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2026 (MMXXVI) will be a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar.

Predicted and scheduled events


Date unknown

  • Automatic mission to Mars as proposed in the Aurora Programme
  • Having begun in 1882, construction of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona is scheduled to finish.
  • Onboard plutonium generators delivering heat and electricity to Mars Science Laboratory will run out.

In fiction



  • "There Will Come Soft Rains", a short story by Ray Bradbury, is set on August 4.
  • "Red Mars", the story begins on this date.


  • seaQuest DSV: An economic summit takes place that places hundreds of thousands of undeveloped basins back on the market.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly" (2005): World War III begins, continuing through 2053.
  • Fringe episode "The Day We Died" (2011): Peter travels to this year when entering a machine. This is the year of Olivia Dunham's death.

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