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Amp or AMP may be:


  • Ampere, a unit of electrical current
  • Adenosine monophosphate, nucleotide found in RNA
  • Amphetamine, medicine used for treatment of ADHD and certain sleep disorders
  • Ampicillin, common antibiotic used in bacteria culture
  • Amplifier, device that increases the amplitude of a signal
  • Ampoule, medical container
  • Antimicrobial peptides, immune system peptides
  • AMP deaminase, a human enzyme encoded by the AMPD1 gene


  • AMP Limited, Australian financial services company or one of its buildings:
    • AMP Building, Perth, Australia, see 140 St Georges Terrace
    • AMP Building, Hobart, Australia
    • AMP Centre, Sydney, Australia
    • AMP Place, Brisbane, Australia
    • AMP Society Building, Wellington, New Zealand
    • AMP Capital, a subsidiary
  • AMP Incorporated, US company purchased by Tyco International in 1999
  • Alliance of the Presidential Majority (French: Alliance pour la majorité présidentielle), political platform in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Americans for Medical Progress, medical research charity
  • Ameriprise Financial, finance company spun off from American Express in 2005
  • Anjaman Mozareen Punjab, small peasants organisation fighting for land rights in Okara, Lahore, Renala Khurd and Depalpur in Pakistan
  • Applied Measurement Professionals, a company specializing in examinations for certification and licensure


  • AMP (solution stack) or "Apache, MySQL and PHP", software products commonly used together
  • Ampersand, printable character
  • Asymmetric multiprocessing, variety of processors for different tasks
  • Alternative MAC/PHY, part of the Bluetooth specification as of version 3.0


  • AMP Radio Networks, Malaysian-based radio company
  • Adobe Media Player, media player from Adobe
  • Adventures in Motion Pictures, UK ballet company
  • After Midnight Project, Los Angeles alternative rock band
  • Amp (TV series), music video show on MTV
  • Amp (band), rock and electronic band
  • Australian Music Prize, annual Australian music award
  • Amp (comics), a Marvel Comics fictional mutant
  • The Amp, a British music video channel


  • Guitar amplifier
  • Instrument amplifier, device for amplifying electric instruments


  • AMP Energy, drink made by PepsiCo
  • Advanced Manufacturing Park, manufacturing technology park in the United Kingdom
  • Advanced Mobile Phone System, first-generation analog cellular technology
  • Air Member for Personnel, senior appointment in the Royal Air Force
  • AutoMag (pistol), automatic Magnum pistol
  • Advanced Management Program (disambiguation), education program offered by several organizations
  • Amp Electric Vehicles, an electric vehicle maker
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Amp Lee (born 1971)
  • Amplified Bible, an English translation of the Bible
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