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Roman Walls of Lugo *
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Country Spain
Type Cultural
Criteria iv
Reference 987
Region ** Europe and North America
Inscription history
Inscription 2000 (24th Session)

The Roman Walls of Lugo (Spanish, Galician: Muralla Romana de Lugo) were constructed in the 3rd century AD. The walls were created as late Roman Empire fortifications. They are still largely intact today. They stretch over 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) around the historic centre of Lugo in Galicia (Spain). Located on a hilltop the walls have a wide ditch directly in front of them. The walls average about 10 metres (33 ft) in height and are up to 8 metres (26 ft) thick. At the front of the wall there are a series of semicircular towers up to 13 metres (43 ft) in diameter. The walls are constructed of schist from the local area. The walls have been declared a World Heritage site.

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