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Unidentified Orconectes
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Class: Malacostraca
Order: Decapoda
Family: Cambaridae
Subfamily: Cambarinae
Genus: Orconectes
Cope, 1872
Type species
Orconectes inermis
Cope, 1872
  • Billecambarus
  • Buannulifictus
  • Crockerinus
  • Faxonius
  • Gremicambarus
  • Hespericambarus
  • Orconectes
  • Procericambarus
  • Rhoadesius
  • Tragulicambarus
  • Trisellescens

Orconectes is a genus of cave dwelling freshwater crayfish, native to the eastern United States and Canada. Surface dwelling species, formerly categorised here were moved to Faxonius in 2017.


The genus Orconectes was erected in 1872 by Edward Drinker Cope to house Astacus pellucidus (now Orconectes pellucidus) and his new species, Orconectes inermis.

Approximately 85 species are known, divided into 11 subgenera.

Scientific name Common name Red List status Distribution Authority Year Subgenus
O. acares redspotted stream crayfish LC Arkansas Fitzpatrick 1965 Procericambarus
O. alabamensis Alabama crayfish LC Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee (Faxon) 1884 Trisellescens
O. australis southern cave crayfish LC Alabama, Tennessee (Rhoades) 1941 Orconectes
O. barrenensis Barren River crayfish LC Kentucky, Tennessee Rhoades 1944 Procericambarus
O. barri Cumberland Plateau cave crayfish DD Kentucky, Tennessee Buhay & Crandall 2008 Orconectes
O. bisectus Crittenden crayfish VU Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Crockerinus
O. burri Blood River crayfish NT Kentucky, Tennessee Taylor & Sabaj 1998 Crockerinus
O. carolinensis North Carolina spiny crayfish LC North Carolina Cooper & Cooper 1995 Procericambarus
O. causeyi western plains crayfish LC Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Jester 1967 Gremicambarus
O. chickasawae Chickasaw crayfish LC Mississippi Cooper & Hobbs 1980 Trisellescens
O. compressus slender crayfish LC Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee (Faxon) 1884 Gremicambarus
O. cooperi Flint River crayfish LC Alabama, Tennessee Cooper & Hobbs 1980 Trisellescens
O. cristavarius spiny stream crayfish LC Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia Taylor 2000 Procericambarus
O. deanae conchas crayfish LC New Mexico, Oklahoma Reimer & Jester 1975 Hespericambarus
O. difficilis painted crayfish LC Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas (Faxon) 1898 Hespericambarus
O. durelli saddle crayfish LC Kentucky, Tennessee Bouchard & Bouchard 1995 Procericambarus
O. erichsonianus reticulate crayfish LC Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia (Faxon) 1898 Crockerinus
O. etnieri Ets crayfish LC Mississippi, Tennessee Bouchard & Bouchard 1976 Trisellescens
O. eupunctus coldwater crayfish VU Arkansas, Missouri Williams 1952 Crockerinus
O. forceps surgeon crayfish LC Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia (Faxon) 1884 Procericambarus
O. harrisonii belted crayfish LC Missouri (Faxon) 1884 Billecambarus
O. hartfieldi Yazoo crayfish VU Mississippi Fitzpatrick & Suttkus 1992 Hespericambarus
O. hathawayi Teche pointed crayfish LC Louisiana Penn 1952 Hespericambarus
O. hobbsi Pontchartrain painted crayfish DD Louisiana, Mississippi Penn 1950 Buannulifictus
O. holti bimaculate crayfish DD Alabama Cooper & Hobbs 1980 Trisellescens
O. hylas woodland crayfish LC Missouri (Faxon) 1890 Procericambarus
O. illinoiensis Shawnee crayfish LC Illinois Brown 1956 Crockerinus
O. incomptus Tennessee cave crayfish VU Tennessee Hobbs & Barr 1972 Orconectes
O. inermis ghost crayfish / unarmed crayfish LC Indiana, Kentucky Cope 1872 Orconectes
O. jeffersoni Louisville crayfish EN Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Crockerinus
O. jonesi Sucarnoochee crayfish DD Alabama, Mississippi Fitzpatrick 1992 Gremicambarus
O. juvenilis Kentucky River crayfish LC Indiana, Kentucky (Hagen) 1870 Procericambarus
O. kentuckiensis Kentucky crayfish LC Illinois, Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Rhoadesius
O. lancifer shrimp crayfish LC Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas (Hagen) 1870 Tragulicambarus
O. leptogonopodus Little River Creek crayfish LC Arkansas, Oklahoma Hobbs 1948 Procericambarus
O. longidigitus longpincered crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri (Faxon) 1898 Procericambarus
O. luteus golden crayfish LC Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin (Creaser) 1933 Procericambarus
O. macrus Neosho midget crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas Williams 1952 Procericambarus
O. maletae Kisatchie painted crayfish DD Louisiana, Texas Walls 1972 Hespericambarus
O. marchandi Mammoth Spring crayfish NT Arkansas, Missouri Hobbs 1948 Crockerinus
O. margorectus Livingston crayfish NT Kentucky Taylor 2002 Crockerinus
O. medius saddlebacked crayfish LC Missouri (Faxon) 1884 Procericambarus
O. meeki Meek's crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma (Faxon) 1898 Buannulifictus
O. menae Mena crayfish LC Arkansas, Oklahoma (Creaser) 1933 Procericambarus
O. mirus wonderful crayfish LC Alabama, Tennessee (Ortmann) 1931 Procericambarus
O. mississippiensis Mississippi crayfish DD Mississippi (Faxon) 1884 Trisellescens
O. nais water nymph crayfish LC Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas (Faxon) 1885 Gremicambarus
O. nana midget crayfish LC Arkansas, Oklahoma Williams 1952 Procericambarus
O. neglectus ringed crayfish LC Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma (Faxon) 1885 Procericambarus
O. obscurus Allegheny crayfish LC Ontario, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia (Hagen) 1870 Crockerinus
O. ozarkae Ozark crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri Williams 1952 Procericambarus
O. packardi cave crayfish EN Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Orconectes
O. pagei mottled crayfish LC Tennessee Taylor & Sabaj 1997 Orconectes
O. palmeri gray-speckled crayfish LC Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas (Faxon) 1884 Buannulifictus
O. pardalotus leopard crayfish EN Illinois Wetzel, Poly & Fetzner 2005 Procericambarus
O. pellucidus Mammoth Cave crayfish LC Kentucky, Tennessee (Tellkampf) 1844 Orconectes
O. perfectus complete crayfish LC Alabama, Mississippi Walls 1972 Hespericambarus
O. peruncus Big Creek crayfish VU Missouri (Creaser) 1931 Procericambarus
O. placidus bigclaw crayfish LC Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee (Hagen) 1870 Procericambarus
O. propinquus northern clearwater crayfish LC Canada, Eastern United States (Girard) 1852 Crockerinus
O. punctimanus spothanded crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri (Creaser) 1933 Procericambarus
O. putnami crayfish LC Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee (Faxon) 1884 Procericambarus
O. quadruncus St. Francis River crayfish VU Missouri (Creaser) 1933 Procericambarus
O. quinebaugensis Quinebaug River crayfish DD Massachusetts Matthews & Warren 2008 Gremicambarus
O. rafinesquei Rough River crayfish LC Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Crockerinus
O. raymondi Norwood River crayfish Ohio Thoma & Stocker 2009 Procericambarus
O. rhoadesi fishhook crayfish LC Tennessee Hobbs 1949 Trisellescens
O. ronaldi Mud River crayfish LC Kentucky Taylor 2000 Procericambarus
O. sanbornii Sanborn's crayfish LC Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia (Faxon) 1884 Crockerinus
O. saxatilis Kiamichi crayfish VU Oklahoma Bouchard & Bouchard 1976 Procericambarus
O. sheltae Shelta cave crayfish CR Alabama Cooper & Cooper 1997 Orconectes
O. shoupi Nashville crayfish EN Tennessee Hobbs 1948 Crockerinus
O. sloanii Sloan crayfish LC Indiana, Ohio (Bundy) 1876 Rhoadesius
O. spinosus Coona River spiny crayfish LC Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee (Bundy) 1877 Procericambarus
O. stannardi Little Wabash crayfish LC Illinois Page 1985 Crockerinus
O. stygocaneyi Caney Mountain cave crayfish LC Missouri Hobbs III 2001 Orconectes
O. taylori crescent crayfish VU Tennessee Schuster 2008 Trisellescens
O. theaphionensis sinkhole crayfish DD Indiana Simon, Timm & Morris 2005 Procericambarus
O. tricuspis western highland crayfish LC Kentucky Rhoades 1944 Crockerinus
O. validus powerful crayfish LC Alabama, Tennessee (Faxon) 1914 Trisellescens
O. virginiensis Chowanoke crayfish DD North Carolina, Virginia Hobbs 1951 Crockerinus
O. williamsi Williams crayfish LC Arkansas, Missouri Fitzpatrick 1966 Procericambarus
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