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Brauner Würfelfalter (Hamearis lucina) 01.jpg
Duke of Burgundy (Hamearis lucina)
Scientific classification

Grote, 1895

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Riodinidae is a family of butterflies. They are commonly known as riodinids or metalmarks. Metalmarks get their name from the bright, metallic (looking like metal) markings found on the wings of most species. The family has nearly 2,000 species in it. The metalmarks are mostly found in the Neotropical region. Most metalmarks are small. Their wingspan ranges from 20mm to 65mm. Metalmarks vary greatly in wing shape, pattern, and color.

Riodinidae was formerly known as the family Nemeobiidae and as the family Erycinidae. It was also once thought to be a subfamily of Lycaenidae.

Distinguishing features

Like the lycaenids, the males of this family have reduced forelegs while the females have full-sized, fully functional forelegs. The foreleg of males is often reduced and has a uniquely shaped first segment (the coxa) which extends beyond its joint with the second segment, rather than meeting it flush. They have a unique venation on the hindwing: the costa of the hindwing is thickened out to the humeral angle and the humeral vein is short.


  • Euselasiinae
  • Nemeobiinae - This subfamily is sometimes treated as a tribe.
  • Riodininae

Some species

  • Hamearis lucina - Duke of Burgundy
  • Apodemia mormo - Mormon Metalmark
  • Lasaia sula - Blue Metalmark
  • Melanis pixe - Red-bordered Pixie

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