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Comet Borrelly Nucleus.jpg
Discovered by Alphonse Borrelly
Discovery date December 28, 1904
1905 II; 1911 VIII; 1918 IV;
1925 VIII; 1932 IV; 1953 IV;
1960 V; 1967 VIII; 1974 VII;
1981 IV; 1987 XXXIII; 1994 XXX
Orbital characteristics
Epoch September 8, 2001 (JD 2452160.5)
Aphelion 5.83 AU
Perihelion 1.35 AU
(February 1, 2022)
3.59 AU
Eccentricity 0.624
6.8 a
Inclination 30.3°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 8×4×4 km
Mean radius
2.4 km
Mass 2×1013 kg
Mean density
0.3 g/cm³
Albedo Albedo: 0.03

Comet Borrelly is a periodic comet. Periodic comets can only be seen from earth once every few years or decades. It was visited by the spacecraft Deep Space 1. Comet Borrelly was last seen from earth in September 2001 and will likely be seen again in July 2008.

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