotage it.
4 Lost and Found Noddy Tastes Some Cake (Series 3) Lost and Found Bo Peep and the Sheep Kate Barris Wayne Moss September 10, 1998 #104K Truman gets lost while playing hide and seek.
5 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Goblins Noddy and the Goblins (Series 1) Camping Song Twinkle, Twinkle Sean Kelly Steve Wright September 11, 1998 #105K Aunt Agatha has agreed to let the kids have a camp-out in the shop's back garden, but they are ill-prepared. The toys hold their own camping trip, though Planet Pup must overcome his fear of the dark. Noah has to save the day when the camp-out goes wrong.
6 The Tooth Fairy Noddy and His Money (Series 3) Tooth Fairy   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss September 14, 1998 #106K Truman has lost his first tooth, and finds out all about the Tooth Fairy.
7 Stop, Listen and Learn Noddy Lends a Hand
(Series 2)
  The Magic Porridge Pot Jill Golick Wayne Moss September 15, 1998 #107K Noah isn't feeling at all well, but is too afraid of Aunt Agatha's Agony Cure for Aches to ask for help.
8 Making Up is Easy to Do Noddy and the Naughty Tail (Series 1) I Like it That Way   Jill Golick Wayne Moss September 16, 1998 #108K Kate accuses D.J. of stealing her rubber and the toys fight over a tambourine.
9 If at First You Don't Succeed... Noddy Buys a Parasol (Series 3) Opera Medley A Better Way Ellis Weiner Wayne Moss September 17, 1998 #109K It's the annual bike-a-thon, but D.J. doesn't have a bike. With Noah's help, he earns money to buy one. Aunt Agatha decides to serenade the punters with her terrible opera renditions.
10 The Birthday Party Noddy Delivers Some Parcels (Series 1) Party Time   Ellis Weiner Steve Wright September 18, 1998 #110K The kids and Aunt Agatha have a surprise birthday party planned for Noah. As they work behind Noah's back, Truman and Aunt Agatha learn that the thought behind the birthday wish matters most.
11 Telling Tails Noddy Finds a Furry Tail (Series 2) Face the Music The Lion and the Jackal Jill Golick Wayne Moss September 21, 1998 #111K An Indian girl named Amita, the daughter of some old friends of Noah's, has come to the shop for the day, but Kate and D.J. resent her.
12 It's About Time Noddy and His Alarm Clock (Series 3) Tell the Time Hickory Dickory Dock Sean Kelly Steve Wright September 22, 1998 #112K Truman, wanting to be grown-up, agrees to tell Noah when it's 4:00. But he can't tell the time!
13 A Promise is a Promise Noddy Borrows an Umbrella (Series 2) A Promise is a Promise   Sean Kelly Wayne Moss September 23, 1998 #113K Kate, Truman, D.J. and Aunt Agatha are organizing a play in the shop's back garden. But they forget promises they made to Noah.
14 To the Rescue Noddy Has a Bad Day (Series 2) The ABCs of Fire   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss September 24, 1998 #114K Planet Pup, Sherman and Rusty pretend to be firefighters.
15 Chills and Spills Noddy Sets a Trap (Series 2)   Chicken Little Blues Lawrence S. Mirkin Steve Wright September 25, 1998 #115K Truman throws mud around and, in the process, getting Noah's sheets dirty. He tries to hide the sheets, but that invariably gets Truman in deeper trouble. Aunt Agatha finds her plums missing, which starts a rash of missing items.
16 The Big Race Noddy the Champion
(Series 3)
Let's Go Racing Slow and Steady Brian McConnachie Steve Wright September 28, 1998 #116K Aunt Agatha's grandson, Itchy, brings his bully friends to the Noddy Shop. Both Grit and Rox want to show up Kate, D.J. and Truman at Sports Day.
17 A Dog's Best Friend Noddy and the Milkman (Series 1) Planet Pup's Song   Lawrence S. Mirkin Steve Wright September 29, 1998 #117K The kids find a lost dog. Noah agrees to let them keep it until they find the dog's owner. Truman falls in love with the dog, neglecting Planet Pup- but what will he do if the owner is found?
18 Hooray for the Kids Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears (Series 2) My Kind of Friends   Sean Kelly Steve Wright September 30, 1998 #118K The Goblins steal a part from Noah's radio.
19 The Mystery Box Noddy Borrows Some Trousers (Series 3) What's in the Box?   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss October 1, 1998 #119K Aunt Agatha has a package for Truman, and it brings intrigue. The Goblins cause trouble with some pots of molasses thanks to Warlow.
20 We All Say Boo! Noddy and the Magic Night (Series 2) I'm Not Scared   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss October 2, 1998 #120K Kate, D.J. and their friends are all dressed up for Halloween, so are the toys. Truman and Aunt Agatha have to find scary costumes at the last minute.
21 Try Something New Noddy Gets a New Job (Series 1)   Jack and Jill Lawrence S. Mirkin Steve Wright October 5, 1998 #121K Noah asks Kate to run the shop. Truman takes his own new paces as he learns to ride a bike.
22 The Fish Story Noddy and the Fishing Rod (Series 3) I Can Do Better Than You   Jill Golick Wayne Moss October 6, 1998 #122K Kate loses the ruby ring her mother gave her while playing a fishing game with her friends, and Johnny Crawfish has a new fish named George move into his tank.
23 The Big Fight Noddy and His Bell (Series 1) That's What Friends Do Best   Ellis Weiner Steve Wright October 7, 1998 #123K Noah and Aunt Agatha get into a huge argument when one misunderstanding leads to another. Sherman and Rusty fall out, and so do the Goblins. Can Kate and Truman save the day?
24 Following Directions Noddy Goes Shopping (Series 2) Bubble Trouble   Ellis Weiner Steve Wright October 8, 1998 #124K While Noah is down with the flu, Aunt Agatha wants to make changes in the Noddy Shop. How successful those changes are, will be a matter of doing what she says.
25 Mixed Up Masks Noddy and the Missing Hats (Series 2)   Coverups Sean Kelly Steve Wright October 9, 1998 #125K A mischievous boy named Dewey who is the son of some friends of Aunt Agatha's is staying at the shop for the day. He bullies Truman and gets D.J. into trouble.
26 Truman Come Home Noddy to the Rescue
(Series 2)
  Gingerbread Man Kate Barris Wayne Moss October 12, 1998 #126K Truman needs someone to play with on a boring day. With no one to help his cause, idle Truman finds himself doing something wrong.
27 Something's Lost, Something's Found Noddy Loses Sixpence (Series 1) Step by Step   Jill Golick Wayne Moss October 13, 1998 #127K One of the things near and dear to Noah, besides his toys, is the lucky compass he had used as a sailor. Kate and D.J. borrow the compass and subsequently lose it.
28 The Magic Show Noddy the Magician
(Series 3)
Everyday Magic   Brian McConnachie Steve Wright October 14, 1998 #128K D.J. learns magic tricks for the talent show from a man named Jack Fable.
29 The Big Mess Noddy Meets Some Silly Hens (Series 2) Another Nice Mess   Ellis Weiner Steve Wright October 15, 1998 #129K Aunt Agatha's remote-operated vacuum cleaner goes berserk when the Goblins steal the remote control. To make matters worse, Warlow lets a parrot loose.
30 Recipe for Learning Noddy Loses His Bell
(Series 2)
The Burrito Song Peter Piper's Pizza Ellis Weiner Steve Wright October 16, 1998 #130K When Kate, D.J. and Truman find an old cookbook, they decide to open a Mexican restaurant called the Shipwrecked Inn in the shop's back garden. With Aunt Agatha's help, they attempt to make Mexican burritos- but they don't know anything about Mexican food.
31 Recycle and Reuse It Noddy and the Useful Rope (Series 2) Do Something New Jack Be Nimble Sean Kelly Wayne Moss October 19, 1998 #131K It's not so much an overflow of rubbish at the Noddy Shop. Rather, the kids find a lot of things with which they use to make marionettes for a marionette show.
32 Telling the Whole Truth Noddy and the Broken Bicycle (Series 1)   Humpty Dumpty Lawrence S. Mirkin Steve Wright October 20, 1998 #132K Noah leaves the children in charge of the Noddy Shop. In trying to satisfy Charlene von Pickings, they break her gift - a cuckoo clock.
33 Secret Valentines Noddy the Dancer (Series 3)   The Princess and the Frog Kate Barris Wayne Moss October 21, 1998 #133K It's Valentine's Day at the shop. Warlow spitefully steals the toys' Valentine's Day cards- but ends up looking silly when one of them is for him!
34 Sing Yourself to Sleep Song: Believe in Yourself
Song: The Friend You'll Find in Me
Party Time
Tell the Time
I'm Not Scared
My Kind of Friends
Sleepytime Lullaby
Country Mouse and City Mouse Rick Siggelkow Steve Wright October 22, 1998 #134K Truman can't get to sleep one night at the Noddy Shop. He believes in all the toys, all of which are ready to perform their usual songs.
35 Treasure Hunt Noddy and the Golden Tree (Series 3) Follow the Map   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss October 23, 1998 #135K A treasure map falls into Truman's hands. This sends all the kids in search of what they think is a great surprise.
36 Jack Frost is Coming to Town Noddy and the Warm Scarf (Series 3)   Jack Frost is Back in Town Sean Kelly Wayne Moss October 26, 1998 #136K The Noddy Shop becomes cold inside when Jack Frost escapes from a snow globe and freezes several toys. On this bitter cold day, Aunt Agatha has a scarf ready for Truman, but he doesn't want to wear it.
37 The Trouble with Truman Noddy and His Unhappy Car (Series 3) Ready to Rock 'n' Roll   Jill Golick Steve Wright October 27, 1998 #137K Thinking that he's too little, Kate and D.J. won't let Truman look after a rabbit named Snowball. Then Snowball escapes, and it's Truman who is just the right size to rescue her.
38 Let's Go Fly a Kite Noddy and the Kite (Series 1) A Crazy Mixed Up Day   Sean Kelly Steve Wright October 28, 1998 #138K Lurk and Snipe use magic to fly a kite, and get whisked away. In his attempts to get them down, Boobull casts a lot of ill-advised spells that turn the Noddy Shop inside-out.
39 Think Big Noddy and the Pouring Rain (Series 1) Small Think Big Ellis Weiner Wayne Moss October 29, 1998 #139K Kate wants to go on a fantastic adventure. Who knows what will grant her wish?
40 Noah's Leaving Noddy Has an Afternoon Off (Series 3) Thank You for Being You   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss October 30, 1998 #140K Noah considers returning to his old role as a sea captain when Wally the Wanderer arrives at the Noddy Shop.

Christmas Special (1998)

No. Title Noddy Episode Puppet Song Noddy Song Writer Director Airdate Prod. Code Plot
41 Anything Can Happen at Christmas Noddy and Father Christmas (Christmas Special) Anything Can Happen at Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Santa, King of Toyland
Christmas Never Ends
Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss December 6, 1998 #141K Noah, Aunt Agatha and the other adults are so preoccupied with plans for Christmas that they've turned the holiday into a chore. Truman decides to escape the chaos by playing outside and runs into Annabelle. Annabelle has come to the Noddy Shop to check up on her favourite toys, especially Warlow. Annabelle presence affects the adults and they remember that Christmas is a time to bring family and friends together.

Season 2 (1999–2000)

No. No. in Season Title Noddy Episode Puppet Song Fairytale Song Writer Director Airdate Prod. Code Plot
42 1 Little Swap of Horrors Noddy and the Naughty Tail (Series 1) (repeat) Give Away
To the Rescue
  Ellis Weiner Wayne Moss September 6, 1999 #201 Truman trades Planet Pup for a toy aeroplane.
43 2 Dance to Your Own Music Noddy the Dancer (Series 3) (repeat) Dance, Dance, Dance   Lawrence S. Mirkin Wayne Moss September 7, 1999 #202 Noah has been taking dance lessons for an upcoming dance contest. Aunt Agatha, organizing the dance, has not practiced.
44 3 Ask Permission Noddy Sets a Trap (Series 2) (repeat) Friendship Is Ask Permission Kate Barris Steve Wright September 8, 1999 #203 Truman's new friend Sam takes a small mermaid belonging to Noah.
45 4 Take a Stand Noddy Tastes Some Cake (Series 3) (repeat) Warlow's Cake
Putting it Together
  Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss September 9, 1999 #204 Truman and Itchy want to see the antique horns that have just arrived at the Noddy Shop. Both need money if they want to use the horns on their bikes. Maybe they can help Kate and D.J., who set up a baked good stand outside the shop.
46 5 The Sandman Cometh Noddy and the Magic Watch (Series 4) Where Do You Go in Your Dreams?   Brian McConnachie Steve Wright September 10, 1999 #205 Kate and D.J., in preparation for a sleepover, take a package to the Noddy Shop. That package belongs to the Sandman, and it spells trouble for Truman and, by extension, everyone else.
47 6 Noah's Treasure Noddy and the Golden Tree (Series 3) (repeat) The Great Pig Chase
Money Isn't Everything
  Jill Golick Wayne Moss September 13, 1999 #206 A call from an old seamate alerts Noah to two gold coins. Noah is told the gold coins are part of an old pirate treasure. Before Noah knows it, a bunch of other interests want in on the gold. Lost in the confusion is the fact that April May had just rescued a stray cat.
48 7 Be True to Who You Are Noddy's New Friend
(Series 1)
Our Club is Your Club
Be True to Who You Are
  Jill Golick Wayne Moss September 14, 1999 #207 When Kate is welcomed into a cool girls' club, she tries to act mature by shunning her old ways.
49 8 All Play and No Work Noddy to the Rescue
(Series 1)
Unfinished Business The Little Red Hen Lawrence S. Mirkin Steve Wright September 15, 1999 #208 Truman has held off finishing his homework. Worse, he hasn't studied for an impending test.
50 9 April Fools Noddy and His Money
(Series 3)
The Laugh's On Me   Ellis Weiner Steve Wright September 16, 1999 #209 It's April Fools Day at the Noddy Shop....
51 10 Lights, Camera, Chaos Noddy and the Goblins

(Series 4)

That's Showbiz   Sean Kelly Steve Wright September 17, 1999 #210 Kate, D.J. and Truman want to make a mystery movie. In preparation for The Case of the Missing Necklace, Kate doesn't know that her necklace, intended as a prop for the movie, has really been stolen by the Goblins.
52 11 How Rude Noddy the Magician (Series 3) (repeat) Rude and Crude The Girl with the Curl Ellis Weiner Wayne Moss November 5, 1999 #211 Noah says that rudeness is like a spell of bad magic. Given the chance, Warlow reads a spell from the Goblins' book. It sends all the toys in the Noddy Shop on a tear of bad moods.
53 12 Part of the Family Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears (Series 2) (repeat) Someone to Be My Friend
Part of the Family
  Kate Barris Steve Wright November 8, 1999 #212 Mother's Day is approaching, and the kids prepare Mother's Day cards. They encounter Julie, a foster child who is bitter with all the talk of mothers. But her presence brings to life Angelina, a doll that had been lost in the depths of the stockroom.
54 13 Big Bullies Noddy and the Goblins
(Series 1)
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
What Goes Around
  Brian McConnachie Steve Wright November 9, 1999 #213 The kids and toys learn how to deal with a bully when they meet Butch and Disrupto the Robot.
55 14 Paying Attention to Kate Noddy and the Noisy Drum (Series 4) Buddy, Can You Spare Some Time? Hush Little Baby Kate Barris Wayne Moss November 10, 1999 #214 Kate becomes upset to no end because everyone else is devoted to something or someone else.
56 15 Skunked Noddy and the Singing Bush (Series 4) Stinky Boy Blues
It's You
  Ellis Weiner Steve Wright November 11, 1999 #215 Lurk and Snipe have fallen prey to the smell of a visiting skunk. Boobull casts a spell to clean up the Goblins, but the smell mysteriously moved on to Truman.
57 16 Thunder and Lightning Noddy Gets Caught in a Storm (Series 4) Just Around the Corner Three Men in a Tub Jill Golick Steve Wright January 11, 2000 #216 Truman is scared when a thunderstorm occurs.
58 17 Going Bananas Noddy Tidies Toyland
(Series 4)
No Litter Island
Cleaning Machine
  Lawrence S. Mirkin Wayne Moss January 12, 2000 #217 Sherman believes cleanliness is next to happiness. He cannot fathom the stink that will be raised over the big mess at the Noddy Shop.
59 18 Slugger Noddy and the Bouncing Ball (Series 4) It's How You Play the Game Take Me Out to the Ball Game Sean Kelly Steve Wright January 13, 2000 #218 Two Little League baseball players refuse to let Truman and Itchy play with them because they're too small. With Kate and D.J. backing them up, they challenge the Little Leaguers to a game. But the circumstances change when a ball possessed with Goblin magic comes into play.
60 19 Find Your Own Song Song: You've Got Talent
Song: Follow the Voice
My Own Song   Sean Kelly Steve Wright January 14, 2000 #219 Everyone seems obsessed with doing something for the Robbie MacRhino talent contest. When Lurk and Snipe interfere with Kate's and D.J.'s entries, Boobull feels there is only one way to mend things: grow to human form.
61 20 The Big Showdown Noddy is Far Too Busy
(Series 4)
March of the Toys The Smallest Show on Earth Sean Kelly Steve Wright February 8, 2000 #220 Aunt Agatha is determined to rid the Noddy Shop of the Goblins, and so enlists an exterminator named Rodney Styx for help.
62 21 Growing Lies Noddy Tells a Story (Series 4) One Lie Leads to Another   Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss February 9, 2000 #221 Truman had been guilty before of not telling the truth. Now he needs a device for telling that truth. Meanwhile, Aunt Agatha spreads rumors about a common criminal who chews on things called "the Chewer".
63 22 The Human Touch Noddy and the Artists
(Series 4)
Disrupto Returns   Sean Kelly Wayne Moss February 10, 2000 #222 There is a place for technology, and a place for what is considered "old" or "antique," as Noah knows. But Aunt Agatha buys a computer for Noah's office. That drives Kate and D.J. to the computer. When they hook up with Disrupto, he sets out to control the toys.
64 23 Be Patient Noddy and the Driving Lesson (Series 4) Have a Little Patience Johnny Appleseed Ellis Weiner Wayne Moss February 11, 2000 #223 Aunt Agatha is ready to stage a hat show at the Noddy Shop, but she hasn't tested any of her dance-music-playing hats yet. Kate and D.J. have no luck trying to sell apples that they picked while still green.
65 24 Kate Loves a Parade Noddy the Nurse (Series 4) On the Day of the Parade   Kate Barris Wayne Moss February 15, 2000 #224 Kate has been chosen to lead the Littleton Falls parade. In the moments before the parade, though, Kate is afraid of making mistakes.
66 25 Closing Up Shop Noddy and the Treasure Map (Series 4) One Goodbye at a Time
One Hello at a Time
  Brian McConnachie Wayne Moss February 16, 2000 #225 A lack of consumer traffic prompts Noah to accept a deal to sell the Noddy Shop and clear out all the toys. Seymour Polutski wants to turn the Noddy Shop into a cigar shop.

VHS/DVD releases

Title Release Date Country Format Episodes
Noddy and Friends June 4, 1999 United Kingdom / Australia VHS The Magic Key; A Dog's Best Friend; The Big Fight
Noddy's Magic Video October 4, 1999 United Kingdom VHS The Magic Show, Telling The Whole Truth; Making Up Is Easy To Do
Noddy in Toyland October 29, 1999 United Kingdom, Portugal DVD The Big Mess; Stop, Listen And Learn; The Trouble With Truman
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