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Temporal range:
late Ediacaran to present
Scheibenanemonen (Actinodiscus spec).jpg
Stony corals
Scientific classification
Acropora latistella (Table coral)
A stony coral in its natural habitat
Giant Green Anemone
Giant green anemone, Southern California

Anthozoa are a class in the phylum Cnidaria. It includes the sea anemones and the corals. It is a monophyletic clade, one of two in the Cnidaria. The other is the Medusozoa.

The class does not have a medusa larval stage in its development, unlike the rest of the phylum. Like all Cnidaria, their food-catching and defense are done by nematocysts, which are extremely effective stinging cells. Over 6,100 species have been described.

There are three subclasses:

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