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Star Street: The Adventures of the Star Kids
Developed by Telescreen (company)
Country of origin Netherlands
United States
Running time 22 minutes

Star Street is a Dutch children's cartoon that was popular both in Benelux and in the United Kingdom. The protagonists were pink big-nosed creatures comically fashioned after horoscopes of the western zodiac and was set on a small star-shaped planet in the outer reaches of the universe. The antagonists were green blobbish creatures known appropriately as blobs governed by an even larger pink blob creature, Momo the Glutton. The cartoon's premise was somewhat similar to The Smurfs and The Care Bears. Telecable Benelux B.V. is the company that currently owns the rights to the show.



  • Ari (Aries) (voiced by Bob Ridgley): An inventor.
  • Flip (Aquarius) (voiced by Patrick Pinney): A swimmer and the village idiot of the series.
  • Leo (Leo): Brave and fearless, but talks a lot.
  • Sagi (Sagittarius) (voiced by Charlie Adler): Best friends with Scorpio.
  • Bubbles (Pisces) (voiced by Sherry Lynn): An artist who loves nature.
  • Moon (Cancer) (voiced by Charlie Adler and Allison Argo) : The village cook. Her voice sometimes resemble that of Julia Child.
  • Cap (Capricorn): Sincere and wise. He works with computers much like Ari and has a near encyclopedic knowledge thanks to his portable computer.
  • Scorpio (Scorpio): Best friends with Sagi.
  • Torro (Taurus) (voiced by Patrick Pinney): Friendly.
  • Virgy (Virgo) (voiced by Sherry Lynn): She truly cares for her friends, but is rather vain. She is convinced that she can sing, but her singing voice often causes trouble in Star Street.
  • Libby (Libra) : The unofficial leader of the village.
  • Gemo and Gemi (Gemini) (voiced by Charlie Adler and Sherry Lynn): Two mischievous twins.
  • The Great One (voiced by Gregg Berger) : A genie-like being who lives in a cave behind the waterfall by the star kids' village. He acts as father figure, giving advice and aiding the star kids. He is also the guardian of the magic wishing belt.
  • Graybeard : Star Street's version of the Sandman, giving people good dreams by sprinkling stardust on them while they sleep.


  • Blub Blubs: Green blob creatures who communicate by saying their name. They work for Momo the Glutton.
  • Momo the Glutton: An enormous pink blob-like creature that lives in the Junk Planet close to Star Street. He makes the Blub Blubs who live there look for food and feed him. When he goes too long without eating, he shrinks.

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