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Roman or Romans may refer to:

  • A thing or person of or from the city of Rome, Italy


  • Ancient Rome (8th century BC – 5th century AD)
  • Byzantine Empire (330/476/629 to 1453), the Eastern Roman Empire
    • Romaioi (Ρωμαίοι), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Eastern Roman Empire dating to Late Antiquity
    • Romaioi (Ρωμιοί), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Rum-milet in the Ottoman Empire, or Greek-speaking Orthodox people today
    • Romanae or the Greco-Romans from Aetolia Acarnania that speak Romanesci
  • Holy Roman Empire (c. 900 to 1806), a medieval state in Central Europe
  • Roman, Bulgaria, a town and a municipality in Vratsa Province
  • Romans-sur-Isère, in the Drôme département of France
  • Roman, Romania, a city in Neamţ county
  • Romans, Ain, a town in France
  • Roman, Eure, France
  • Romans, Deux-Sèvres, France
  • Romans d'Isonzo, a town in Italy
  • Roman roads
  • Roman Valley, Nova Scotia
  • Saint Roman, Monaco



  • The word for Novel in many European languages.
    • Nouveau roman (lit. "new novel"), a type of French novel of the 1950s
    • Bildungsroman (lit. "formation novel"), German for a coming-of-age story
    • Künstlerroman (lit. "artist's novel"), German for a story of an artist's growth to maturity
  • Romance (heroic literature), a genre of Medieval French literature
  • Ar-Rum, the 30th book in the Qu'ran, is sometimes translated as The Romans
  • Roman à clef, a novel about real life, overlaid with a façade of fiction

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