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Alex Drum Hawkes
Born 1927
Houlton, ME
Died 1977
Kingston, Jamaica
Citizenship American
Alma mater University of Miami
Scientific career
Fields Botany, Cooking
Author abbrev. (botany) A.D.Hawkes

Alex Drum Hawkes (1927–1977) was an American botanist and cookbook author that lived in Coconut Grove, Florida & Kingston, Jamaica. Alex specialized in orchids, bromeliads, palm trees, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Named the orchid genera Flickingeria, and Paraphalaenopsis and travelled the world extensively, particularly the Caribbean & Latin America during the 1940s - 1970s collecting plants and authentic regional recipes.


The following plants or genera were named by Alex D. Hawkes or in his honor:

  • (Orchidaceae) Flickingeria
  • (Orchidaceae) Grafia
  • (Orchidaceae) Helleriella
  • (Orchidaceae) Hellerorchis
  • (Orchidaceae) Katherinea
  • (Orchidaceae) Mendoncella
  • (Orchidaceae) Paraphalaenopsis
  • (Bromeliaceae) Neoregelia 'Alex D. Hawkes' tristis X marmorata Flickinger, 1960
  • (Orchidaceae) Cymbidium 'Katherine Hawkes Chatham' Cym. Dainty × Cym. floribundum A.D.Hawkes, 1964
  • (Orchidaceae) Encyclia 'Alex Hawkes' Encyclia oncidioides × Encyclia diurna Moir, 1969
  • (Orchidaceae) Prosavola 'Alex Hawkes' Brassavola nodosa x Prosthechea mariae Flickinger, 1964
  • (Orchidaceae) Renanthera 'Alex Hawkes' Renanthera coccinea x Renanthera storiei Moir, 1954
  • (Orchidaceae) Rhyncholaeliocattleya 'Alex Hawkes' Rhyncholaeliocattleya Cliftonii x Cattleya Mount Royal Wright, 1949
  • (Orchidaceae) Aporum hendersonii syn. Dendrobium hendersonii syn. Dendrobium rudolphii A.D.Hawkes & A.H.Heller, 1957
  • (Orchidaceae) Dendrobium garayanum A.D.Hawkes & A.H.Heller, 1957
  • (Orchidaceae) Dendrobium hawkesii A.H.Heller, 1957
  • (Orchidaceae) Dendrobium hellerianum A.D.Hawkes, 1957
  • (Orchidaceae) Epidendrum hawkesii A.H.Heller, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Epidendrum hellerianum A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Helleriella nicaraguensis A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Hellerorchis handroi syn. Gomesa handroi syn. Rodrigueziella handroi A.D.Hawkes, 1959
  • (Orchidaceae) Hellerorchis gomezioides (Barb.Rodr.) syn. Gomesa gomezoides A.D.Hawkes, 1959
  • (Orchidaceae) Lepanthes helleri A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Mycaranthes hawkesii A.H.Heller, 1983
  • (Orchidaceae) Pecteilis hawkesiana King & Pantl., 2003
  • (Orchidaceae) Pleurothallis helleri A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Pleurothallis hawkesii syn. Restrepia brachypus A.D.Hawkes, 1963
  • (Orchidaceae) Sobralia hawkesii A.H.Heller, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Sobralia helleri A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Orchidaceae) Tolumnia hawkesiana Moir, 1986
  • (Orchidaceae) Vanilla helleri A.D.Hawkes, 1966
  • (Moraceae) Coussapoa cayennensis A.D.Hawkes, 1948
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