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Radical, from Late Latin radicalis "of roots" and from Latin radix "root", may refer to:

in science and mathematics
  • A radical (chemistry) is an atom, molecule, or ion which is likely to take part in chemical reactions.
  • Radical symbol (√), a symbol used to indicate the square root or nth root
  • Radical of an algebraic group, a concept in algebraic group theory
  • Radical of an ideal, an important concept in abstract algebra
  • Radical of a ring, in ring theory, a branch of mathematics, a radical of a ring is an ideal of "bad" elements of the ring
  • Radical of a module, in the theory of modules, the radical of a module is a component in the theory of structure and classification
  • Jacobson radical, the Jacobson radical of a ring, R, consists of those elements in R which annihilate all simple right R-modules
  • Nilradical of a ring, the nilradical of a commutative ring is a nilpotent ideal, which is as large as possible
  • Nilradical of a Lie algebra, the nilradical of a lie algebra is a nilpotent ideal, which is as large as possible
  • Radical of an integer, a concept in number theory
  • Symmetric bilinear form, a concept in linear algebra
  • Radical of a Lie algebra, a concept in lie theory
in medicine
  • Radical surgery, surgery carried out in extreme circumstances and/or with extensive treatment
in linguistics
  • Root (linguistics), also called a "radical", the form of a word after any prefixes and suffixes are removed
  • Radical (Chinese character), part of a Chinese character under which it is indexed in a dictionary (also called bùshǒu 部首)
  • Radical, one of the three consonants in a Semitic root
  • Radical consonant, a consonant articulated with the root of the tongue
in politics
  • Political radicalism
    • Radicalism (historical), the Radical Movement which began in late 18th century Britain and spread to continental Europe and Latin America in the 19th century
    • Radical left, another term for the far left
    • Radical right, another term for the far right
    • radical a person who shows a strong political stand point

Extremism, political standpoints that are perceived as revolutionary or extreme

  • Radical Whigs, influential early writers on Radicalism
  • Radical Reformation, an Anabaptist movement concurrent with the Protestant Reformation
  • Radical Republicans, a member of an influential group of American politicians during the Civil War reconstruction
  • Radical Party, one of a number of political parties around the world
  • Radicals (UK), parliamentary progressives who were part of the nineteenth-century Liberal coalition
  • Radical feminism, a current within feminism that focuses on patriarchy as a system of power
  • Radical veganism, a radical interpretation of veganism, usually combined with anarchism
in culture
  • Radical chic, a term coined by Tom Wolfe to describe the pretentious adoption of radical causes by celebrities, socialites, and high society
in architecture
  • Radical Baroque, an architectural style characterized by the curvature of walls and intersection of oval spaces
brands, titles and proper names
  • Radical Sportscars, an English sports car maker
  • Radical Entertainment, a video game developer based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Free Radical Design, a video game developer based in Nottingham, England
  • Free Radicals (band), a jazz-funk musical group from Houston, Texas
  • Free Radical Centre, a centre for free radical chemistry and biotechnology that was established in 2005
  • Radical (Smack album), Smack's fourth studio album, released in 1988

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