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Generally, string is a thin piece of rope or twine which is used to tie, bind, or hang other objects. String can be made from a variety of fibres.

String may also mean:

In science, computers or mathematics:

  • String (computer science), a sequence of symbols or digits in computer programming
  • String (physics), one of the main objects of study in string theory
  • strings (Unix), a Unix programme for finding character strings in binary files
  • String literal, the notation for representing a string value within the text of a computer program
  • A string of nucleotides is called DNA or RNA
  • A string of amino acids is called a peptide or protein
  • String theory, a popular grand unified theory

In music:

  • String instrument, a musical instrument that produces sound through vibrating strings
  • Strings (music), flexible material that provides vibrations in string instruments
  • Strings (Pakistani pop band), a pop band from Pakistan
  • String (Thai pop), a genre of Thai pop music
  • "Strings", the nickname of Robert Dahlqvist, guitarist of Swedish rock and roll band The Hellacopters

Other meanings:

  • Twine, another name for string
  • Strings (film), a 2004 movie directed by Anders Rønnow Klarlund
  • String figures, designs formed by weaving string around one's fingers
  • A character controlled by Marik in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series

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