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Genre Learning
Written by Max Allen
Ben Lee Delisle
Andrew Barnett Jones
Ciaran Murtagh
Directed by Simon Taylor
Voices of Elizabeth "Beth" Chalmers
Sharon D. Clarke
Teresa Gallagher
Rasmus Hardiker
David Holt
Marcellus "Marcel" McCalla
Emma Tate
Composer(s) Ben Lee Delisle
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) British English, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 90 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Joe Elliot
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) Blue-Zoo
Original network CBeebies, S4C
Original release 23 January 2017 (2017-01-23) – 16 August 2019 (2019-08-16)
Related shows Alphablocks (spin-off)

Numberblocks is a British children's CGI-animated television series. It debuted on CBeebies on 23 January 2017. It is animated by Blue-Zoo Productions, the studio that also produces Alphablocks, which is related. It is a show to teach kid under the age of 11 how to count.


Numberblocks follows the adventures of one hundred anthropomorphic block characters in Numberland, with the number of blocks determining which numeral they stand for and a tiny black floating numerical figure above them to show how many blocks they are made of, called a numberling. When one of the blocks jumps on top of another, they transform into a different character to make a new number. The show tries to help preschool children learn numeracy skills, especially how to count and add up.


Number Number Name Color Gender Description
0 Zero N/A No Gender This character is only a 0 Numberling and a mouth, and This character loves things that come in zeroes, or nothing at all. This character also has the power to erase things from existence by saying "Zero! Zero ___!"
1 One Red Female She only has one eye, unlike the other numberblocks. She is sweet, fun-loving, curious, bubbly, friendly, and clever. Sometimes She feels self conscious about only being a single block. She also loves finding things, which are alone and appears in all episodes to date.
2 Two Orange Male He has purple glasses and two sparkling orange shoes, starting from his eponymous episode onwards. He is very kind and smart and One's best friend who loves helping her make pairs, like shoes and socks.
3 Three Yellow Female She looks similar to a jester, wearing a hat with three points, and three red balls down her front. She loves showing off and juggling things, thinks three is the best number, hence her catchphrase, "Look at me!".
4 Four Green Male usually oriented in a square, but also, sometimes in a tower, with a Scottish accent. He has square-shaped eyes, square-shaped eyebrows, and an upper-overbite. He is happy-go-lucky, sweet, kind-hearted and friendly, loves being a square and finding things which are square .
5 Five Blue Female with an Irish accent. She wears a Big Blue glove with five fingers, and has a star around one eye. She is sweet, bubbly and friendly, loves reading and guiding the other Numberblocks on adventures and games, and many other things, etc., formed a band in her eponymous episode.
6 Six Indigo Female She has three eyelashes on each eye, and can make dice markings appear on her body. She loves playing games, rolling dice, and rapping about playing games and rapping.
7 Seven Rainbow Male each one a different color of the rainbow with a Welsh accent. He has rainbow-colored hair. He is naturally lucky, friendly, and kind, and loves making others happy. His catchphrase is "That was lucky!".
8 Eight Magenta Male He has eight tentacle-like limbs, similar to that of an octopus and wears a mask with 8 points. He has a 'superhero' identity as "Octoblock", He is bold and heroic, and loves using all of his tentacles for many things, such as tickling, climbing, running, crawling, and many others.
9 Nine Grey Male of three different shades. He is generally oriented in a square, and is good friends with Four. He is naturally calm and kind, and sneezes often, temporarily losing a One in his center and becoming an Eight again.
10 Ten Red and White Female But She is also able to turn into one solid "ten block." She wears two gloves with five fingers each, and has a star around each eye. She can turn herself into either a rocket, counting down from 10 to blast off.
11 Eleven Red and White Male or Female She is made of ten white blocks and one red block with two red eyes, one twice the size as the other, She is favorite is playing football games.
12 Twelve Red, White and Orange Female She has 10 white blocks and 2 orange blocks. She has also thin eyebrows, rectangular eyes, red arms like 10, and has a pink thing on her wrist called her "array display" on her left hand, which looks like a rectangular watch. She is often arranged in a rectangle, which is her favorite shape. She is the first Numberblock to have no legs.
13 Thirteen Red, White and Yellow Male He is made of ten white blocks and three yellow blocks. He has maroon eyes, lips, eyebrows and limbs. He is mostly unlucky so he is the most unlucky numberblock in Numberland.
14 Fourteen Red, White and Green Male He is made of ten white blocks with a red border and four green blocks. He has a green face and limbs along with two rainbow-coloured eyebrows and dark green helmet.
15 Fifteen Red, White and Blue Female She is made of 10 white blocks and 5 blue blocks. She has navy limbs and pink limbs. She wears a navy 5-stair-shaped mask and 2 boots, one white, and one light blue. She likes to be a step shape (or a pixelated triangle) more than a 3-by-5 or 5-by-3 rectangle. She also splits into a group of 5 Numberblocks (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) known as the Super Special Secret Step Squad.
16 Sixteen Red, White and Indigo Female She is made of 10 white blocks and 6 indigo blocks. She has usually oriented as a 4×4 square. She also has lavender eyes and dark indigo limbs. She likes throwing square parties. She is also made up of four squares. She can sneeze into 12 and 4 as shown by her introduction episode.
17 Seventeen Red, White and Rainbow Male He is a painter of portraits. Sroś!
18 Eighteen Red, White and Magenta Male He has array displays. He is 12's brother.
19 Nineteen Red, White and Gray Female crazy shapes!
20 Twenty Orange, and Apricot Male He dances Two Tens Tango.
21 Twenty-One Orange, Apricot, and Red Female She wears a dark purple 6-stair-shaped mask
22 Twenty-Two Orange, and Apricot Male He is two football teams
23 Twenty-Three Orange, Apricot and Yellow Male or Female
24 Twenty-Four Orange, Apricot and Green Male
25 Twenty-Five Orange, Apricot and Blue Female
30 Thirty Lemon Female
40 Forty Chartreuse Male
50 Fifty Cyan Female
60 Sixty Periwinkle Female
70 Seventy Rainbow Male
80 Eighty Rose Male
90 Ninety Silver Male
100 One Hundred Scarlet Female
200 Two Hundred Great Orange Male
300 Three Hundred Great Yellow Female
400 Four Hundred Great Green Male


There are 6 seasons in Numberblocks.

Season 1 (2017)

  1. One
  2. Another One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. One, Two, Three!
  6. Four
  7. Five
  8. Three Little Pigs
  9. Off We Go
  10. How To Count
  11. Stampolines
  12. The Whole of Me
  13. The Terrible Twos
  14. Holes
  15. Hide & Seek

Season 2 (2017)

  1. Six
  2. Seven
  3. Eight
  4. Nine
  5. Ten
  6. Just Add One
  7. Blast Off
  8. Counting Sheep
  9. Double Trouble
  10. The Three Threes
  11. Odds & Evens
  12. Fluffies
  13. The Two Tree
  14. Numberblock Castle
  15. Ten Green Bottles

Season 3 (2018-2019)

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Blockzilla
  3. The Numberblocks Express
  4. Fruit Salad
  5. Zero
  6. Now We Are Six to Ten
  7. Numberblobs
  8. Building Block
  9. Peekaboo!
  10. Hiccups
  11. What's the Difference?
  12. Numberblock Rally
  13. Five and Friends
  14. Octoblock to the Rescue!
  15. Ten Again
  16. Flatland
  17. Pattern Palace
  18. Legend of The Big Tum
  19. Mirror, Mirror
  20. The Wrong Number
  21. Eleven
  22. Twelve
  23. The Way of the Rectangle
  24. Ride the Rays
  25. Block Star
  26. Thirteen
  27. Fourteen
  28. Fifteen
  29. Tween Scenes
  30. Step Squads

Season 4 (2019)

  1. Fifteen’s Minute of Fame
  2. On Your Head
  3. Ten’s Place
  4. Balancing Bridge
  5. Sixteen
  6. Square Club
  7. Seventeen
  8. Eighteen
  9. Loop the Loop
  10. Nineteen
  11. Twenty
  12. Tall Stories
  13. Flights of Fancy
  14. I Can Count To Twenty
  15. Heist
  16. Sign of the Times
  17. Fun Times Fair
  18. The Lair of Shares
  19. Terrible Twosday
  20. Divide and Drive
  21. Twenty-One and On
  22. We're Going On A Square Hunt
  23. Thirty's Big Top
  24. Land of the Giants
  25. Fifty
  26. Sixty's High Score
  27. The Big One
  28. One Hundred
  29. One Hundred And One
  30. More To Explore

Season 5 (2020)

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