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The Secret World of Og
Written by Mark Evanier
Directed by Steve Lumley
Voices of Janet Waldo
Music by Ian Mason
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Producer(s) Doug Paterson
Running time 70 minutes
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Hanna-Barbera Australia Pty, Ltd.
Original network ABC
Original release April 30 (1983-04-30) – May 14, 1983 (1983-05-14)

The Secret World of Og is a 1983 animated film produced by Hanna-Barbera's Australian subsidiary (Hanna-Barbera Australia Pty. Ltd.) and based on the 1961 children's novel of the same name by Pierre Berton. It originally aired in three parts on ABC Weekend Special series on April 30, May 7 and 14, 1983.


A small green elfin creature visits a family of five young siblings (Penny, Pamela, Peter, Patsy and Pollywog) and their pets (Yukie, a dog and Earless, a cat) to help himself to their comic books. The children follow the creature through a secret downward passageway into a colorful underground realm of Og, a world of small green people who love games of make-believe. The inhabitants of this mushroom town mimic the characters of the children's favorite comic books. After the children and their pets survive several fantastic escapades, the Ogians enlist them to help save Og from the dreaded Snake People. But the children, unlike the Ogians, understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and when they expose the Snake People as mere comic book characters, the Ogians let them go free, all the wiser after their first visit to the Secret World of Og.


  • Fred Travalena – Og, Old Man, Glub Villager
  • Janet Waldo – Mother, Old Lady
  • Noelle North – Penny
  • Josh Rodine – Peter
  • Marissa Mendanhall – Pamela
  • Julie McWhirter-Dees – Pollywog, Green Lady, Woman
  • Peter Cullen – Yukon Pete, Earless, Long John Silver
  • Richard Beals – Floog, Flub, Blib, Little Green Man #2, Og Boy
  • Hamilton Camp – Sheriff, Little Green Man #1, Butcher, Villager, Mushroom Harvester
  • Dick Erdman – Pirate #1, Mayor, Man
  • Brittany Wilson – Patsy
  • Michael Rye – Worker, Cowboy #1, Green Deputy, Narrator
  • Joe Medalis – Victim #2, Green Man, Glog, Doctor
  • Andre Stojka – Victim #1, Elder Og, Og Father

Production credits

  • Written by: Mark Evanier
  • Based on the book by: Pierre Berton
  • Recording Director: Gordon Hunt
  • Casting: Ginny McSwain
  • Recorded at: B and B Sound by Ken Berger
  • Voices: Fred Travalena, Janet Waldo, Noelle North, Josh Rodine, Marissa Mendanhall, Julie McWhirter-Dees, Peter Cullen, Richard Beals, Hamilton Camp, Brittany Wilson, Dick Erdman, Michael Rye, Joe Medalis, Andre Stojka
  • Storyboard and Character Design: Steve Lumley
  • Timing: Chris Cuddington
  • Staging Design: Deane Taylor, Mike Trebert, Simon O'Leary, Peter Sheehan
  • Background Styling: Richard Zaloudek, Mike King-Prime
  • Background Artists: Jerry Liew, Rod Simpson
  • Animation Supervisors: Gerry Grabner, Di Rudder
  • Special Effects Animator: Henry Neville
  • Animators: Sue Beak, Dick Dunn, Greg Ingram, John McClenahan, Paul Maron, Mike Stapleton, Richard Slapscinski, Peter Eastmant, Di Rudder, Peter Gardiner, Cynthia Leech, Paul McAdam, Pam Lofts, Don McKinnon, Chris Hauge, Don Ezard
  • Assistant Animators: Paul Baker, Karen Barboutis, Christopher Green, Rodney Brunsdon, Denise Kirkham, Jim Wylie, Peter Jones, Lianne Hughes, James Baker, Kevin Peaty
  • Inbetweening Supervisor: Helen McAdam
  • Animation Checking: Ellen Bayley, Brodee Myers, Ian Hibble, Lyn McLean, Lauralei Wethy, Kim Marden
  • Colour Styling: Esther Ginat
  • Xerox: Joan Lawson, Sven Christoffeson
  • Paint Supervisor: Donene Bailey
  • Production Manager: Jack Pietruska
  • Co-ordinator: Roz Wiseman
  • Production Accountant: Wayne Dearing
  • Camera Department: Renée Robinson, Tanya Viskich, Tibor Papp, Mark Benvenuti, John Ilmenstein, Jan Cregan
  • Music by: Ian Mason
  • Recorded at: Music Farm Studios
  • Editing: Robert Ciaglia
  • Sound Effects: Angello Revello
  • Sound Mixing: Peter Fenton at United Sound Studios
  • Neg Matching: Chris Rowell Productions
  • Processed by: Atlab Australia
  • Producer: Doug Paterson
  • Associate Producer: Steve Lumley
  • Animation Director: Geoff Collins
  • Directed by: Steve Lumley
  • Produced by: Hanna-Barbera Australia Pty. Ltd.

Home media

On September 13, 2011, The Secret World of Og was released on DVD in Region 1 by Visual Entertainment (VEI).

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