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Southport Pleasureland
Slogan Where Memories are Made!
Location Southport, Merseyside, England
Owner Funporium
Opened 1913
Previous names Pleasureland
Operating season February - November
Area Southport, Merseyside, England
Total 27 total
Roller coasters 4 rollercoasters
Water rides 1 log flume

Southport Pleasureland is an amusement park located in Southport, Merseyside, England. The park originally operated from 1913 to 2006 as Pleasureland Theme Park under the ownership of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach company. In 2007, the park re-opened under the ownership of Norman Wallis.

Pleasureland (1913–2006)

Pleasureland, Southport
The original Pleasureland before closing

The first Pleasureland had operated since 1913 as a sister amusement park to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. In 2005, the park introduced an entrance fee, which proved unpopular and resulted in a serious downturn in the number of visitors. On 5 September 2006 it closed, due to a claimed lack of return on investments.

A number of rides, including the Traumatizer, were moved to the company's site at Blackpool.

Traumatizer (June 2006)

The park included several historical rides such as the Cyclone wooden rollercoaster; on 14 September 2006, pictures were released onto the Internet of people dismantling the Cyclone, much to the dismay of local residents, Pleasureland fans, and coaster enthusiasts. On 18 September 2006, two protesters climbed to the top of the Cyclone in an attempt to save it. The protest lasted for three hours, after which the protesters came down over police concerns regarding the distraction they posed to passing motorists. There was a petition co-ordinated by a group of coaster enthusiasts to try and save the ride, but this effort also failed. The Cyclone was demolished on 20 November 2006.

Pleasureland Southport Cyclone
The Cyclone in June 2006

One of the park's unique features was its Funhouse with traditional funhouse attractions such as the Wheel and the Social Mixer. The Funhouse continued to operate independently for several months until its closure on 31 March 2007. Soon after, the funhouse was gutted and parts taken to Blackpool; speculation exists that these will form party of a future heritage fairground museum in Blackpool.

The Funhouse featured attractions no longer found at other amusement parks

Not much is known about the fate of many of the classic rides at Pleasureland, although some have been bought and put into storage for a prospective Dreamland revival project in Margate.

Southport Pleasureland (2007–present)

On 31 May 2007, it was announced that Dreamstorm International were to invest £100 million at the Pleasureland site. Pleasureland was re-opened to the public on 21 July 2007 and renamed New Pleasureland. In June 2007, some of the original Pleasureland buildings were demolished, except for buildings around the perimeter. The site re-opened under new management as scheduled, with a temporary travelling fairground. Then, following a successful summer season, the park was kept open (weekends only) until November 2007, when some demolition of remaining unwanted buildings was carried out and refurbishment of other buildings completed. A Pinfari "Zyklon Loop" rollercoaster was constructed on the site where the Traumatizer once stood and was opened at the start of the 2008 season, named 'Storm'. The Traumatizer was moved to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and opened as the Infusion in 2007.


The Park reopened in 2008 on 21 March. However, on 20 March, Sefton Council announced that a company called Urban Splash had been chosen to develop Southport seafront including the Pleasureland site. Here is a report from BBC News. It was announced in October 2008 that New Pleasureland would return for the 2009/2010 seasons. An official opening schedule has been announced for 2009,

The Traumatizer station building has been demolished. In February 2008, the site of the Cyclone Rollercoaster was landscaped, and part of the old River Caves ride demolished to make room for more rides.

"Norman Returns The Pleasure" The Park re-opened for the 2008 season on 15 March and rides added for the summer months. Work has also continued on the grounds to make them look more presentable. A Big Top Circus was added during the summer weeks but was removed by its owners after only 2 weeks in the park due to the low number of people visiting New Pleasureland at the start of the summer holiday period. In Summer 2008, a new static ride was opened in the form of a swinging pirate ship. In early 2008, a new roller coaster opened. "Indy's Lost World - The Ride" is a themed indoor roller coaster, based on the latest Indiana Jones' film; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull The roller coaster is situated inside the old Fun House building. In September 2008, it was announced that New Pleasureland will return for the 2009/2010 season. In October 2008, the park's Pinfari Roller Coaster, Storm was removed from the park and sold.


On the evening of 21 April, an arson attack took place, destroying the Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara (River Caves) and a nearby inflatable attraction. In May 2009, the original Pleasureland Wildcat coaster was bought by Norman Wallis and rebuilt in its original location. The Wildcat opened on 12 August 2009.


The 'Haunted Inn', the only remaining original feature of Pleasureland, was destroyed in a fire on 30 January 2010. The Pleasureland main entrance building, which was built not long before the original park closed in 2006, was also demolished in February 2010. The Casablanca Entertainment complex was repainted white in June 2010 and is awaiting refurbishment.

Pleasureland Main Entrance Building 2007
Pleasureland Main Entrance Building in 2007

Indy's Lost World Indoor Roller Coaster was closed early 2010. It is to be replaced with a new Indoor Ghost Train. The ride opened in July 2010.

Battlefield Live Southport has opened on the site of the old Southport Zoo, which is immediately adjacent to Pleasureland. Battlefield Live is an outdoor combat game using guns that fire infra-red beams. The site is accessed via Pleasureland and it opened in August 2010.


The park opened during the Easter Holidays hosting a Monster Truck weekend. A circus was also moved onto the site for the spring season. The previous weekend hosted an Urban Graffiti Art Festival.


The park opened in March, with a new ride called "Air" and a new log flume ride was constructed on the site of the old log flume which was demolished in 2007. A new 'Events Arena' was opened in July with plans to be used as a concert venue.


The park re-opened in March, with 3 new rides from Camelot Theme Park which closed in 2012.


The park underwent a further rebrand for the 2014 season, with a new website, new logo, new name and new slogan - 'Where memories are made!'. The park also introduced a new electronic token system for its rides, known as the 'Fun Card'. Guests are required to purchase tokens from kiosks and are given a Fun Card with a lanyard to wear. The card can be swiped at any park ride, eliminating the need for paper tokens. Individual tokens cost £1 and all rides have a value from 1 to 4 tokens each. Stations have been allocated around the park to show guests how many tokens remain on their card to use.


The park opened on 28 March with The Crazy Mouse roller coaster amid many other minor additions.


In October 2015, The Crazy Mouse was dismantled to make way for a new yellow looping roller coaster. Construction for the ride was completed in 2016 with the ride's name being "Speed Loop".

Current rides

Roller coasters

Opened Closed Ride Name
2017 - "Roller Coaster"
2009 - "Circus Clown"
2008 2010 "Indy's Lost World"
2007 2018 "Happy Caterpillar"
2016 - "Apple Coaster"
2019 - "Crash Test"
2013 - "Grand Canyon"

Thrill rides

Opened Closed Ride Name
2009 - "Devastator"
2009 - "Speed Buzz"
2011 - "Ridge Racer"
2008 - "Rock 'N' Roll Express"
2009 - "Superbob"
2009 - "Waltzer"
2008 - "Twister"
2009 - "Jungle River"
2008 - "Dominator"
2017 - "Frisbee"

Other rides

Opened Closed Ride Name
1994 2009 "Moroccan Golf"
- - "Dune Bugs"
- - "Junior Quad Bikes"
- - "Go Karts"
1949 2010 "Haunted Inn"
2007 - "Dodgems"
2008 - "Pirate Ship"
2009 - "Gallopers"
2008 - "Swingboats"
2009 - "Ski Jump"
2009 - "Piggy Ride"
2009 - "Super Satellite"
2009 - "Mini Paratrooper"
2008 - "Mini Wheel"
2009 - "Trampolines"
2009 - "Train"
2009 - "Convoy"

Notable Past Rides

Opened Closed Ride Name Notes
1937 2006 "Cyclone" Wooden rollercoaster, opened on Good Friday 1937. Severely damaged by hurricane in January 1961, but quickly repaired and reopened in time for 1961 season. The station was damaged by fire in 1984 but was immediately rebuilt. Main structure demolished September 2006. Cars taken to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. A taller & faster clone of this ride under the same name can be found at Indias Nicco Park
1978 2006 "Wild Cat" Manufactured by Pinfari.
1998 2006 "Chaos" Manufactured by Chance Rides. Relocated to Lightwater Valley as "Hornets Nest".
2004 2006 "Sandstorm" A Frank Hrubetz & Company Round Up (ride). Operated previously at Blackpool Pleasure Beach from 1969 to 2003. Relocated to Dreamland Margate (June 2007).
1975 2006 "The Sky-Ride" Cable cars manufactured by Ivan Bennett. Relocated to Dreamland Margate (June 2007)
2003 2006 "Abdulla's Dilemma" Workings relocated to Dreamland Margate (June 2007)
2013 2015 "OMG" Fabbri evolution, relocated from Camelot theme park, chorley, manufactured by Fabbri Group
1997 2006 "Tidal Wave" A HUSS Park Attractions Pirate Ship (ride). Operated previously at Blackpool Pleasure Beach between 1980 and 1996. Relocated to M&D's Scotland as "Captain's Curse".
2004 2006 "Desert Convoy" An I.E. Park children's track ride. Relocated to Knowsley Safari Park.
1999 2006 "TraumaTizer" Relocated to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
2000 2006 "King Solomon's Mines" Operated previously at Frontierland, Morecambe. Relocated to Dreamland Margate.
1982 2006 "Big Apple" Current location unknown. Similar ride currently operates on site. Manufactured by Pinfari.
2002 2006 "Lucozade Space Shot" An S&S Worldwide Double Shot (ride). Relocated to Loudoun Castle.
1922 2009 "Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara" Previously named "River Caves". Workings relocated to Dreamland Margate. Building demolished 2009 after an arson attack. Dinosaur figures and central chamber volcano relocated to Blackpool Zoo as part of the Dinosaur exhibit.
1950 2006 "Gallopers" Classic galloping horses manufactured by Thomas Walker.
1914 2006 "Caterpillar" Relocated to Dreamland Margate.
1991 2006 "Chewits Log Flume" Manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. Relocated from Magic Harbour, USA. Demolished June 2007.
2006 2006 "Chair-O-Planes" Operated at New Pleasureland in 2008.
1994 2005 "Water Toboggans" Removed in 2005 and put into storage.
1960s 2006 "Marakesh Express" A children's track ride. Manufactured by Lang Wheels.
1955 2007 "Fun House" Refurbished in 2000, the Fun House continued to operate after park closure but was later gutted, with rides taken to Blackpool possibly for the rumored heritage museum as the rides where not found anywhere else.

The original building was initially used for "Indy's Lost Adventure", but now houses the "Ghost Train".

1992 2006 "Viking Boats" Relocated to Lightwater Valley.
1992 2006 "Safari Bugs" Owned by Caddick Engineering. Location now unknown
1913 2004 or 2005 "Sultan's Towers" Helter Skelter. Destroyed 2004 or 2005.
1999 2006 "Flying Camels" Manufactured by I.E. Park. Operated previously as "Flying Elephants" at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Relocated to Lightwater Valley.
1997 2006 "The Mistral Flying Machine" A Bisch Rocco flying scooters ride. Relocated to Dreamland Margate.
2006 2006 "Big Wheel" Temporary ride before closure. Relocated to Dreamland Margate
1931 1996 "Ghost Train" The park's original ghost train ride. Removed at the end of the 1996 season, and "Journey Into Space" dark ride was converted into a new ghost train.
1997 2006 "Tagada" An Eli Bridge Company Twist (ride). Operated previously at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Similar ride currently operates on site.
1985 2002 "Himalaya" A Reverchon Industries Matterhorn (ride).
1949 2010 "Haunted Inn" The Haunted Inn (formerly the "Crazy Cottage") was the last remaining part of the old Pleasureland, but was burnt down on 30 January 2010.
1970 2000 "Astroslide" Sold, now in Tatsminda Park Georgia (Replaced by dodgems)
1930 1977 "Noah's Ark" Destroyed by fire in September 1977. Built by William Strickler.
1954 2003 "Waltzer" Numerous Waltzer rides have been on site since 1950s
1976 1990s "Ski Jump" A Mack Rides manufactured flying coaster ride. Owned by the Silcock family.
1978 2006 "Ghost Train" A dark ride with spinning cars, originally called "Journey Into Space". Was transformed into a more traditional ghost train attraction following the scrapping of the park's original 1930s ghost train.
1957 2002 "Hurricane Jets" Lang Wheels manufactured jets ride. Owned by Helters Ltd. until 1977 when ownership passed to Herbert Silcock (New Modern Products 'jets' fitted to the ride at this time)
1988 1992 "Rok 'N' Rol" An Allan Herschell Company looper ride. Operated previously at Frontierland, Morecambe.
1976 1982 "Cresta Run" A forerunner to the "Himalaya". Built and operated by the Jackson family.
1955 1960 "Moonrocket" A traditional Lakin/Maxwell moonrocket ride.
1938 1955 "Octopus" A Lusse Octopus (ride). Relocated to Ocean Beach, Rhyl.
1973 1996 "Paratrooper" An Ivan Bennett lifting paratrooper, operated by the Silcock family.
1983 1983 "Viking" The park's first Pirate Ship (ride), manufactured by Zierer. Relocated to Coney Beach Pleasure Park.
1986 1987 "Hanseatic" The park's second Pirate Ship (ride), manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions. Originally owned by Bremen based travelling showman Rudolf Robrahn, then operated at Dreamland Margate.
1985 1987 "Looping Star" An Anton Schwarzkopf looping star rollercoaster. Operated by Jan DeKoning.
1983 1984 "Mad Mouse" A wooden wild mouse rollercoaster. Previously operated at Manning's Amusement Park, Felixstowe.
1983 1993 "Meteorite" A Sam Ward manufactured Round Up (ride). Operated by the Silcock family.
1977 1980 "Scat" A scat ride manufactured by Fairplace. Relocated to Frontierland, Morecambe.
1950s 2006 "Black Hole" A traditional swirl/skid ride, built and originally operated by the Jackson family. Converted into a dark ride.
1987 1997 "Satellite" A Chance Rides trabant/satellite ride. Located just in front of the "Cyclone".
1974 1983 "Tri-Star" The UK's first Troika (ride). Built by Ivan Bennett and operated by the Silcock family. Relocated to Spanish City, Whitley Bay.
1983 2000s "Log Runner" An Ivan Bennett manufactured steel circular water chute. Previously operated at Alton Towers.
1971 1991 "Speedway" A traditional ark/speedway ride manufactured by Maxwell. Relocated to Marvels Amusement Park, Scarborough and converted to a Waltzer.
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