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Emperor of the Roman Empire
Pseudo-Vitellius Louvre MR684.jpg
Pseudo-Bust of Roman Emperor Vitellius
Reign 16 April - 22 December 69
Predecessor Marcus Salvius Otho
Successor Vespasian
Born (15-09-24)24 September 15
Rome, Italy
Burial Rome
Spouse Galeria Fundania
Full name
Imperator Caesar Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus
Dynasty None
Father Lucius Vitellius the Elder
Mother Sextilia
Aulus Vitellius Germanicus
Vittelius monnaie ag1.JPG
Born September 24, 15 BC
Rome, Roman Empire
Died December 22, AD 69
Allegiance Roman Empire
Years of service AD 33-69
Other work Consul of the Roman Empire and Emperor of Rome

Aulus Vitellius Germanicus {September 24, 15-December 22, AD 69} was later known as Vitellius was an Roman Emperor and general for eight months from 16 April to 22 December 69. Vitellius was acclaimed emperor following quick succession of previous emperors Galba and Marcus Salvius Otho, in the year of civil war known as Year of the Four Emperors Vitellius was the first add the honorific cognomen Germanicus to his name was instead of Caesar upon his accession; the latter name had fallen into disrepute in many quarters because of the actions of Roman Emperor Nero.


Invading Britain

In AD 43 Roman Emperor Claudius conquers Britannia, Aulus Plautius, governor of Britannia. Roman conquest of Britain, and Claudius defeats Caratacus


On 16 April 69 After Marcus Salvius Otho's death in Rome. He became in Roman Emperor of Rome, he was an third emperor of the Year of the Four Emperors. Vitellius was an Roman military commander of Germania Inferior. He did a quick succession with Galba and Otho. After Otho's friend Nero's death.

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