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State Duma
Государственная Дума
Coat of arms or logo
Type low house of the Russian parliament
Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, United Russia
since October 5, 2016
Leader of the Opposition Gennady Zyuganov, CPRF
since December 4, 2011
Members 450
Political groups United Russia
Meeting place
Okhotny Ryad No. 1, Moscow

The State Duma (Russian: Государственная Дума); the Lower House of the Parliament and is a part of the legislative branch of the government of Russia. The State Duma was first introduced in 1906 and was Russia's first elected parliament. In 1922 it was replaced with the Soviet Parliament, and was re-established in 1993.

It makes laws, elects the prime minister, supervises the work of the government, and has the power to remove the President from office and to call new elections. The Duma has de jure authority to make and change any laws without being overturned.

It can pass any law by a simple majority. There are 450 members in the Duma.

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