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Melbourne trapdoor spider
(Stanwellia grisea)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Infraorder: Mygalomorphae
Family: Pycnothelidae
Genus: Stanwellia
Rainbow & Pulleine, 1918
Type species
S. hoggi
(Rainbow, 1914)

18, see text

  • Aparua Todd, 1945

Stanwellia is a genus of South Pacific mygalomorph spiders in the family Pycnothelidae. It was first described by W. J. Rainbow & R. H. Pulleine in 1918. Originally placed with the curtain-web spiders, it was transferred to the funnel-web trapdoor spiders in 1985, then to the Pycnothelidae in 2020. It is a senior synonym of Aparua.


Melbourne Trapdoor Spider: Composite image of same spider from various angles. Center image as seen in natural surroundings (sandy loam soil). Location: found in moist soil at Carnegie, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

As of June 2020 it contains eighteen species, found in New Zealand and Australia:

  • Stanwellia annulipes (C. L. Koch, 1841)Australia (Tasmania)
  • Stanwellia bipectinata (Todd, 1945)New Zealand
  • Stanwellia grisea (Hogg, 1901) – Australia (Victoria)
  • Stanwellia hapua (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia hoggi (Rainbow, 1914) (type) – Australia (New South Wales)
  • Stanwellia hollowayi (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia houhora (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia inornata Main, 1972 – Australia (Victoria)
  • Stanwellia kaituna (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia media (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia minor (Kulczyński, 1908) – Australia (New South Wales)
  • Stanwellia nebulosa (Rainbow & Pulleine, 1918) – Australia (South Australia)
  • Stanwellia occidentalis Main, 1972 – Australia (South Australia)
  • Stanwellia pexa (Hickman, 1930) – Australia (Tasmania)
  • Stanwellia puna (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia regia (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia taranga (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
  • Stanwellia tuna (Forster, 1968) – New Zealand
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