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Temporal range: Early Devonian
Rhynia reconstruction.jpg
Reconstruction of Rhynia gwynne-vaughanii, redrawn after Kenrick & Crane (1997:101)
Scientific classification e
Subdivisio: Rhyniophytina
Class: Rhyniopsida
Order: Rhyniales
Family: Rhyniaceae
Genus: Rhynia
Kidst. & W.H.Lang (1917)
  • R. gwynne-vaughanii Kidst. & W.H.Lang (1917)
Rhynia stem
A fossil stem of Rhynia is broken and shows the cells.

Rhynia is a genus of Early Devonian fossil land plants. Only one species is known, R. gwynne-vaughanii. The fossils are the sporophyte generation of a vascular plant. Rhynia had anatomical features more advanced than those of the bryophytes.

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