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Wilton Rancheria
Miwok-Paiute ceremony in 1872 at current site of Yosemite Lodge.jpeg
Miwok-Paiute ceremony in 1872 at current site of Yosemite Lodge
Total population
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 United States ( California)
historically Central Sierra Miwok language
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other Miwok tribes

Wilton Rancheria is a federally recognized Native American tribe of Miwok people. They were formed from Wilton Rancheria Miwok and the Me-Wuk Indian Community of the Wilton Rancheria.

The Wilton Rancheria has more than 700 enrolled members, 62% of the enrolled population resides in Southern Sacramento County. The rancheria (or reservation) consists of 38.5 acres (156,000 m2) of land located in the Sacramento Valley, near the city of Elk Grove, CA in the census-designated place of Wilton, California.


For many years, ancestors of the Wilton Rancheria Miwok lived along the Cosumnes River until 1958. The tribal members are descendants of the Plains and Sierra Miwok who lived and prospered in the Sacramento Valley. In their own language, mi-wuk means "people".

The tribe was re-recognized as a federal tribe on June 13, 2009, after being terminated in 1958 under the California Rancheria Act, an Indian termination policy.

Between March 1851 and January 1852, three commissioners negotiated eighteen treaties with representatives of some of the indigenous population in California, but were never discussed in Congress and were hidden away for more than 50 years.

After termination, the Wilton Rancheria Tribe suffered long-term effects such as a: 62% unemployment rate, median annual income of $2,000, 38% without health insurance, and a college graduation rate of 14%. In the 1970s, the Wilton Rancheria's policy of termination was reconsidered by Congress in favor of Indian self-determination. The Tribe reorganized their government in the 90s and officially requested the US to formally restore their federal recognition. They didn't receive a decision until 10 years later from the US District Court Judge. A Constitution was passed in 2011 for their tribe, which set up the framework for a structural government.

The Federal Register, Vol. 78, No. 176, Notices 55731, states that the Tribe is designated boundaries of the Service Delivery Area (SDA) of Sacramento County in the State of California.

From here, the Tribe has only been growing and will soon be establishing their Wilton Rancheria Elk Grove Resort and Casino. This will bring them more income as well as an influx of customers and visitors.

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