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Snorri Sturluson
Snorre Sturluson-Christian Krohg.jpg
Snorri Sturluson by Christian Krohg (1890s)
Born 1179
Hvammur í Dölum [is], Dalasýsla, Icelandic Commonwealth
Died 23 September 1241 (1241-09-24) (aged 62)
Reykholt, Iceland
Occupation Lawspeaker, author, poet, historian, politician
Parent(s) Sturla Þórðarson
Guðný Böðvarsdóttir

Snorri Sturluson (1178September 23, 1241) was an Icelandic historian, poet and politician. He was three-time elected lawspeaker at the Icelandic parliament, the Althing. He was the author of the Prose Edda or Younger Edda and the Heimskringla, a history of the Norwegian kings that begins with legendary material and moves through to early medieval Scandinavian history.

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