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Walter Francis Brown (10 January 1853 Providence, Rhode Island, – 7 November 1929 Venice, Italy) was an American painter and illustrator.


Walter Francis Brown was born to the marriage of Samuel Welch Brown (1824–1907) and Mary Elizabeth Thurber (maiden; 1827–1912). He earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from Brown University in 1873. He continued his studies in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts with Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904) and Léon Bonnat (1833–1922). Brown then moved to Venice, established a studio at Palazzo da Mula, and specialized, among other things, painting city views. He illustrated books, including Settlement of Rhode Island (1874), by Charles Thurber Miller (1828–1876), and A Tramp Abroad (1889), by Mark Twain. He also contributed to Harper's Weekly, Leslie's, and St. Nicholas. Much of Brown's work is held by Brown University at the John Hay Library.

Selected work

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Brown, in 1885, married Louise Tifft Beckwith (maiden; 1854–1932). His younger brother, Arthur Lewis Brown (1854–1928), was, from 1896 to 1927, United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island. They both are nephews of naturalist and writer George Thurber (1821–1890).

Extended family and distant ancestors

Walter Franics Brown was a 5th great-grandson of Rev. Chad Brown, the progenitor of the Brown family of Rhode Island.

Chad Brown (c. 1600–1650) & Elizabeth Sharparowe (1604–1672)
John Brown I (1627–1677) & Married Holmes (1635–1690)
son, et ux.
James Brown Elder (1662–1719) & Mary Tew Harris (1671–1736)
grandson, et ux.
Deputy Governor Elisha Brown (1717–1802) & Martha Smith (1719–1760)
great-grandson, et ux.
Captain Jeremiah Brown (1746–1817) & Susannah Welch (1756–1821)
2nd great-grandson, et ux.
Ebenezer Perkins Brown (1797–1839) & Sylvania (Sally) Jillson (1800–1851)
3rd great-grandson, et ux.
Samuel Welch Brown (1824–1907) & Mary Elizabeth Thurber (1827–1912)
4th great-grandson, et ux.
Walter Francis Brown (1853–1929) & Louise Tifft Beckwith (1854–1932)
5th great-grandson, et ux.

Brown was a first cousin – 3 times removed – of the four brothers who were instrumental in relocating Brown University to Providence and securing its endowment: (i) Nicholas Brown (1729–1791), (ii) Joseph Brown (1733–1785), (iii) John Brown (1736–1803), and (iv) Moses Brown (1738–1836). One of Nicholas's sons, Nicholas Brown, Jr. (1769–1841) is the university's namesake.

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