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High angle
A slurry composed of glass beads in and oil flowing down an inclined plane.

A slurry is, in general, a thick suspension of solids in a liquid.


There are many kinds of slurries, including

  • A mixture of cement and water to form concrete
  • A mixture of thickening agent, oxidizers, and water used to form a gel explosive
  • A mixture of pyroclastic rock and water known as a lahar
  • A mixture of bentonite and water used to make slurry walls
  • A mixture of coal waste and water known as coal slurry
  • A mixture of wood pulp and water used to make paper
  • A mixture of animal waste and water used as fertilizer
  • A mixture of finely ground meat and water, centrifugally dewatered into meat slurry, a food product
  • An abrasive substance used in chemical-mechanical polishing
  • A mixture of ice crystals, freezing point depressant, and water called slurry ice
  • A mixture of raw materials and water involved in the rawmill manufacture of Portland cement
  • A mixture of minerals, water, and additives used in the manufacture of ceramics
  • A mixture of water and food starch used to thicken puddings, sauces, and gravys.

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