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A wide receiver (or WR, wideout) is an American football player whose main duty is to catch the football when it is thrown by the quarterback.

The wide receiver's principal role is to catch forward passes from the quarterback. On passing plays, the receiver attempts to avoid, outmaneuver, or simply outrun the cornerbacks or safeties typically defending him. If the receiver becomes open on his pass route, the quarterback may throw a pass to him. The receiver needs to successfully catch the ball without it touching the ground (known as a completion) and then run with the ball as far downfield as possible, hopefully reaching the end zone to score a touchdown.

Wide receivers may also block, run with the football and sometimes throw the football besides just catching it. They can wear jersey numbers 10-19 and 80-89 in the National Football League, but there are no limits in college football.

An example of a typical wide receiver's positioning in an offensive formation: (L) in split end position, (R) in flanker position.
Dez Bryant 2010
Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant makes a catch.

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