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Discovery and designation
Discovered by Schelte J. Bus
Discovery place Siding Spring Observatory
Discovery date March 1, 1981
Name 4319
Named for Jackie Robinson
Other names 1981 ER14
Reference date May 14, 2008
Longest distance from the Sun 2.8609684
Shortest distance from the Sun 1.8194878
How long it takes to complete an orbit 1307.6325422
Mean anomaly 111.54369
Angle above the reference plane
Size and other qualities
True brightness
("absolute magnitude")

4319 Jackierobinson (1981 ER14) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on March 1, 1981 by Schelte J. Bus at Siding Spring Observatory. It was found during the U.K. Schmidt-Caltech Asteroid Survey. It was named after Jackie Robinson, the first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era.

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