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Alma may refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media

  • Alma (film), a 2009 short film
  • Alma (novel), a 1922 novel by Oswald de Andrade
  • Alma (play), a 1996 drama by Joshua Sobol about Alma Mahler-Werfel
  • Alma (film), a 2009 short film
  • "Alma" (song), a song by Colombian musician Fonseca
  • "Alma", a song from That Was the Year That Was by Tom Lehrer



  • Alma (given name)
  • Almah (or alma), a Hebrew word meaning a young woman

Stage names

  • Alma (American singer), stage name of American singer-songwriter Alma Lynn Cook
  • Alma (Finnish singer), stage name of Finnish singer and songwriter Alma-Sofia Miettinen
  • Alma (French singer), stage name of French singer and songwriter Alexandra Maquet




  • Alma, Nova Scotia, a village
  • Alma, Ontario, a village
  • Alma, Prince Edward Island, a settlement
  • Alma, Quebec, a town
  • Alma Parish, New Brunswick
    • Alma, New Brunswick, a fishing village on the Bay of Fundy

New Zealand

United States


On Earth
  • Alma, Iran, a village in Khuzestan Province
  • Alma, Israel, a moshav in the Galilee
  • Alma, Lebanon, a village
  • Alma, Limpopo, a village in the Limpopo Province of South Africa
  • Alma, Safad, a village in Mandatory Palestine depopulated in 1948
  • Alma, Sibiu, a commune in Romania
  • Alma River (Crimea), Ukraine, site of the 1854 Crimean War Battle of Alma
In space
  • 390 Alma, an asteroid


  • Alma-class ironclad, a French Navy class of armored corvettes built in the 1860s
    • French ironclad Alma, a warship
  • Battle of Alma, an 1854 Crimean War battle


  • Alma the Elder, in the Books of Mosiah and Alma
    • Alma the Younger, son of Alma the Elder, namesake of the Book of Alma
  • Book of Alma, a part of the Book of Mormon


Metro stations
  • Alma – Marceau (Paris Métro), a station of the Paris Metro
  • Alma metro station in Brussels
  • Alma (1891), a scow schooner built in 1891
  • SS Alma (1894), a passenger ship
Other uses
  • Alma (French automobile), manufactured between 1926 and 1929
  • Pont de l'Alma (In English: Alma Bridge), Paris, France, a road bridge over the Seine River

Other uses

  • Alma, a cultivar of the common fig
  • Alma Generating Station, a power station in Wisconsin, United States
  • Alma-0, a programming language
  • Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA), a telescope in the Atacama desert of northern Chile.
  • Tropical Storm Alma (disambiguation), various tropical storms, hurricanes and a typhoon

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  • Almas (disambiguation)
  • Almeh
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