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Emperor of the Roman Empire
Bust of Caligula
Reign 16 March, AD 37 –
24 January, AD 41
Predecessor Tiberius
Successor Claudius
Spouse 1) Junia Claudilla, 33–34
2) Livia Orestilla, 37 or 38
3) Lollia Paulina, 38
4) Milonia Caesonia, ?–41
Julia Drusilla
Tiberius Gemellus (adoptive)
Full name
Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus
(from birth to accession);
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (as emperor)
Father Germanicus
Mother Agrippina the Elder
Born 31 August 12
Antium, Roman Empire
Died 24 January 41(41-01-24) (aged 28)
Palatine, Rome, Roman Empire
Burial Rome, Italy

Caligula (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, 31 August 12 – 24 January 41), was the third Roman Emperor. He reigned from AD 37. After only four years, he was assassinated by members of his bodyguard and the Roman Senate. During his reign, many innocent people were killed without fair trials. Even with all that, he was popular with the Roman public in his time.

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