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Black-naped Oriole.jpg
Black-naped oriole
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Superfamily: Corvoidea
Family: Oriolidae
Vigors, 1825

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The oriole ( or Old World oriole) is a bird in the family Oriolidae. They make up the genus Oriolus. Old World orioles are found areas of Africa, Asia and Europe. They are most often found in tropical areas but one species lives in cooler areas. The golden oriole is the only species of Old World oriole which is not a tropical bird.

Many species have bright coloured feathers.

The orioles evolved in Australasia, and later spread to Eurasia. They are not related to the New World oriole. New World orioles are members of the blackbird family Icteridae and are native to the Americas .

The kinds of oriole

This is a list of kinds of orioles, in the English and Latin languages:

  • Golden oriole, Oriolus oriolus
  • Brown oriole, Oriolus szalayi
  • Halmahera oriole, Oriolus phaeochromus
  • Ceram oriole, Oriolus forsteni
  • Buru oriole, Oriolus bouroensis
  • Timor oriole, Oriolus viridifuscus
  • Olive-backed oriole or White-bellied Oriole, Oriolus sagittattus
  • Yellow oriole or Green oriole, Oriolus flavocinctus
  • Dark-throated oriole, Oriolus xanthonotus
  • White-lored oriole, Oriolus albiloris
  • Isabella oriole, Oriolus isabellae
  • African golden oriole, Oriolus auratus
  • Black-naped oriole, Oriolus chinensis
  • Green-headed oriole, Oriolus chlorocephalus
  • Great-billed oriole, Oriolus crassirostris
  • Western black-headed oriole, Oriolus brachyrhynchus
  • Forest oriole, Oriolus monacha
  • Black-headed oriole, Oriolus larvatus
  • Black-winged oriole, Oriolus nigripennis
  • Black-hooded oriole, Oriolus xanthornus
  • Black oriole, Oriolus hosii
  • Black and crimson oriole, Oriolus cruentus
  • Maroon oriole, Oriolus trailili
  • Silver oriole, Oriolus mellianus
  • Figbird Sphecotheres viridis
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